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Halo 2: Chapter 6 ; Part 1
Posted By: Mark Lieberg<Malieberg@msn.com>
Date: 5 April 2004, 2:48 AM

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Chapter Six

1210 Hours, December 5, 2552 (Military Calendar)
Earth's Solar System, Planet Earth,
Longsword Fighter in orbit of Earth
Cargo Bay One

The Chief exited out of the Elevator and jogged down to Cargo bay 1. He saw the doors connecting to the bay and the hallway. The door lit green meaning that he could walk threw it. As he walked into the bay he saw the empty area. The bay was reserved for refuges and people who were stranded on a ship or planet. The things that were in the bay were a few nets, scrap metal, and a power module. The power modules purpose was to keep the bay warm for the people and there was a portable access hatch. When tapped the bays temperature module would open a hatch to hold on when the room begins to decompress.
The Chief walked on the Titanium-A floor plating on the bay. As he walked the only noise was his foot stepping on the floor. He walked towards the blast doors and saw Earth. There, he saw was really Hell, fire burning all over the planet, and explosions in the air. And the worst of all, the globe that was all green and blue turned to red and fiery orange as nuke blew and plasma flew. Earth was in chaos.
The Chief nodded his head looking at Earth. He took one deep breath and walked towards the temperature module. "Cortana. Open the E-band channel and lets hear the voices." John asked Cortana and she acknowledged.
The e-band channel was all crowded with distress signals and warning signs not to go in, "Over run by Covenant Forces...Help u...Covenant evading UNSC controlled spa...we need reinforcements!" Admiral Willington yelled in the e-band after the rest of the things.
"Cortana. Tell the Admiral reinforcements are coming."
"I will Chief," Then Cortana switched channels to Admiral Willington, "Sir reinforcements are coming, repeat reinforcements are coming."
"I am sorry Cortana but what kind of reinforcements do you got. Earth is over run, and I repeat overrun." Admiral yelled in the COM as he fired his pistols at two grunts.
"Tell the Admiral that today is his lucky day." John told Cortana as she told him. The COM went dead and the ship shook.
"Message sent and ready to start the mission." Cortana informed Spartan-117. As she looked around the ship one last time, cause it could be her last.
"Put your self into a chip Cortana." The Master Chief told Cortana as she did so.
Cortana downloaded her self to the processing chip. The Chief walked up to the panel and took the chip out. He held the chip and looked at it once. The stuck it in the back of his helmet. CLICK. The chip was inserted and ready. "Chief? Once you access the panel to the temperature module the bay doors will automatically open." Cortana told the Chief as he walked near the module in the center of the bay.
"Sir? What if we miss?" Cortana asked John as he accessed the panel.
"I won't."
The Master Chief and the computer AI that was attached to John held on tightly as the doors opened. Air was sucked out into space and all the extra pieces of fragments of metal and nets flew off of the cargo bay. The sound of a vacuum cleaner rushed to John's ear as he held on to his life. Then after a few seconds John jumped out of the Cargo bay.
John flew down into space. The only thing he saw was Earth, and a few Covenant Carriers and Cruisers. As John flew he saw one Carrier. As he flew he was meters away from the ship. He had to get in at the right moment when the shields went down when firing its Plasma turret. He found the carrier and swan dived into the ship. The ship fired its plasma cannons at the right second. John entered the ships hull and met in contact with the silvery aquatic color of the ships hull. John pulled out his Battle Assault Rifle and fired. The Bullets pierced the hull. It made tiny holes; enough for his hands to fit threw. John used all his strength and pulled the metal making a hole big enough for him to fit in. John crept down on the ship.
"Well this looks familiar?" John said to Cortana as he saw a few dead marine bodies in the corner of the ship. He remembered the day that Captain Keyes was captured and brought to this exact same ship. The ships name was Truth & Reconciliation.
"Chief. This is the ship that captured Captain Keyes. But I don't understand. I thought the Flood took control of this ship?" Cortana asked the Chief as he walked towards the dead bodies.
