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Halo 2: Chapter 7 ; Part 2
Posted By: Mark Lieberg<Malieberg@msn.com>
Date: 9 April 2004, 11:10 AM

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Chapter Seven

1552 Hours, December 5, 2552 (Military Calendar)
Earth's Solar System, Planet Earth,
Ghost Town, Nevada New Mombassa, Africa
Perimeter of LZ Zone: HOT

The Chief's Pelican with the Admiral flew onward towards New Mombassa East African Protectorate. The Pelican flew for over 3 hours before reaching their destination.
"They took two in the nose and dropped down into the atmosphere." Cortana told the Chief as he held onto the drop ship as it flew into Africa.
"Who was first contact?" The Chief asked, as he looked at his cockpit.
"Caporal Biff out of Diego Garcia," The Caporal yelled out to the group of Pelicans as they flew in, "Don't expect a big welcome. The Covenant wiped most of them out before they hit the ground."
The 3 Pelicans in the air flew downward to the surface of New Mombassa. The engines turned as the drop ship shifted towards their LZ. They were close. The Chief felt it.
On the ground laid two look outs to tell whether it was hot or not. The two of them looked in their scopes and saw everything from where they were standing to the last Orbital Cannon the Covenants had to bomb everything. "Immediate. Grid Kilo 23 is Hot. Recommend Mission abort?" Said the Lieutenant as he held on to his scope looking out for more Covenant forces.
The Pilots on the Pelican drop ship that carried Caporal Biff was informed of the area. "Roger Recon." Said the pilot as he responded to the recommendation. They two pilots shifted their hands and tapped a few buttons. The Pelicans flew ahead of the two lookouts as it kept flying. Plasma flew al over the place with everything either burning or blowing up with Covenant forces.
"It's your call Sergeant?" The pilot told Biff as he looked out of the window to watch out for any Plasma fire.
"We're going in." Biff said as he pointed his finger as a hand gesture. The 3 Pelicans flew downward to the LZ. "Get tactical marines!" The Sergeant said to the marines in the other Pelican drop ships.
"Covenant ground forces own this city. We need to deal with them before we can kill the cruiser." Cortana said as the Lieutenants and the Admiral hooked up their suit for the radiation out on the battlefield. The marines on the Pelicans reloaded their guns and pistols. The Chief held on to the back of the Pelican looking out wards at the burning city.
The Pelican drop ship flew more and dodged a Plasma fire. It exploded causing the ship to rock temporarily. The Pelican drop ship flew and reached its LZ. The engines turned upward causing the drop ship to touch the ground as the wheels retracted. The Marine outside lifted his arm to block out the dust as each of the Six Pelicans touched down. The engines powered down for a while as the marines headed out.
"Fall out! Go, Go, Go!!!" yelled the Sergeant as he ran out with the rest of the squad and the Master Chief. The Admiral informed the Chief that he was going somewhere else. The Chief nodded and ran out of the drop ship.
"I'll go E-VAC the wounded Cortana! Keep me posted.
"Understood, of course Sergeant." Replied Cortana as she turned the link off.
The Master Chief walked up to the marine that lifted his arm up to block out the dirt as the rest of the marines ran downwards for battle.
"Sir! Corporal Geras, A company. CP this way," said the Lieutenant as he led the Chief down to a mini barracks for the wounded. The Lieutenant ran down the short ramp followed by the Master Chief. The Chief followed the Lieutenant while stopping to see the wounded men. The men were losing blood and fast. One died on the other side as he ran by. Two marines carrying each other walked up the ramp together holding each other.
The Chief reached to where the Lieutenant stood and saw the bleeding marine down on the bed. "I'm calling. It's 1900. The Lieutenant got hit as soon as they dropped in." The Lieutenant said breathing vastly.
"Who's in charge here? Now Corporal!" Asked Cortana as she was with the Chief.
"Sergeant Banks Ma'am. He's pinned down out front. Come on I'll show you." Said the Lieutenant as he led the Chief with him again. The Lieutenant and the Chief followed three more marines running up the stairway in the dark hallway. They ran up stair and heard gunfire. There the Chief saw two marines firing their Stationary Machine Gun.
"No, No! Behind that ST." a marine yelled to the man on the machine gun. He pulled his new Battle Assault Rifle and pulled the trigger. The gun let out a series of bullets per second.
"Yah, Yah." The marine yelled back firing the Stationary Machine gun at a few Covenant ground forces.
"Three more coming left." The marine yelled to the marine again firing his Rifle.
"I'm running low man!" the marine yelled out loud holding the trigger killing everything he saw that was Covenant.
The Master Chief however ignored the two marines and followed the Lieutenant to Sergeant Banks.
"Hey! Carson?" said the Lieutenant as he peeked out of the corner.
"Is it clear?" asked the Lieutenant as the wall next to Carson blew. Pieces of rock and debris flew everywhere. The blow caused Carson to shiver.
"I don't know. You tell me!" Carson yelled back.
"Curio! Friendly moving out! Covering fire!" yelled the Lieutenant as he ran ahead of the Master Chief.
The Chief ran pat the blown hole that had occurred just a moment ago. They ran past Carson and gone ahead running to Sergeant Banks. The Lieutenant however stopped and fired his Rifle at the Covenant. The Master Chief stopped to help him also. They both fired their Rifles. The Master Chief looked at his scope an increased his magnification by 10x. He shot 2 Grunts and a Jackal. He looked around to see if he can kill any more but instead he saw a huge Covenant weapons firing big huge blobs of Blue Plasma fire.
