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November 2019 Archived News

News November 14 2019


Halo: Reach Comes to MCC December 3
As an early Christmas present, Microsoft announced Reach is finally releasing on MCC December 3. Better sharpen your DMR skills, and perhaps be ready to jump off a cliff onto an Elite many, many times...


News November 13 2019


Halopedia Celebrates 15 Years
A bit late on this news (by about a week), but better late than never. Halopedia, the invaluable Halo wiki, celebrated a whopping 15 years anniversary this month. Part of the celebrations include a spiffy new Archive page, where you can relive the glory of I Love Bees, the Halo 3 diorama, and more. (fuchsdh 01:14:07 UTC) (permalink)


News November 1 2019


Where Rockslider's Going, He Doesn't Need Roads
Rockslider, continuing to find novel ways to explore Combat Evolved, propels himself to new heights in his latest series of videos, exploring some out-of-bounds areas and toying with the Covenant below. Check out his (currently) five-part series. (fuchsdh 18:03:25 UTC) (permalink)

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