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April 2024 Archived News

News April 15 2024


Rockslider's megabattles continue
After taking a break, longtime Halo CE tinkerer Rockslider has been back with a bunch of new videos, most recently different setups for battles on AOTCR. The amount of variations you can make in CE's battles with some tinkering never ceases to amaze. (fuchsdh 12:52:05 UTC) (permalink)


News April 3 2024


Loftus charts Zeta Halo's solar cycles
Resident technical expert Stephen Loftus stopped by to let us know he did the hard work of figuring out the rotational dynamics of Zeta Halo from Halo Infinite. Turns out a day in the day/night cycle is an hour of real time. Neat! (fuchsdh 21:00:08 UTC) (permalink)


As close to a real battle rifle as you can get
There have been a lot of recreations of Halo weaponry over the years, but this effort by B Squared Mfg is one of the most impressive I've seen. The resulting BR55 Battle Rifle looks very nifty, and comes with a working ammo counter to boot. Thanks for the link, SNIPE 316. (fuchsdh 20:56:35 UTC) (permalink)

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