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HBO Comics

Once upon a time, Halo comics were one-offs that showed up occasionally in our Miscellaneous Art collection. Things change, though, and now Halo comics comprise a significant portion of what people come to HBO to see. For that reason, we're giving you a one-stop spot to pick up all your favorites. Thanks to all who pestered us into making this page happen. Click on the banners below to go to the funny in question.

One One Se7en

Halo Heads

Calvin and Halo

Another Halo Comic Strip

Halo Action Figure Theater

We have a few strips that we host, but that haven't been updated in a while. Like, say... years.

Halo: Resolution
Miniature Halo

And because we're not elitist (or even l337), we're even willing to point out the OTHER comics in the Halo community - yeah, those that AREN'T hosted by us.

Halo Babies    EchoFourNineteen    Subzero Rivalries