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May 2019 Archived News

News May 17 2019


Halo Community Update: Big Broadcasts
It's a quiet week at 343, but the latest Community Update covers MCC and Halo 5 tweaks (including the return of 1-Flag to H5 BTB) as well as competitive Halo news and Outpost Discovery updates. Go read! (fuchsdh 02:31:20 UTC) (permalink)


News May 8 2019


Rockslider finds the fountain of grenades
Rockslider takes a break from mega-battles to showcase the Grunt that can't stop and won't stop throwing grenades in his latest video and article. (fuchsdh 00:26:19 UTC) (permalink)


News May 3 2019


Halo Community Update 5/2/2019
The latest Halo Community Update is up on Waypoint. It features a Master Chief Collection development update, Halo 5 playlist updates, Outpost Discovery news, the cover reveal for the next Halo novel, Oblivion, and more. Go read! (fuchsdh 15:20:21 UTC) (permalink)


News May 2 2019


Rockslider's Mob Battles Continue
Nobody tell Rockslider that Halo: Combat Evolved has been out for more than seventeen years... he is still finding new stuff to post about. This go-around is a multi-part battle on AOTCR. Check it out! (fuchsdh 23:24:34 UTC) (permalink)

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