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Halo 2: Chapter 6 ; Part 3
Posted By: Mark Lieberg<Malieberg@msn.com>
Date: 5 April 2004, 2:51 AM

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Chapter Six

1210 Hours, December 5, 2552 (Military Calendar)
Earth's Solar System, Planet Earth,
Longsword Fighter in orbit of Earth
Cargo Bay One

The First marine in line was Sergeant Anthony Lieberg. The Chief already knew him since the Chief picked him up on the Burning Rage. He was about 6 feet tall with courage to fight.
The second however was very rude but obeyed his command to address his name. It was Lieutenant Mathew Lee. Sometimes the Lieutenant could and can be funny in certain occasions. He was a little shorter then the Sergeant but they got along fine.
The Third looked at the Spartan and shivered. His name was Lieutenant Nick Poe. Short in height however he was very intelligent and probably outsmart Cortana with a little help. He was great with semi-automatics and Covenant Language. He was the only UNSC personal who can actually translate what Covenants were saying.
The Forth was Lieutenant Brad Chang. He was Chinese but spoke very good English. He was taller then his Major but not strong at all. He was weak and lost to even girls at combat and weapons check.
The Fifth and Sixth Lieutenants were twins but very different apart cause they were male and female. Their names were Lilly Cards and Roger Cards. Lilly loved to keep Covenant skulls on her belt buckle. The Covenant Grunts always feared her the Chief thought but then it was also probably cause she likes the blue stains on their skulls. Roger was great at hand to hand combat but was only the second best in his squad. He never beaten the Lieutenant Major but got along great.
The Seventh looked at the Spartan and saluted. He had a skinny neck but was great with snipers and grenades. Her name was Jill Braker. She was the second and probably the last women in the Lieutenants group. She was great with demolitions and Covenant Rod Fuels. She could deactivate the fuel rods fail-safe devise and stop the gun to explode with fiery green plasma.
The Eighth's name was Rail Barry. He loved to tinker with his MA5B but liked his pistol even more. He cleaned his pistol every 10 minutes in order to keep it shiny.
The Ninth's name was Tray Pillar. His last name reminded the Chief of the Pillar of Autumn. The soldier looked skinny but he was quick as a grasshopper if there was still any left of its species on Earth. Jack hammer-rocket launcher was his specialty. He was the quickest person to reload a rocket in the whole UNSC campaign.
The Tenth was called Aim Nabster. He was smart and very quick. The Chief thought to himself that he would make a very good Spartan. He loved his sniper rifle. The rifle reminded the Chief of his old Spartan partner Linda. She was talented with snipers in a unique way. Aim was also talented in his UNSC file report but he also was sent to jail a couple of times for insubordination.
The Eleventh and the last one of the 5th company was called Vaughan Wear. He was tall but he was only 3 inches shorter than the Master Chief. The Chief was surprised at the Soldier when he added him. He was unusually tall for a UNSC personal but might be handy in war. He usually disregards to keep Covenant weapons and not use them. The Lieutenant always had a Covenant Rifle or pistol under his bed at all times. He never liked UNSC weapons, even if they were new.
The Chief added the rest of the names to his board. His last count was 19.
His list carried names of the Lieutenants including the Admiral: Admiral Willington, Lieutenant Shriek, Lieutenant Mobell, Lieutenant Luther, Lieutenant Packard, Lieutenant Kim, Lieutenant Nash, Lieutenant Greg, Lieutenant Cox, Lieutenant Grant, Lieutenant Elijah, Lieutenant Mick, Lieutenant Watags, Lieutenant Cliel, Lieutenant Yats, Lieutenant Silo, Lieutenant Iris, Lieutenant Weaver, and Lieutenant Lore.
The Master Chief walked down the long aisles. They were filed with Scorpion Tanks, Warthogs, Pelican drop ships, and weapons of all sorts. There was even an aisle of Covenant Weapons. He checked out the Covenant weapons and looked at them. He stared at the Covenant Rifle and remembered that it was a great weapon. He picked one up and saw a marine running towards him.
"Sir! Your not aloud to take that sir." Lieutenant Mobell informed the Chief.
"Yes I know marine! But when the Covenant comes do you think they will listen also?" The Master Chief told the Marine he saw him swallow.
"Sorry Chief! I wont disturb you again." Lieutenant Mobell saluted and ran away towards the pack of marines.
