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Halo 5 Mythic (LASO) Walkthrough by MythicTyrant

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Halo 5 :Guardians LASO Challenge

Halo 5 Mythic Difficulty Guide - MISSION 1: Osiris

The Tru7h About Osiris

Rating: Easy

Type: Promethean-Heavy

Since most of the game will focus primarily on the Prometheans, I have to admit that the starting gameplay here is a good choice. You're slowly eased into the concept of the “new” Prometheans by introducing you to the various ranks gradually while also providing you with plenty of weaponry to handle them. And while pockets of Covenant forces are indeed present, I would still advise that you remain consistently prepped for Promethean combat and let your allies handle the Covenant when necessary. And while it may be tempting to charge through certain scenarios, you'll quickly learn why you SHOULDN'T do that as you're hastily introduced to the concept of the “Splinter Storm”. So, let's dive into our first Halo 5 Mythic experience!

Fireteam Osiris

So here we are back in the shoes of the Master Chief and...

Wait. WHAT?! That's not the Master Chief! The first mission of the game and we're playing as a team of Spartans of whom we've never met before (save for our favorite ODST Edward Buck). In an action sequence that seems as though it was ripped straight from an Avengers flick, it appears that 343 has pulled the ol' switcheroo on us right from the get-go by unceremoniously throwing a brand new team of ragtag characters at us.

While I could spend the next several chapters of this walkthrough trying to deconstruct this odd choice of narrative, we'd never get anything done. Besides, if there's one silver lining I can take from this, we're Luke Cage fighting side by side with Malcolm Reynolds. I can roll with this for now.

As soon as the cutscene ends, you're immediately dropped into a Covenant-filled chasm, and they're just as surprised to see you as you are them. After a quick stabby-stab with an Elite, a massive chunk of ship debris crushes the rest. Well, at least your first batch of enemies was an easy one...

You'll have a couple of options here as to which direction you want to take. The most obvious path is simply to proceed forward. Up ahead there's an Elite along with a few Grunts and Jackals engaging in Promethean Crawler combat. It's fine to methodically pick them all off one at a time. You'll need to be weary of the fact that this time around, Prometheans simply warp into the battlefield from seemingly nowhere, so surveying the battlefield beforehand isn't always a sound strategy. You'll learn this early as each time you decimate a wave of Crawlers and take a few steps forward, the screen will dim and shake, a few orbs of blue light appear, and they'll suddenly pop and give birth to various forms of Prometheans, forcing you to backtrack to cover. At least for the moment, it's only Crawlers you need to worry about.

The Elite is most likely going to be your most dangerous foe here, so I'd recommend highlighting him for you allies to deal with, but feel free to chime in with your Battle Rifle at any point in time. If you'd like, you can even trade out your Magnum for a Plasma Pistol to give them a hand. Either way, both weapons will soon be obsolete.

As you continue to make your way up the cliffs, more waves of Crawlers will spawn. Be careful because their weapons (Bolt Shots and Suppressors) can now home in and decimate your shields, even from a relative distance. It's at this point that I recommend choosing one of those two weapons to be your sidearm for the remainder of the mission as both the Bolt Shot and the Suppressor are surprisingly effective against all Prometheans as the orange projectiles will almost always zero in on the the enemies' weak spot for a faster kill.

You can continue to do this until you first encounter the Soldiers (the first of which will phase-teleport away from you the moment you see them), or you can choose to go a speedier, albeit more risky route.

Back at the start of the mission you may recall the quicktime event where you use an Energy Sword to give an Elite the worst haircut of all time. As it turns out, the empty blade is dropped somewhere behind you, and despite it being depleted, you can still wield it! While the weapon itself is utterly useless, the major perk of the Energy Sword this time around is that while it's in hand, it allows you to move ten percent faster. Combined with features like Sprint, Slide, and Boost, it's entirely possible to bypass this initial group of enemies. It's a risky operation with a lot of trial, error, and RNG, but given that it's at the very start of the mission and you won't lose much progress, it's a good way to get your blood pumping early on in the game!

Whichever method you decide to use, you'll soon come face to face with the true enemy of this mission... the Promethean Soldier. While I do appreciate the addition of a Promethean middle-class in the game, I do need to give you a fair heads up about these guys. They can be quite the pain to battle. They'll usually open by launching a series of Splinter Grenades at your location and will do so with deadly accuracy. Eventually, they'll switch it up a bit by utilizing their primary weapon which will typically either be a Suppressor or a Light Rifle and can be used effectively from a surprising distance. And from there, they'll occasionally break up the monotony even further by porting either away from you and behind cover when they're weakened, or they'll do the opposite and port either right next to you or even BEHIND you to gain a tactical advantage.

Now you know why you have a squad...

