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Halo Soundtrack Remix Comments

We asked Spiderstyle to comment on his Halo Soundtrack Remix; here's what he sent us.

From: "Spiderstyle" <spiderstyle@myrealbox.com>
To: HBO Community
Subject: Comments on  Halo Remix
Date: Mon, 30 Dec 2002 20:26:55 +0100

Hi there everybody!

As I'm a true hardcore fan of Bungie's Halo I've read "The Fall of
Reach" and also bought the official soundtrack on CD. On the 25th of
September, late at night, after completely reading the book for the
4th time and completing Halo on the normal mode once again (Heheheh)
I suddenly found myself behind my PC extracting soundbits from the
soundtrack to see if I could fit a dancebeat underneath it.

From one thing came another and after about 3 days of sweat, blood,
tears and alot of pizza it was finished. "Belly of the Beast" was
born and it became better than I ever expected it to become. So I
asked Wouter from Xboxworld.nl (The biggest Dutch Xbox community on
the web) if he wanted to write a small news article about it and
host it on the Xboxworld.nl server. Wouter agreed and the rest is
history. People were actually enjoying it and that's the best thing
that can happen to an artist.

I was pleasantly surprised when I checked my e-mail on the 29th of
December and found an e-mail from Louis in which he asked for my
permission to add my Halo Remix to the HBO "Fan Music Collection".

"My remix on HBO?! OMG!". That was basicly my first reaction. I've
been a fan of the articles on the HBO site (especially the "Halo
Story" section) since I became hooked on Halo. As an artist you can
only hope that as many people as possible hear your work and I'm
very aware that Bungie and Halo fans all over the world will be
hearing my remix as soon as HBO would add my remix to the "Fan Music

I really hope that you Bungie and Halo fans will enjoy it. If you
have any kind of comments, questions or suggestions please feel free
to drop me a line at spiderstyle@myrealbox.com

I would also like to pay my respect to the guys at Total Audio
(Marty O'Donnell and Mike Salvatori) for creating such a strong
soundtrack as they did. I never experienced anything like it so if
you don't have the official soundtrack you should go out and buy it
today as a true Halo fan should never be seen without it.

Happy holidays to all of the people on HBO and Xboxworld.nl!


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