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Halo 5 Mythic (LASO) Walkthrough by MythicTyrant

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Halo 5 :Guardians LASO Challenge

Halo 5 Mythic Difficulty Guide - MISSION 6: Evacuation

The Tru7h About Evacuation

Rating: Hard

Type: Promethean-Only

After two relatively straight forward missions, it's time to spice things up once again. Although I do rate this mission as "hard", really it's still not as tough as Blue Team, but it's still more complicated than the majority of missions in the game. Even though it only has two and a half major encounters, like with Blue Team, you have a shortage of weapons that would otherwise make this mission more of a cakewalk. Instead of it being the Plasma Pistol this time around, it's the Light Rifle. One thing you'll get to see, however, is just how effective the Hydra Launcher can be in the hands of your squad!

Evacuation Plan

At long last we've reached the final Meridian mission in the game! This one should look familiar to you given that it's basically Glassed backwards.

You'll spawn on top of Governor Sloan's holo-panel right at the start. You'll instantly be presented an opportunity to perform a mission glitch. If you manage to sprint, jump, and boost off the platform fast enough, you'll be able to despawn all of the enemies you would normally encounter between the start of the mission and the gate leading into the space elevator area. You'll know quickly whether or not you succeeded by looking out to the horizon and seeing whether or not the Guardian is rising from the ground. If it isn't, you can proceed onward. If you do see it, I highly recommend starting the mission over. Not a big deal since you're only a few second into it.

Why do this? It's not that the Warthog run here is particularly difficult. However you DO want that Warthog to survive as long as possible throughout the mission. With no enemies attacking it, it won't get damaged, allowing you to use it for a sizable portion of the mission. Otherwise it won't last long, making the remainder of the mission far more difficult and tedious.

Coast through the now deserted mission using the Gauss Hog (the KING of all Warthogs!) until you reach the gates leading into the area just outside the elevator entrance. A crashed Pelican will be blocking your path, but it can be bypassed. Just don't do it yet. On the other side will be a small army of Prometheans. This includes Crawlers, Soldiers (and Captains), as well as Watchers. Assuming one of your squad mates is already on the Gauss Cannon, start highlighting the Watchers for your teammate to target. There will be a few of them, so be patient. Next target the Soldier Captain wielding the detached Splinter Turret. From there, you can target anything you want, but this is usually the point where I get out of the Warthog and enter the area on foot with my squad in tow.

Start directing your squad to help you decimate any Soldiers and Crawlers close by. I'd have your team focus on the Soldiers while you deal with the Crawlers. A few more steps into the area and the next wave will spawn. Turn your attention to the stairs on the left as there will be at least two Soldiers hanging out here. Take them out. This area is going to be used as a fallback point as you continue to progress. In the meantime you can use all of the large equipment in the area as cover.

This is really where you need to get your bearings. There are two large, multi-level structures/towers on either side of the area. The one of the right contains a stationary Rocket Turret on the top level that you'll want to destroy. The best way to do this is to signal for one of your allies to use it and wait for it to get decimated by the Prometheans. On the left tower (the one currently closest to you), there will be both a Chain Gun Turret as well as a Gauss Turret. Take these out if you can (or if they become a problem), but given that most of this fight will take place out of the turret wielders' line of sight, they shouldn't be much of an issue for now. There's also an additional Chain Gun Turret directly in front of your exit on the left side. You won't need to worry about this yet, but you will once the final wave of Prometheans spawn.

I should also add that the Promethean spawns here aren't on a timer, nor are they triggered by destroying all of the ones currently on the battlefield, but rather they spawn according to how far away you are from the space elevator entrance. Meaning if you tried to rush the area all at once, you'd be facing the wrath of full Promethean might. Taking it slow is the better way to go.

Have your allies pick up Suppressors and join them in picking off the current group of enemies one at a time. I'd recommend you yourself also stick with the Suppressor while saving your Battle Rifle ammo for later.

