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Halo - Silent Storm: A Master Chief Story Novel Coming This Summer
Hungry for some more Master Chief-centric novels? Looks like we'll be getting one sooner rather than later in 'Halo Silent Storm: A Master Chief Story' this summer!

(MacGyver10 21:45:43 UTC) (permalink)


Incredible Brute and Grunt Cosplay from Emerald City Comic Con
We've seen a lot of spartans in our time, but Cody Moore gave us the heads up on an incredible display of cosplay as a brute and a grunt! The brute cosplay is the same cosplayer that crafted the enormous Hunter you might have seen before. After the original link was shared in our forum, thebruce0 let us know of a video one of his buddies did at a shoot with these two cosplayers and others! (MacGyver10 18:43:56 UTC) (permalink)


LORC Beginnings Brings The Rookie and a Sangheili Science Officer Together on Earth
We see some cool mixing of the characters HWPD has been crafting for some time now in their Fan Fiction with established characters in the Halo Universe proper in the latest LORC: Beginnings piece. Check out parts 5 and 6 of Act 3, as we see the Rookie from Halo: ODST team up with Naki 'Cimutee and the good ole Superintendent AI on Earth! (MacGyver10 15:08:55 UTC) (permalink)


Rockslider Sends 'Goldie' Up in Fireworks and Rhythmic Cascades on Halo CE's Silent Cartographer
Rockslider took a technique of combining plasma grenades and needler rounds to create some pretty cool explosions in his latest video. Check it out in our forum for your video preference, and a neat 'rhythmic montage' at the end you might get a kick out of! (MacGyver10 15:06:22 UTC) (permalink)


Tuesday's news in brief:

We are not Bungie Studios. Or 343 Industries. Or Ensemble. Or Certain Affinity. Or Creative Assembly. Actually, who are we anyway?

Monday's news in brief:

The only news is that there's no news.
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