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E3 2001 Movie Transcript
(Transcripts and Translations)
03/20/01 Transcript of the dialogue from the E3 2001 Halo trailer.
Second Covenant Rifle
01/01/01 Brief rundown on the saga of the "second Covenant rifle", seen briefly in only a few released videos and screenshots, and eventually removed from the game.
Matt's Halo Updates
(HBO Prime)
12/06/00 During the latter stages of Halo's production, Bungie PR representative Matt Soell began sending out weekly updates on the progress of the game to a number of Halo fansites. Here they are archived, in an easy-to-read format.
Griffon's E3 Remix
(Fan Music)
11/24/00 Absolutely the earliest fan-created musical creation we've seen. 3.3 mb, 3:32 long, created by Griffon, of HCC.
Gamestock Halo Transcript
(Transcripts and Translations)
07/11/00 Transcript of Joe Staten's narration from the 2001 Gamestock Halo presentation.
Covenant Jeep Turret
07/01/00 Small page explaining the controversy over a feature of the red Covenant "Jeep" that was removed from the final game.
Translation - PC Games "Battle for the Ringworld"
(Transcripts and Translations)
06/06/00 Translation by Harry Al-Shakarchi of PC Games's German "Battle for the Ringworld" article featuring the original PC/Mac Halo.
E3 Flyer Scans - Inside
05/28/00 Scan of a press flyer (inside cover) taken from a Bungie E3 presentation movie; shows the Master Chief and contains a brief summary of the Halo backstory. .jpg format.
E3 Flyer Scans - Outside
05/28/00 Scan of a press flyer (outside cover) taken from a Bungie E3 presentation movie; shows the Master Chief and contains a brief summary of the Halo backstory. .jpg format.
Official Bungie Halo Flyer (E3)
05/21/00 A high-resolution scan of the Bungie's official Halo flyer from E3 2000.
Halo GetRight Skin
(Fan Creations)
04/22/00 A skin for the FTP program GetRight, by Al Benkowics. Requires version 4.2 or higher.
Gun Models by Ian McConville
04/13/00 Ian McConville (artist of the online comic Mac Hall) took the time here to speculate on the appearance of several of Halo's guns, by modeling them in 3d. A nice gallery of the work.
Old HBO Halo Weapons Page
04/08/00 Outdated HBO Weapons informational page. Features images and descriptions of the weapons once included in the early PC/Mac Halo builds.
Translation - GameStar Halo Preview
(Transcripts and Translations)
04/03/00 Translation by Harry Al-Shakarchi of GameStar's April 2000 German Halo preview of the original PC/Mac Halo.
Master Chiefs in Jeep
03/18/00 Email from Hamish Sinclair (of the Marathon's Story site) containing semi-new image of two old-style Master Chief in original Jeep, one driving, one gunning.
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