Once the area is cleared, take a breath and start heading up the stairs of the left tower to get to the top level as quickly as possible. Wave 2 will spawn. The two characters that become top priority here are the pair of Soldier Snipers perched on the top of the opposite tower. Switch to your Battle Rifle and take them out as soon as you get the opportunity.

Return your focus to the ground area to finish off the remaining Soldiers and Crawlers. Don't be afraid to fall back to the stairs if you need to put additional distance between you and the Prometheans. Simply take your time, and do your best to keep track of how many enemies remain and where they're camping.

Start advancing towards the exit when you're ready. Once you're far enough along, the final wave will spawn. While it will contain additional Soldiers and Crawlers, the ones you want to play closest attention to are the ones right outside the door. One will jump on the Chain Gun Turret and another will be using a Hydra Launcher. Both are equally dangerous and need to be dealt with from afar.

Again systematically take out the enemies in the area one at a time, and make sure to continuously highlight targets for your squad. Once the area is cleared, a voice on the intercom will confirm your victory and open the elevator doors. If you haven't already brought the Warthog into the area, now is the time to do it. Getting it over the burning debris can be tricky, but as the video below shows you it can certainly be done.

You'll also want to take a moment to arm all three of your allies (if possible) with the various Hydra Launchers in the area. This will make the elevator battles MUCH easier! The first Hydra Launcher will be located on the top floor of the left tower. The other two SHOULD be located just outside the elevator doors near the Chain Gun Turret, however it should be noted that only one is there by default and the other was originally being used by the Soldier. So if you wait to long to get it, you might not be able to do so. Either way you'll want to make sure that one of your Hydra Launcher wielding teammates is in the passenger seat with another on the Gauss Turret. As for yourself, scout around the area to see if you can harvest a Light Rifle and as much ammo as you can find while keeping your Battle Rifle as a secondary weapon. When you're ready, make sure your Warthog is loaded up properly and head through the door.

Sudden But Inevitable Betrayal

There will be a short dialogue between Locke and Sloan after you drive through the first entrance. The one further up will still be closed in the meantime, so if you need to load up on additional Battle Rifle ammo, now is the time to do it via one of the nearby crates on the left. The next bay door will open once the dialogue concludes to showcase a massive battle between the Prometheans and the colonists.

Because of the nature of this battle, describing it step by step in text won't really help you, but rather I should describe to you what you'll need to do throughout the course of the battle per the overall layout while using the video below as a visual point of reference.

You'll need to kill every Promethean inside the elevator and activate one of the two control panels on opposite sides of the room in order to start the overall sequence. I HIGHLY recommend staying outside of the elevator to engage this group of enemies as long as you can. The second you cross that threshold, the elevator doors will close and you'll no longer have a fallback point. Remember, you want to keep your Warthog around for as long as possible. Depending on whether or not you can do that will determine if the next battle is fairly short and simple or extremely long and difficult.

The initial Prometheans will be made up of mostly Crawlers and Soldiers but also a rather large swarm of Watchers. Deal with the Watchers first allowing your Gauss gunner and Hydra Launcher passenger do most of the work. The latter is what can make most this battle fly by since when the Hydra Launcher is in the hands of a teammate, it gets upgraded to being an automatic homing mini-rocket launcher! Only enter the elevator once the remaining enemies are in hiding, and even then, go slow and keep your eyes on the lookout for any movement.

After mopping up the last of them, you'll have as long as you need to catch your breath. The sequence won't start until you activate one of the panels (as a side note, you'll want to keep the Warthog close by when you activate the panel to decrease the chance of it despawing before the next battle even begins), so now is the time to collect any additional Light Rifle ammo you can find as well as get a general lay of the land.

You're in one large, circular room. The ground floor will have quite a bit of cover given the amount of storage crates and machinery strewn about. There's also a pair of hollowed out storage crates on opposite sides of one another that house additional ammunition (as well as a place to hide if something happens to your Warthog). The outer elevated rim of the room can also serve as a place to retreat from your opponents while also giving you the high ground.