Going into the next area, you'll again be presented with two opinions. You can either fight your way through (recommended), or you can super-jump and Ground Pound your way to the next objective (seriously NOT recommended!). I'll do my best to explain the “skip” first.

To be frank, I've never been able to successfully pull this trick off all the way through, despite spending DAYS trying. RNG seems to be a major factor with this one. So, first off, you'll notice the spinning Forerunner Focus Cannons just to left of the cliffs which appear to be shooting at Covenant targets. It just so happens that one of those cannons is within jumping distance. If you wait for the turret to start spinning and time your jump correctly, you can jump down to the turret and have it launch you hundreds of feet into the air. From here, you can Ground Pound into the snow-covered mountain and essentially jump/Sprint/Boost/Ground Pound your way to the Forerunner panel that you'll need to reach before proceeding further into the mission. If you do everything correctly, you can completely bypass this entire Promethean battle and move on to the final stretch of the mission.

Here's the thing. While doing this skip is certainly possible, this is one of those times I would HIGHLY recommend going the slow route. First off, it'll likely take some time and practice for you to be able to get it right. While it's certainly possible you'll get lucky the first few times you try, the odds are greater that you won't. In other words, in the time it'll take you to learn how to perform this skip properly as well as get good RNG on a playthrough, it's much more likely that you'll spend far less time simply going about things the vanilla way. To add to it, I personally believe that you're better off simply fighting it out since this mission can lay the ground work for how you deal with Promethean encounters going forward. There will be quite a lot of them in this game, and this mission serves as by far the best one to prepare you for them. Especially with the amount of weaponry at your disposal. TL:DR, I can see this method being useful for speedrunning, but our goal right now is to simply get you to the end of the mission in one piece.

To that end, let's talk about the more straight forward approach. First up, you'll not only need to make sure you're own weaponry is on par with the foes you'll face, but it's also equally as important to make sure your squad mates are also packing the right gear. For Promethean-based combat, I highly recommend having all three of your allies equipped Suppressors. Especially once you get in the habit of directing them to all concentrate on one target, you'd be amazed how quickly the Prometheans drop ranging from Crawlers and Soldiers all the way up to Watchers, Knights, and even the Warden Eternal himself!

For this segment of the mission, there are a few things you'll want to keep in the back of your head. First up, all along the right rock wall are a series of crates containing Promethean weapons. Many of which will contain Light Rifles. You'll still need to make your shouts count given the number of Prometheans that are in the area, but at the same time, this will likely be the most abundant access you'll have to this sweet piece of Forerunner machinery throughout the entire game. Next, you're foes will port to the battlefield in waves as you progress forward. So, aside from the initial enemies that'll already be there when you arrive, you won't be able to do much surveying of the battlefield going forward. Because of this, whenever you've cleared the current wave and move forward, the second that shaky-cam kicks in and the screen starts to dim, immediately backpedal to cover. At least here you have the advantage of always easily being able to keep your enemies in front of you.

As for where to look and go, try to stay on the ledge to the right. Not only are the weapons there, but it will also serve as the best vantage point for dishing out damage to your foes down below. That said, you're top priority should also be the few Soldiers lingering around on that ledge as it winds around the area. Make those guys your top personal priority while having your allies focus on individual enemies below. And if at any point you start taking too much damage or end up getting overwhelmed, don't be afraid to retreat back to cover. The same applies if your allies start dropping like flies. You're better off hiding in wait while your allies respawn rather than trying to Rambo your way through the battle.

As you enter the area, there will be a Soldier directly ahead to greet you. Paint him for your allies, and get ready to deliver the final headshot once his face armor breaks. Next, focus on the Soldier on the ledge to your right since that's the direction you'll ultimately want to be heading. From there, slowly start making your way forward while micromanaging both your allies and enemies alike. The Soldiers on the ground level should be a top priority when it comes to highlighting enemies to shoot for your squad. For yourself, you'll want to focus on Soldiers up on the ledge. These guys will be armed with Light Rifles and can easily pick you apart from range. Once you progress far enough, those soldier will start to retreat back to the far side of the area. If you can, don't give them that opportunity. Use the Light Rifle and only go for headshots. It should only take a couple of shots to break their face plates and only one to finish them off from there.

If you start getting grenade spammed, run for cover! They will continue to do this relentlessly. Your counter? From cover, pinpoint the Soldiers one at a time, and have your team swarm them with their own weapons. Every time the area is cleared, inch your way forward until the next wave warps into the battlefield. Then immediately make a break for cover. Rinse and repeat. Though this is indeed tedious and time consuming, it does get the job done.

