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Halo 5 Mythic (LASO) Walkthrough by MythicTyrant

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Halo 5 :Guardians LASO Challenge

Halo 5 Mythic Difficulty Guide - MISSION 5: Unconfirmed

The Tru7h About Unconfirmed

Rating: Medium

Type: Promethean-Only

To be blunt, the only reason this mission has been bumped up a notch from easy is largely due to the back third of it. A risky speedrun coupled with the first major boss battle we've faced since the Scarab in Halo 3: ODST makes me want to push this one up a notch. Other than that, it's pretty straight forward. You've got a brief speedrun coupled with a trick jump. Then the next two battles are pretty much by the book. Depending on how your luck is when facing the Warden Eternal, you should be able to get through this one without too much trouble.

Unconfirmed Reports

So, the Governor's bit secret is that he's an AI? It's official, folks. The machines have already won...

This mission wastes no time in getting started. The Pelican drops you off and you're on your way. The area ahead contains a myriad of Prometheans. At least this time there's an easy skip to get around them. Start sprinting through the area at top speed. When you reach the Promethean area, head forward to the back left portion of the zone. You'll notice a pile of dirt packed against the fencing. Climb on top, then jump and turn towards the fence. You want to Smart Scope as soon as you do this. When you zoom out, you'll auto-clamber up the railing and into the next area. It's that simple!

There are infinite ammo crates here beneath the stairs that will come in handy, so make note of them before heading up to the top. A lonely Knight will be wandering around near the Prowler with only a few Crawlers around to keep it company. Really there are two main options here. What I personally prefer to do is keep my allies in the previous area so they don't get in my way. Alternatively you could also kill the Crawlers, order your team to pick up their weapons, and use that instance to deal with the remaining Prometheans. It's up to you.

Regardless, there are a total of four waves here which includes in the current one. The next wave will trigger when either all current enemies are down OR if you take too long. I tend to focus on the Knight first by aiming at his face plate with my Battle Rifle. Doing it this way makes it far less likely that the Knight will try to hide. You can use the infinite ammo crate below if you run out of ammo.

Taking too long here will result in the Knight spawning a Watcher, officially introducing them into the game. The Watchers here can no longer resurrect fellow Prometheans, but they can heal them druid-style. So if the Knight does spawn the Watcher, you'll need to make it a priority target before going back to the Knight. After you've taken out the Knight and the Crawlers (or again if you simply take too long to do so), a second Knight will appear. This one will spawn a Watcher almost instantly. More Crawlers will enter the picture too.

Focus on the Watcher first, then take care of the Knight the same way you did the first one. It should be noted here that both of these Knights are standard and only wield Scattershots, so they only become a major threat should you decided to meander too close.

After the second Knight is down, this is when I typically call on my allies to rejoin the fight. Have them arm themselves with Suppressors along with yourself, and get ready for the third wave which will consist of Promethean Soldiers. Since everyone is armed with Promethean weaponry, they should fall fairly quickly. I highly recommended highlighting one Soldier at a time. With four streams of Suppressor ammo being directed their way, they won't last long.

The final wave spawns a pair of Soldier Captains wielding Scattershots. Direct your squad to focus on one while you sneak around the right side of the area under the stairs to get behind the second. This is an easy way for you to get your shields back, and believe me when I say that you'll need full shields towards the end of the mission.

Once the battle has concluded, you'll need to scan the inside of the Pelican for signs of Blue Team. There's also a Nornfang Sniper Rifle in here too! Okay, it's not really a Nornfang in terms of functionality, but it least it still looks like one. If you prefer to arm your teammates with it plus the Rocket Launcher nearby, that's fine, but you won't really need to do so. What you will want to do, however, is swap out your Suppressor for a fresh DMR which can be found in one of the nearby crates.

Sloan will reluctantly open the gate for you, introducing you to the concept of the Promethean Soldier Sniper. As intimidating as the name suggests, they really aren't that bad. The Binary Rifles they use work more like the Focus Rifle from Halo Reach than an actual sniper weapon. This means that you can survive if you're merely grazed, but as I said before, you want to leave this area with full shields.

Stay inside the building and allow your squad to attack the Crawlers waiting just outside. You have a much more important task which is to deal with those Snipers. There's a total of five that will spawn in before you can venture out into the open. Keep an eye out for the glowing red light emitting from their weapons. The nice thing about these Soldiers is that they have no face armor, so one direct hit to the dome using the DMR is enough to do the trick. I've also noticed that they tend to teleport up to the top-most left-hand tower.

