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Comments for 'Halo 2: Chapter 6 ; Part 3'

Nick Kang
2:36 pm | April 9, 2004
Yeah. When someone posts something like 10,000 times in one update, its commonly referred to as 'spamming'. Don't do it again.
5:38 am | April 7, 2004
Something to think about:

You submit a shitload of stories and flood the FF section, people get put off. They don't want to wade through things like this. They'd rather get a taste here, a sample here. See where you're gonna take this. You flood it, they see it as an attack, a way of saying, "Fuck you guys, I don't want input, see what I've wrote, l8r d00dz."

People like me. There's no way I'm gonna read these.