There are three distinct waves of Prometheans that will spawn in the coming battle. Each wave will spawn in a designated spot in the room and will be separated by scripted dialogue between the members of Osiris. Your goal is to position your Warthog each time in a spot where you're the least vulnerable while also being able to effectively handle the Prometheans. The place where you want to be for the first wave is different from where you'll want to be for the second and third, so be sure to check the video below for exact locations.

The first wave will only consist of Crawlers and Soldiers. Nothing you can't handle right? The one thing that you really need to look out for here, however, is Splinter Grenade spam. Not only do they damage your vehicle, but they also EMP it, meaning you'll usually get hit multiple times. Try to steer the Warthog accordingly to avoid these spams.

Once the last Promethean has been vaporized, Locke and his team will start talking. While this is going on, the elevator will start to ascend. You'll have a few seconds to move the Warthog to its next location before the dialogue concludes and the next wave enters while also bringing the elevator to a sudden halt.

The second wave will add Soldier Captains with Splinter Turrets into the mix (in addition to both Crawlers and standard Soldiers). There's only two of them, though, so between the Gauss Cannon and the Hydra Launcher, you should be able to make quick work of them. And yes, they should be your priority targets. Again you'll want to target the enemy one unit at a time while still doing your best to avoid any Splinter Grenades.

The third wave will consist of only three Promethean Knights. Two of them will merely be standard ones will Scattershots, but the third will serve as your introduction to the hulking Knight Commander toting a powerful Incineration Cannon that can change the course of battle in a near instant. Focus on one Knight at a time while letting your allies do all the work. If your squad is cooperative, they can melt the Knights down with relative ease and allow you to proceed with the mission.

But what if you lose your Warthog at some point in the battle? That's when the mission is transformed from medium difficulty to nightmarishly both sluggish and brutal. If this happens you'll need to change your tactics on the fly. In fact, you may need to do this even if your Warthog is still intact but currently on fire. If it is on fire, it won't take much to destroy it meaning you'll have to start the mission over.

If you're forced to abandon the Warthog, you'll need to switch to your Light Rifle and run as fast as you can to one of the hollowed-out storage containers for cover. From here, try and direct your allies to pick up any Suppressors that remain from the previous fight. If you can manage to arm all three of your allies with Suppressors, start focusing on one Knight at a time (Soldiers if you end up on foot during one of the first two waves) while keeping a close eye out for that Commander. Remember, there are two settings to that Incineration Cannon, and the Knight can utilize both settings.

Don't be overly shocked if this takes a few attempts to do. When going up against Knights, individual teammates can fall fairly fast, and you'll need a MINIMUM of two of them active in order to successfully take down the Knights. You can use the Light Rifle to try and finish each on off after your squad manages to break on of their weak points. Just remember to keep a steady aim on the face plate so you can shoot the second it opens.

After all three Knights are down, the hardest part of the mission is now behind you! The elevator will eventually falter, and you'll be forced to go the rest of the way on foot. Keep your Light Rifle with you while also taking one of the DMRs from the outer rim of the area. A door will open at the top level allowing you to proceed forward so you can make that epic climb back to the Pelican.

While there is an intended path for you to travel, this path is full of Prometheans and the new Promethean light aerial craft, the Phaeton. Fortunately, if you follow the path in the video below, you can completely bypass all of their spawn points and head straight to the top with little to no interference from your enemies.

You'll still have a pair of Watchers and a cluster of Soldier Captains to deal with once you reach the top area, but you'll have a fair amount of Light Rifle ammo here to help you pick them off one at a time. Just remember to utilize cover to the max while allowing your squad to draw away enemy fire from you. Once the last Promethean has been vanquished, proceed up the stairs and get to the Pelican as fast as you can to complete the mission and to watch the first risen Guardian of the game disappear into the void of slipspace.

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