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One of the strengths of this website is the depth of its artwork - logo modifications started pouring in a day or so after Halo was announced at MacWorld 1999, and less than a week later, our Miscellaneous Art page came online. Since then, we've received thousands of submissions from fans all over the world, displaying their love for the Halo universe. Some of these works are simply stupendous - but over the years, a few artists have emerged as not only at the crest of the talent wave, but with a deep enough portfolio that we've set up individual pages for them here to display their work. These are not the only great Halo artists out there - but you can't go wrong browsing these pages. Enjoy! (The thumbs below will take you to descriptions on this page - this should help you find artists closer to the bottom of this ever-growing list.)


The Art of Craig Mullins

Not the first gallery we posted - but it collects images that were, in some cases, created long before Halo became a reality. Craig's done quite a bit of commercial work for Bungie, so his inclusion here is a little unusual... but it's spectacular stuff, and should be seen by every Halo fan.

The Art of Tina Leyk

Tina was the first Halo fan who produced enough stunning work to make us want to add a separate page for her. Her gallery went live on March 1, 2004, and has since grown to an enormous collection - nearly 100 pictures spread over several sections. Whether working with pencils on paper, or directly in Photoshop, her command of color and lighting brings new life to Halo inhabitants. Truly a talent to be reckoned with!

The Art of Bryn Casey

Bryn 'ofthehi77' Casey started off with traditional-media pieces - acrylics, watercolors, pens - but has been doing much of his recent work with Paint Shop Pro. No matter what the medium, his Halo art is gorgeous!

The Art of Kelli Washburn Davis

Kelli 'Pinkuh' Davis focuses on characters, more than scenes - bringing personality to faceless marines, or compassion to an otherwise robotic Master Chief. Her sense of humor infuses some of her work with a lightness that belies its quality.

The Art of Elnea

Elnea is a multitalented MD/Ph.D./mom who creates crisp, clean art-deco-style work illustrating people or scenes that interest her. A passionate science fiction fan, she brings her enthusiasm to her Halo work and creates pieces that are at once iconic and evocative.

The Art of Theo Prins

Theo Prins is quite young, but his talent shines brightly. His style is suggestive of Craig Mullins' - broad strokes and simple outlines somehow pour emotion and detail into Halo-based scenes.

The Art of Luke McKay

Luke is a resident of the Red vs Blue forums, and a fantastic cartoonist. (He does 'serious' art too... but he made his name at RvB with caricatures.)

The Art of Paul Davies

Paul is a portrait artist - and his Halo work demonstrates his amazing attention to detail. He tends to envision what ISN'T shown in the Halo universe... but it fits so nicely, you'll wonder when Bungie plans to incorporate his creations.

The Art of Mike Hill

Mike is a freelance artist - he does a bit of everything. His Halo work is all brushwork up close, and great lighting when you pan out.

The Art of Veegie

Veegie is a renderer - he likes to play with 3D programs, but the final products are often tweaked with 2D apps. The results are gorgeous.

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