They're Random, Baby!

Random Stats

Zachary Hahn was bored one day, and so he put together his copy of Halo and a Timex stopwatch and calculated a bunch of statistics about the various speeds of things in Halo. Most averages were calculated from 10 or 15 samples, and there was some rounding done here at HBO to conform with significant digit rules. A multiplayer mode with "Kill in Order" turned on with nav points provided the distance from head to head. If nothing else, you must admire the obscene attention to detail.


Element Distance (m) Ave. Time (s) Velocity (m/s) Velocity (mph) Notes
Rocket 100 2.89 34.6 77.4  
Running Spartan II 50 7.27 6.88 15.5  
Grenade Throw 21.9 0.969 22.6 50.8 theta=0
Needler Round 50 4.07 12.3 27.6  
Ghost Plasma Rounds 156 1.72 90.6 203  
Warthog 96.4 4.70 20.5 46.1 [1] [2]
Ghost 97.9 4.95 19.8 44.5 [3]
Tank 94.7 7.66 12.4 27.8 [4]
Tank Round 297 0.941 316 709  
[1] The odd distance is due to the fact that the distance between the driver and the front of the Warthog is 3.6 meters. Head to head was 100 m, but one head was 3.6 meters behind the front grill.
[2] According to Charles Gough, the man responsible for the Warthog's behavior, on flat ground and with no air friction, the Warthog can do a bit over 52 mph.
[3] The body driving the Ghost is 2.1 meters behind the nose of the vehicle.
[4] Like the Warthog, the Tank driver sits back from the front of the vehicle - in this case, 5.3 meters.

Rates of Fire

Weapon Rounds Average Time (s) Rate of Fire (r/s)
Needler 20 2.24 8.93
Pistol 12 3.42 3.51
Assault Rifle 60 4.03 14.9

Miscellaneous Values

Maximum Grenade Throw Range Approx. 97m
Maximum Running Jump Distance Approx. 7.75m
Maximum Needler Round Range 62.2m
Maximum Range of Ghost Plasma Rounds Approx. 155m
Max Pistol Range 126.2m