The Master Chief saw a box of grenades. They were Covenant also. He looked up at the sign above it. It said do not use. The Chief looked at the grenades one more time and pulled out his pistol. He shot 5 rounds in the sign and picked up two boxes of the Covenant grenades. He walked up towards Sergeant Lieberg and dropped the boxes. The boxes made a loud but short noise. Lieberg's battalion stared at the boxes then looked up at the Chief. They saw him lifting his hands up and signaled to come where he was. They did so staring at the boxes of grenades.
One by one the marines ran towards the Chief and the Sergeant. Each of the marines saw their Sergeant smiling. They wondered why. Lieutenant Lee walked up and picked up one of the grenades. "Sir? Why are these here? We are not supposed to use them sir."
"Explain them Master Chief." Sergeant Lieberg asked the Chief as he nodded. The Marines looked at the 7 feet tall Spartan. The Spartan moved a little and took the grenade off of the Lieutenant's hand. The Lieutenant trembled staring at the Spartan. "At ease son! Stop trembling!"
Lieutenant Lee nodded and stood still.
"Well if we don't use these grenades," The Master Chief looked at each of the marines and saw the others starring as well, "Then the Covenant will use them. It's either them or us. So it's going to be us. So grab a few and pass them down."
The marines looked at the Chief and looked down at the floor of the boxes of grenades. Lieutenant Chang grabbed a few and passed them down. Each of the marines stared at him now. They looked at the boxes one more time and grabbed some of the grenades.
"I'll be back sir!" The Master Chief said running towards the rows and rows of Warthogs. He jumped into one and started the engine. The marines stared at him and watched him drive out the hog. The Warthog drove of towards the aisle of Covenant weapons. The Master Chief looked at the Covenant weapons and picked a few off. He dropped them into the back of the Warthog and jumped back into the drivers seat.
He started the engine again and drove towards the pack of marines. He drove faster and turned quickly while pushing the breaks. The back that was full of Covenant weapons of all sorts made a banging noise. The Master Chief jumped out and walked towards the back as the other marines ran to the boxes of grenades and grabbed some while passing it down. The Master Chief picked up a Covenant Rifle. He explained what it did at the marines give a low but short whistle. They loved what the Master Chief told them. They ran towards the hog after the Chief explained what each of the Weapons did.
Each of the 29 marines picked up a Covenant weapon. Anthony's company checked the weapons while the Admiral' tested them as the Chief instructed them. Admiral Willington walked out of the medical wing and saw all of the marines holding and caring the Covenant weapons. "What in the Hell!"
"Admiral!" Sergeant Lieberg stared at him saluting him. All of the marines stopped what they were doing and saluted the Admiral. The Master Chief however walked back. He looked towards the Sergeant and also saluted the Admiral.
"What in the Hell is this Sergeant?" Admiral Willington asked as he walked down towards the empty boxes of Covenant grenades. "Well answer marine!"
"Sir! We are going to use the Covenant's weapons for battle." Sergeant Lieberg told the Admiral.
"Whose idea is this Sergeant?" Willington asked as he stared at the Spartan.
"It was mine sir! Well if we don't use the Covenant Weapons then the Covenant will use them. We might as well try and use them in this war sir!" The Master Chief told the Admiral shifting his hands down staring at the Admiral.
"Do you know how mad the UNSC is going to be when they find out that a Spartan is using a Covenant weapons son!" Admiral Willington yelled at the Spartan.
"Yes sir but I bet they will be happy if it will turn the tide of this war sir!"
"But hell my currier will be finished. But in this case since you have experience, well I have no choice but to use them. Permission granted to use these weapons by all means necessary! Understood?" Admiral Willington told the Spartan holding his hand out.
"Understood Admiral." The Master Chief said while the marines finished saluting back at the Admiral. The Chief held out his hand and shook it with the Admiral's.
"Well let's get ready for war!" Willington yelled at the marines as they scrambled to get ready. The Admiral walked back towards the medical wing and sat on the bed.
Lieutenant Lee ran towards a Warthog and started the engines.
"Well looks like we will be fighting." Lieutenant Lee said staring back at his Sergeant and the 7 foot tall Spartan. He pushed on the gas and drove out the hog. The Warthog had its 20mm chain gun on the back. Lieutenant's Poe and Chang ran towards the Hog.
"Well I hope we don't die out there!" Chang said to Lee as he loaded the 20mm chain gun in the back.