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Comments for 'Halo 2: Chapter 7 ; Part 2'

Mark Lieberg
10:39 am | April 12, 2004
Alright gosh its not my fault i cant hear that well got it! Well anyways i am only 12 and in 7th grade so thanks for the tips.
Someone who knows Sarge's name.
3:34 pm | April 11, 2004
Sarges name is:
Staff Sergeant Avery Johnson.
Can you picture Sarge being a 'Biff'?
Some d00d who knows the story
11:47 am | April 11, 2004
Yo, man, the Sarge's name is not biff, it's A.J. Johnson, d00d. Get it right, plus he uses the Battle Rifle, not an assault rifle. And, when the marines are pinned down near the grunts and jackals, they say Frag and Clear! not drag them clear. Thats all