After all five have been destroyed and your teammates have taken care of the Crawlers, it's time to step outside. Direct your squad to move up the hill towards the now closed exit. Stay behind them. After you move far enough into the area, you'll see that familiar dimming of your screen indicating another Promethean wave. Hightail it back to building at the bottom of the hill (where you were before). This time, two additional Snipers will spawn. However, with your teammates close by, they are highly likely to switch over from Binary Rifles to Suppressors. This makes it even easier for you to snipe them from afar with your DMR!

The Governor will allow you to proceed once the Prometheans are all cleared out. This, however, is where things start to get interesting. If you don't currently have full shields, it's not a bad idea to start over and try again.

Proceed down into the lava dripping mine. This is where you want to put on your running shoes, because we're going to speed past ALL of these guys. Otherwise you would be stuck fighting a seemingly endless army of Prometheans as several waves of Soldiers (some Snipers) and Crawlers will spawn as you make your way sluggishly across the steal-grated platforms. Immediately head over to the pipes that run along side nearly the entire left side of the area. Keeping to these pipes should keep you out of harm's way for the most part provided you keep moving fast enough. When you get to the final section, the pipes run out, but you can still hop up on the proceeded crate and trace the outside of the guardrail towards the stairs. Here's where things get tricky. You'll want to sprint and boost over the stair's railing while turning to the left in midair. Then dash up the stairs and keep following the platform.

The reason I mentioned earlier that full shields here are VERY important is because you WILL get shot. Guarding those steps is both a Soldier Captain as well as a Knight. If you're shields are down, they'll undoubtedly take you out. This is one of two places where you have a high chance at not being able to make it depending on RNG.

Proceed from the platform to the room swarming with Sentinel Constructors. You can choose to ride the platform to bottom if you'd prefer, or you can just simply Ground Pound to where you need to be. Either way works fine. Now it's time to prepare for your first boss battle of the game...

Salvation Lies Within

Welcome to the first of several encounters you'll have with the colossal Warden Eternal. As bosses go, this one is fairly balanced compared to previous bosses in the series. His weak spot is the slip space bubble on his back (though is very punchable face can serve as a secondary weakness). Five critical hits (when the bubble seems to implode) will be enough to destroy him. Each battle is unique to itself even if the big bad remains the same.

This particular battle, however, stands out from the rest in the sense that he'll have an army of infinitely spawning Crawlers and Soldiers to assist him, very reminiscent of the Prophet of Regret battle from Halo 2. The solution? We're going to skip it!

For context, you'll want to watch the video below, but here's basically what you'll need to do. As soon as the chapter begins, turn to your right and start heading towards the edge of the platform while directing your allies to the back left corner of the area (your side basically). There's a small red light that you'll want to stand on and wait for the Warden's approach. This is where you need to really cross your fingers for good RNG!

If this goes the way you want it to, the Crawlers will ignore you and instead engage your team at the back of the area. When the Warden approaches, wait for him to begin is jump down to you. As he does, start moving the right while still continuing to face the Warden's direction. As soon as he jumps down to your level, dash to the right. If you did this correctly, the Warden will swing his sword at you, miss, and fall to the fiery depths below! The remaining Prometheans will despawn, and you can proceed through the door towards the exit while also ending the mission!

There are a few notable things that can go wrong here, though, so allow me to touch on those a moment just so that you know these things aren't overly unusual should you encounter them. First up, once you reach the red light, you can't move at all if you want the trick to work correctly. That means that if the Crawlers notice you, or if the Warden fires his face beam at you, there's really not much you can do other then stand and deliver. Another possibility is that instead of heading your way, he'll instead attack your teammates. Again if this happens, you won't be able to fool the Warden. It's also possible that his jump will fall short, and instead of falling off the ledge, he'll land safely on the very edge of the platform. And no, throwing grenades or even Spartan Charging him isn't enough to send him over.

In short, don't be overly shocked if you need to repeat this battle more than once. RNG is a major factor here. But at the very least, the rest of the mission isn't all that crazy, so getting back to this point is really only a matter of time. With the mission done, you can finally move on to witness the most anticlimactic Spartan vs Spartan battle of all time.

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