They're Random, Baby!

Transcript of dialog from E3 2000 Trailer

Marine: Recon reporting. Hostiles have been neutralized.
Sarge: Say again?
Marine: The drop zone is clear. I repeat, the drop zone is clear.
Sarge: Understood. Lieutenant, let's get this thing moving.
Lieutenant: Hang tight. This may get a little rough.
Sarge: I want a quick, tight dispersal. If they catch us napping, this   
       operation is as good as over!
Bobs: Sir, yes, sir!
Lieutenant: Coming up on the insertion point.
Sarge: Gough, get that hog rolling as soon as we dust off! I need your 
       team in position ASAP.
Gough: I'm all over it!
Lieutenant: Warthog detached. Clear drop zone and advise.
Sarge: Go, go, go!
Gough: Let's roll!
Sarge: Get the hell out of here, Lieutenant.
Lieutenant: Good luck.
Gough: See you at the rendezvous point.
Sarge: Affirmative.


Gough: Hang tight. [over radio] Objective in sight. Six hostiles, six vehicles.
Sarge: Draw off what you can.
Gough: Segur - target infantry. McLees - target armor.
McLees: You set 'em up, I'll knock 'em down.
Gough: Initiating contact...
Covenant soldier: GROWL
Gough: That did it. Pull back!
Segur: [takes needles in back and neck] aaahhhgghhh...
Covenant soldier (in doorway): Ough ow ow!
Sarge: Report!
Gough: We lost Segur.
Sarge: Gough, you and McLees keep this entrance clear. The rest of us 
       are going down that hole to find whatever those blue bastards 
       were after! Private Wang, you have point.
Wang: Clear. No movement, no heat. No Covenant anywhere. Somethin' ain't right.
Sarge: Hold up. And Wang... put a sock in it, willya?
Wang: All's I'm sayin' is, there's a lotta unlocked doors for something that 
      nobody's supposed to have been in in 100,000 years.
Sarge: We got nothin' down the rabbit hole. [on radio] You seein' 
           anything topside?
Gough: Not a damn thing.
Wang: All clear! Looks like nobody but u [stabbed in back by red cov] gghhggh!
Sarge: Outnumbered! Attempting to disengage!
Gough: Exit is secured, we're comin' in!
Sarge: Negative! Hold your position.
Gough: No way, sarge... 50 meters and closing!
Sarge: Gough, get the hell out of here! That's an or- [shot dead]
Unnamed soldier: C'mon, let's move!
McLees: Go. I'll cover ya.

[Gough takes off, McLees fires on red cov, then on three blue covs. Is hit, 
falls. Covs turn to vehicles, ignoring the downed McLees.]

McLees: [coughs] Hey. Stooges.
Red Cov [to downed Gough]: Your destruction is the will of the Gods... and 
                           we are their instrument.
Gough: Go to hell.

Marine [to Gough]: Can you walk?
Gough: Cortana told us one of you was on board... but I didn't believe her.
Marine: Enemy airborne battalion inbound... let's get you on board.
Gough: You're staying?
Marine: Yes. My battle has just begun.