Keep progressing around the bend. It's here that your better off leaving the ledge behind and using the ground level instead while also using the large, elevated landmasses for cover. Again you'll be met with both Crawlers and Soldiers alike. You won't have access to your radar, so be alert to Prometheans who might try to sneak around behind you. You can also help prevent that from happening by always keeping your teammates in front of you. Think of them as aggressive bullet shields in this scenario.

As you continue to push forward, you'll notice an entrance to a Forerunner structure. Unfortunately, it's also guarded by a handful of Soldiers. But at this point, you should be fairly well versed in how to deal with them. Pick them off one by one with the help of your allies while also keeping cover close by. Personally, I'd also recommend saving the last one as an opportunity to recharge your shields since they are undoubtedly down at this point. With your allies plucking away at his armor, a single Spartan charge should be enough to finish him off, allowing you to get your shields back while also granting you access to the building.

Once inside, you'll have a chance to catch your breath. The panel you'll need to activate is on a ledge on the other side of the room, so you'll need to jump and clamor to reach it. Once you do, the exit door will open and it's go time once again.

You'll hear the tripod-esque blare of the mighty Covenant Kraken just beyond the cliffs ahead. No worries. For the most part it will ignore you, though, like with the occasional Phantoms from the previous area, it may occasionally send a few light projectiles your way if you stay out in the open too long and draw too much attention to yourself.

This battle is a bit of a unique. You'll notice straight away a group of Covenant (including a formidable Elite Warrior) engaging with the Prometheans. There's actually an achievement here for helping the Elite take the hill. More realistically though, your teammates with all of there “vast and superior military training” will likely fire on the Elite causing him to direct his attention away from the Prometheans and towards you. While his back is turned, I recommend Spartan Charging him for the assassination, then mopping up the rest of the cannon fodder before proceeding to make the hill climb towards the final Forerunner structure of the mission.

Again, you have some options here. You can use the caves off to the left to further advance up the hill without having to worry too much about the Soldiers and Crawlers. Or you can continue to fight out in the open. Really the choice is up to you. Both options work fine. The main advantage of going the cave route is having more cover available to you, while the downside is risking having Prometheans behind you once you emerge. Once again, it's always best to keep your enemies in front of you at all times when possible.

Continue pushing your way up the hill while prioritizing your targets. There are quite a few boulders and inclines for Prometheans to hide behind, so stay alert. There are also a few additional Promethean crates sitting around for you to replenish your ammo as needed.

As you get closer to the top, you'll notice a few Soldiers perched on a ledge armed with Splinter Cannons. The mortar they release is both far reaching and deadly, but it's also slow and easily avoidable. I'd recommend picking them off first one by one. When you get close to the structure's entrance, once again you'll notice several Soldiers guarding it. I'd recommend taking the highroad (literally!) by sneaking behind and up the small plateau off to the right. Once you're up top, you'll be directly above the Soldiers, granting you an excellent vantage point. Also, take note of the Binary Rifle here. You'll want to snag it before heading inside the structure.

At this point you should be very well versed on how to deal with basic Prometheans, so between you and your allies, you should have little to no trouble taking care of the entrance guards. Once again I would recommend saving the last one for recharging your shields before heading inside the structure.

The area should now be clear, but before you head inside, scavenge for as much Light Rifle ammo as you can find, and don't forget to grab that Binary Rifle! Also, if any of your allies were taken out of the equation at any point in time, take a moment to rearm them with Suppressors. Now that you and your team are fully armored up, it's time to go inside.

The door will seal shut behind you, but there should be no need for you to backtrack at this point. As you approach the entrance to the final room, the transparent door will begin to open. On the other side is a Promethean Knight! These, however, are apparently “new” Knights, which I find funny given that they are so much easier to destroy this time around (and thank you for that 343). The first one will be locked in a temporary animation as it roars at the few remaining Covenant in the room giving it their all to survive. Use this opportunity to switch over to the Binary Rifle, and as soon as you have a shot at one of the Knight's weak spots (those glowing orange spots beneath its shoulder armor), take it! A direct hit with the new, now more Focus Rifle-esque Binary Rifle should be enough to destroy the weak spot. This prompts two things to happen. First, a third weak spot on its back will now be partially exposed, making things even easier for you. And second, it locks the Knight into a temporary animation while it also briefly exposes its orange skull-face. Use this opportunity to finish him off, but remain at the entrance so you have a place to backtrack to cover as well as easy access to the nearby ammo crate.

By now, the Prometheans have likely mopped up the Covenant remnants, so its up to you to grant the Prometheans the same courtesy. There will be a pair of Knights and a few scattered Crawlers remaining. From the doorway, using your Binary Rifle and Light Rifle should make this encounter a complete cakewalk.

Once every enemy in the room has been eliminated, proceed to the exit on the other side of the room where the mission will end, and you'll be treated to the most unsatisfying villain death since Talia al Ghul...

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