They're Random, Baby!


A Short History

HBO got its first IRC channel in February 2004. It started on Homelan servers... then moved to the Subnova server... and now, for the most part, the defacto #hbo channel can be found on irc.bungie.org (IBO). (The Subnova network still exists, but the majority of the #hbo regulars moved over to the IBO server during an extended downtime of Subnova, and haven't moved back. That's how it goes sometimes.)

In January 2009, irc.bungie.org closed its doors, permanently - but the #hbo community can still be found on the irc.adelais.net server.


If you have an IRC client, you can connect to irc://irc.adelais.net/, and join #hbo. Otherwise, you'll need to download one.

You'll need to choose a nickname, and register it.

To register your nick, type this:

/msg nickserv register password emailaddress

(Obviously, you'll want to insert your own password and email address in that command.) Be sure to include that beginning slash.

Once this is done, depending on your IRC client, you might have to also Identify yourself to the nickserver. The command for this is

/msg nickserv identify password

(with your pass, of course.)


When we first went live, we pointed to this page for information on how to use IRC. It's still a good source of general info.

More recently, KP (the administrator of IBO) wrote up a short guide to accessing IBO specifically, with a focus on Windows-based clients. Most of the basic "How do I..." questions are answered here.

At some point last year, Count Zero wrote up "The No Longer Unwritten Rules of #hbo" - some of them might be a little off, since we were on a different server when it was written, but for the most part, it's spot on; read it before you act like an ass.

IRC is a great way to kill time (which is why you'll rarely find Louis Wu there; he has enough timekillers to contend with), and a nice sub-community all by itself. Go visit - you might find yourself sucked i- erm, staying to enjoy the hospitality!