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The Work of Stephen Loftus

The Various Halo Projects of Stephen Loftus

Stephen Loftus has spent a lot of time looking at parts of Halo most of us gloss over - and he's found some amazing stuff. Below you'll find a list of his Halo-related projects. Explore - you'll be amazed by how in-depth it all goes!

The Solar System, over Halo Time
(posted January 25, 2015)

Several maps showing the Solar System over key Halo-related dates.

UNSC Ship Callouts
(posted January 21, 2015)

A pair of images that provide standard military designations for ship parts, mapped to a UNSC vessel.

Halo Fest @ PAX 2011
(posted September 27, 2011)

Halo Fest was the 10-year celebration of the Halo franchise that was held concurrently with PAX 2011 in Seattle. Stephen was there. Go relive his experience.

Cell Phone Wallpaper
(first posted September 27, 2011)

Stephen recreated some in-game signage as backgrounds for his cell phone - and figured he'd share with you. If these are popular, he'll make more.

Signs of Halo
(first posted March 7, 2011)

For years, Stephen's been creating hi-res versions of the various signs you can run across in Halo games - now he's making them available to you.

UNSC Halcyon-class Cruiser (SCS Pillar of Autumn)
(posted January 20, 2009)

A seriously in-depth look at the Pillar of Autumn, from its structural framework to its escape hatches (and everything in between). More than you ever wanted to know about this integral-to-Halo's-storyline vehicle!

Human Entry Vehicle (HEV)
(posted August 21, 2006)

From on-board equipment to internal temperatures, this article gives you the lowdown on all the details we know about the Human Entry Vehicles used for rapid troop deployment when a leisurely landing isn't an option.

In Amber Clad Analysis
(posted May 28, 2006)

The nitty-gritty details of one of the primary ships of Halo 2. From guns to podbays, from structure to history, this article will take you through the vehicle in ways you've never seen before.

Covenant Phantom Troop Carrier
(posted April 8, 2006)

Up close and personal with the Covenant Phantom - where stuff fits, how it protects itself, and more. Check it out!

Covenant Cruiser Perspective Interior
(posted April 3, 2006)

Not an article, but a high-res image showing an angled view of the interior rooms of the Covenant Cruiser. Some of the halls are a bit confusing as they angle up and down in sections, but you can more easily see the room relations. Created because of a fan request. 2000x1234, 184KB.

Covenant Boarding Craft
(posted March 7, 2006)

A close look at the vehicles the Covenant use to invade human ships. Great pictures!

In Amber Clad: Scratchbuilt
(Updated August 8, 2006)

It's not that he's abandoned his Pillar of Autumn model - it's just on hold. This is a similar-scale of In Amber Clad, just getting off the ground. Great start!

Halo Character Scale Chart
(Updated January 22, 2006)

A page that allows you to compare any two Halo (1 or 2) characters for size - nice!

Bumblebee-class Lifepod
(posted January 2, 2006)

Everything there is to know about the small vessels that got crewmembers off the Pillar of Autumn before it went down. Fantastic detail.

Covenant CCS-class Battle Cruiser
(posted December 11, 2005)

An in-depth look at the CCS-class Battle Cruiser, from weaponry to storage capacity. Amazingly detailed - but a very large page to load.

Halo-verse Planetary Scale
(posted October 16, 2005, updated December 10, 2009 and July 28, 2011)

A visual comparison of all the planetary bodies in the Halo universe that we know about (and have data for).

Pelican Dropship
(posted October 11, 2005)

A look at the Pelican Dropship, and its capabilities, as demonstrated in Halo.
Covenant Weaponry
(posted June 26, 2005)

Stephen has forwarded us a communication originally sent to ONI High Command - it's an analysis of Covenant Weaponry, complete with visual aids.

Covenant Dropship
(posted May 8, 2005)

Stephen set up a new screencapture technique, and used it to take some beautiful shots of one of his favorite Halo vehicles, the (original) Covenant Dropship.

UNSC Signage
(posted April 29, 2005)

A close look at the signage aboard Cairo Station - how it's used, and where you'll find it.

Tour of the Longsword
(posted April 8, 2005 - updated April 9, 2005)

Using SparkEdit, Stephen takes us on a tour of the UNSC Longsword fighter - size, detail, the lot. An update adds the instrument panels found inside.

Uniforms on The Pillar of Autumn
(posted March 13, 2005)

There are a number of different uniforms visible as you play through the first level of Halo - Stephen has categorized them all, to see what we can learn from color and style.

The Pillar of Autumn Conundrum
(posted March 6, 2005)

The Pillar of Autumn is bigger than it seems - or is it? This article will show you just where Bungie cut corners on this critical ship. (Escher would be proud.)

Halo Scale Comparison
(updated February 21, 2015)

A look at the sizes of various objects (and creatures) in Halo - fantastic for comparing ships, or weapons.

The Pillar of Autumn, Realized
(posted February 28, 2005)

Stephen is actually BUILDING a scale model of the Pillar of Autumn; this page contains pictures and descriptions of the work to date.