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Calvin and Halo
(Fan Creations)
03/08/03 A resurrection of one of the best comic strips of all times, by Warbow. Additional strips are added periodically.
Halo Babies Episode Guide
03/03/03 The full 3-season episode guide for the children's show, sadly in limbo after its first season.
(Fan Creations)
02/17/03 A collection of three images designed to be used on a three-monitor desktop. Also available individually in our Wallpaper section.
Brian Morden Sound Clip
02/15/03 A high-quality sound sample of Brian's single line in Halo: CE, provided by Marty O'Donnell.
3D Halo 2 logo
(Fan Creations)
02/03/03 This is a spinning 3D model of a potential Halo 2 logo, created by DovBer Friedman; 1 mb.
Get Up (Halo Mix)
(Fan Music)
01/22/03 An electronica Halo-sample song created by D.J. Cliché; 5.6 mb.
Weapons schematics from Halo PDF manual
01/20/03 Gholsbane and Brian Hannan went to the trouble of extracting the weapons schematics from the Halo Manual - they're available in both raster and vector formats.
Brian Morden Fund
01/19/03 Originally set up to give the HBO community a way to contribute to the Morden family for the expenses incurred by Brian's illness, it's become, after his death, a way for the community to contribute to a Brian Morden higher education scholarship, funding for Ewing's Sarcoma research, and contributions to patient care at Children's Hospital in Pittsburgh.
Safari Fix
01/15/03 When Apple released Safari, HBO cookies stopped working for many mac users. A kind reader sent in a fix for this problem. It shouldn't be necessary any more (a separate solution has been installed, server-side, that SHOULD allow ALL HBO visitors to receive cookies from us), but is included for historical purposes.
Halo 2 Photo Story slides
01/10/03 In early January, 2003, Microsoft released a WMP9-only slideshow. Thanks to some kind readers, we can present to you the individual slides, for all those people without access to a WMP9 player.
Halo 2 Cover Art contest
(Fan Creations)
01/09/03 c0ld vengeance challenged our forum to create box art for Halo 2. 8 months later, we're still receiving entries.
Jedi Knight II Ingame shots
(Fan Creations)
01/05/03 agentJ64 created a Covenant model for Jedi Knight II. Darth Epy0n installed it, and took some screenshots. These are them.
Belly of the Beast (Remix)
(Fan Music)
12/31/02 A powerful piece of Halo fan music, originally posted at Xboxworld.nl. The author was kind enough to write up some comments.
HBO XBL Gamertag list
(HBO Prime)
12/28/02 Tarrsk began the daunting task of maintaining a list of HBO forumgoers, and the Xbox Live Gamertags they used. After it moved to HBO, it became user-managed; visitors can edit their own content, including the games they play, and users of the list can find specific people, or people who play specific games.
Halo Signs
(Fan Creations)
12/27/02 Roger Wilco's contribution to Halo's road infrastructure.
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