The Large cannon fired its Plasma and hit a building near the Chief. The building blew up with half of it gone. The Chief thought to him self, God, damn! Hope I don't go into that. The Lieutenant signaled the Chief to move on with the other three marines. He ran along the top edge and followed the three. The three marines stood ground and one of them ran to the edge of the far side of the wall. He fired his Rifle. The Chief knew there were and must be Covenants in the pocket of free space on the ground.
The Chief looks into the hole and saw Three Covenant Grunts firing their Plasma Pistol. Green Blobs flew everywhere hitting the Master Chief. His shield flickered and was at 50% accuracy. A few other hits like that then his shields would fail. The Chief fired a few rounds at the Grunts now killing them. He then dug in his pouch and took out a Grenade, and threw it. "Fire in the hole!" the Chief yelled out loud. The grenade exploded with a huge noise. The three Grunts instantly died blowing up in to pieces.
The Master Chief peeked out to the left and saw nothing. He stood back and nodded side ways and looked again. As he peeked in the scope a green blob flew towards him. The Chief quickly ducked dodging the Plasma. He stood up and shot a trio of bullets at the two Grunts who now bleed blue-thick blood. A marine from the top ran ahead of the Chief searching if the two Grunts were alive. He nodded side ways telling the Chief that they were dead. The marine pulled his trigger and shot an extra pair of bullets. Then suddenly a trio of Green blobs flew and hit the marine. He was dead.
The Master Chief checked his clip and saw three bullets left. He took out another clip of ammo and slipped out the empty one. He inserted the clip and reloaded the cartridge. He ducked down to evade any Covenant Fire. He slowly crawled to the marine that was wounded.
"That was the last of our reinforcements. I never thought they would send a Spartan." Sergeant Banks said holding his wound on his waist side. The Chief looked at it and peeked up ward. He saw the huge cannon as it fired its Plasma. The huge Bluish blob flew towards the building to the left. The building flew causing smoke to rise. "We got to take that thing out. Cover me!"
Banks walked over to the dead marine with his COM on his back. Banks slowly walked towards it with out getting shot at. The Chief fired his Rifle killing a Jackal. He then ducked with the Sergeant. "Tact HQ. This is Sergeant Banks. I got hostile activity 200 meters North Northeast of my position. Bring smoke over?"
The Chief fired his Assault Rifle killing 5 Grunts with an extra pack of Jackals. Their blue shields never reflected a bullet from the newly designed Assault Rifle. John zoomed in and saw another pack of Grunts. He aimed for them and shot them in the head one by one. They each fell using blue blood. He then saw the Stationary Machine gun to his right. He crawled to it and got on. He pulled the heavy trigger and started firing for real. Bullets after bullets left the chamber as they flew towards the Covenant. "Hostiles right!" yelled Banks s the Chief turned the Machine gun to the right side. He saw one Jackal and a Grunt. He shot his Machine gun and killed both of them. They were dead on the spot they fired their weapons.
The Chief fired his gun back to the left side killing rows and rows of Grunts and Jackals. He saw many blue shields fail as the Grunts used blue blood out of their bodies.
"Damn it HQ! Is their any body in this link?" Banks yelled as two more marines appeared from the back helping the Master Chief.
"Sergeant! This is Major Eastling. Hang tight. We're inbound." Said the pilot as he flew his Longsword fighter to the Huge Covenant cannon. The Chief fired his gun twice and looked up in the sky. There he saw two Longsword Fighters approaching the Covenant weapon. The Fighters dropped four, 5 ton bombs at the cannon. As the bomb flew the cannon prepared to fire its Plasma. The bombs hit the structure causing a reaction to occur. The cannon blew up when the bombs hit the moment the Plasma flew. Pieces of small debris of the unknown alloy flew everywhere scraping buildings and killing marine and Covenant forces.
"Verify coordinates on delivery of target?" said Major Eastling as he flew his Fighter to another location.
"Dead on Major! Target neutralized!" yelled Banks as he fired his SMG at the Covenant forces. The Chief also fired his Assault Rifle at the incoming forces.
"Take my weapon. You'll need it." Banks said handing the Chief his SMG. The Chief switched weapons and held on to his SMG. The two marines and the Chief jumped down firing at the Grunts and Jackals. The Chief fired his SMG and ran along the side. The Chief ran along the side and reached a corner. 5 Grunts fired their Plasma Pistol at the Chief. The Chief peeked one more time and fired his SMG. The bullets that came out of the SMG killed the five Grunts in a quick delivery.
The Master Chief saw an opening on the side and ran there. He peeked in and saw 4 Grunts and a Jackal guarding the entrance to the other side.
"Drag them clear!" yelled a marine. Then an explosion of a shock grenade caused the Covenants to go blind. The Chief ran in and shot every one of them. The Chief ran along the side and reached the exit of the small debris tunnel. He walked up slowly and saw five Jackals along in a line. They covered them selves with their blue shields and fired this Plasma Pistol. A Covenant Bus was behind them firing its Plasma cannon with the Jackals.
Then at that moment two Warthogs drove out shooting and running over the Jackals.
"We can use a gunner sir!" yelled Mobell as he and Lore drove the hog with no gunner. The Chief nodded and jumped of the ledge. The two marines that were with the Chief stayed at their position till back up came. "Don't worry sir. We got your back!" yelled Lore as he fired his Rifle at the Covenant. The Master Chief jumped on the back and powered up the gun on the back. The two Warthogs drove out firing its gun at the Covenant buses. The Chief pulled the trigger causing the Bus to explode with in three direct hits on the port side of the vessel.