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Halo Difficulty Badges
11/05/02 Dave Candland sent along high-res versions of the badges that show when you pick your difficulty level in Halo. This is also available as a layered Photoshop file (499k zipped) for anyone who wants to use it in fan-created artwork.
10/31/02 A Bungie webcam shot showing a Dave Candland Halloween creation. Thanks to mnemesis for saving this while HBO HQ staff was trick-or-treating.
Master Chief Halloween costume
(Fan Creations)
10/31/02 Warbow used a lot of paint and cardboard to help his son trick-or-treat in style.
Halo Electronica
(Fan Music)
10/28/02 Another SilverBrin offering, this time with both Halo and Oni influences. Read the author's comments here.
Be the Master Chief
(Fan Creations)
10/23/02 Another cool Flash creation from BOLL - this one will use your attached webcam to put your own face behind the Master Chief's visor. Three pose options.
Xbox Live Bootcamp Writeup
(HBO Prime)
10/22/02 A description (with pictures) of the Xbox Live Bootcamp Microsoft hosted in mid-October for a collection of fan website maintainers. Contains speculation about the future of Xbox Live, and includes links to writeups on other sites.
Random Stats
10/20/02 Zachary Hahn armed himself with a stopwatch and a copy of Halo, and calculated a number of statistics about the Halo world. Check out his results.
Master Chief 2 x-ray
(Fan Creations)
09/28/02 A amazingly slick little Flash toy showing you EXACTLY how bumpmapping will affect your life. Easy to kill 5 minutes without noticing.
Edgen's Version of Halo's Main Theme
(Fan Music)
09/28/02 A fantastic piece of fan-created music (inspired by Marty O'Donnell's Halo theme). Read the author's thoughts here. Also available on Edgen's server.
(Fan Creations)
09/24/02 A pretty cool find in the archives of the UNSC Intelligence Corps... again, something that SHOULD have made the Miscellaneous Art section at some point, but never did.
Halo 2 Bumpmapping by BOLL
(Fan Creations)
09/15/02 A small Flash animation showing the effects of bumpmapping using some scans from the September 2002 issue of Edge magazine.
Halo 2 Multiplayer Mockup
(Fan Creations)
09/08/02 Tweaked by Warbow, for some reason never added to the Miscellaneous Art section.
Halo 2 Trailer Transcript
(Transcripts and Translations)
09/04/02 Full transcript of the Halo 2 trailer, compiled from forum posts and input from Bungie employees.
Bungie Dream Team
08/31/02 Picture of the Bungie Dream Team, beaten soundly at the Halo National Championship Finals in LA
Weapons Respawn Times
08/21/02 A table containing respawn times for weapons and powerups on the multiplayer maps. These are for the straight slayer gametype - when substitutions happen, respawn times seem to be linked to location, not weapon type. Hmm... that sounds confusing. Go read the page.
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