"Yes they did. How did the Covenant beat the Flood? The Flood was relentless and attacked with out stopping." John told her wondering.
"Perhaps the Covenant managed to isolate the Flood?" Cortana asked to the Chief. "Access me to that terminal Chief."
The Chief walked toward the terminal that was next to the dead marines. He took out Cortana and inserted the chip into the terminal. The chip glowed blue and green as Cortana appeared on the panel near the entrance was. "Well? At least there is no Covenant AI to deal with on this ship anymore. Wait...wait one second. Processing...Oh no. Chief the Covenants did not wipe the Flood yet. They are in a holding cell at deck 5 section 496-012 in holding cell block 22-1984725. Chief you have to kill them, quickly! They are breaking threw the hull!"
"Give the Location." The Chief told the AI.
"I'll follow you threw Chief." Cortana said telling the Chief to run down the hall 3 meters until he saw more dead marines. The Chief ran threw the hallway. He certainly remembered the hallways that they were stuck in trying to get Captain Keyes back from the Covenant.
The Master Chief walked down the hallway that Cortana instructed. They passed many, many doors. After five minutes on the ship walking in the hallways they reached the holding cell at deck 5 sections 496-012 in holding cell block 22-1984725. The Spartan entered the purple room and saw the shield bars on in the holding cells. There he also saw One Elite and two grunts. Each of the aliens looked at the Master Chief cocking their heads slightly. The Master chief quickly drew his pistol and shot one bullet into both of the grunts, but the Elite fired his Plasma Rifle. The green blob flew towards the Chief as he tried to dodge it. The green blob hit the Master Chief as his shield flickered. The Master Chief pulled out his Battle Assault Rifle and fired a trio of bullets into the Elites armor. The Elite yelled in pain, but at the same time the Master Chief ignored the Elite after shooting it one more time. He saw the holding cells that the dead Elite pointed to. The Elite should have had its shields up but it didn't, but he also didn't know why?
The Chief wondered looking into the empty cells. The Flood is gone! The Chief ran to one of the holding cells and looked in side. There was a slightly small hole. The Flood must of cut a hole in the cell and flooded the ship. This was bad thought John as he looked at the dead Elites body. The Elite must have been warning him about the Flood. He wished he would of not fired, but he had to. He didn't understand what the Elite said.
" Chief! The Flood are in the weapons storage facility and are flooding the compartments!" Cortana said yelling to the Chief in distress.
"Can you engage the self-destruct sequence?" John asked the AI as he walked towards the holding cell panel in the far side of the room.
"Negative. The Flood did that the first thing. I didn't even know they could think. I will try to initiate the self-destruct program. However, I will have to be left behind Chief." Cortana said moving her hands looking straight at the Chief.
"It looks like we are going to be here for a long time. Negative. I am not letting you stay behind. Locate me to the reactor core of this ship and the docking bay for transport ships." The Chief said to Cortana as he looked around the room if there were more Covenant Soldiers or if they were camouflaged.
"Ok. Found the way. Yank me Chief." Cortana said ready and waiting.
The Master Chief pulled out the chip and inserted it to his helmet again. "Ok go threw the door and take a left then down 5 meters taking another left." Cortana instructed the Spartan as he started for the door.
The Master Chief saw Covenant soldier in the window getting attacked by the Flood, this was bad thought John as he kept running to the reactor core of the Truth & Reconciliation. He ran for another 10 minutes after firing at least 3 shots at the Flood. He ran faster and faster. He then made it to the door to the reactor room.
"Wait Chief!" Cortana yelled in his helmet, "Scanning room. Chief, there are four Flood units and 6 Covenant Grunts. It looks like the Grunts are winning. Hold on. Ok go. NOW!" Cortana said to the Chief as he ran threw the door.
Plasma and grenades flew everywhere. John saw the reactor and saw a Flood on top of it. He pulled out some C-7 explosives and placed them on the bottom of the reactor. He pulled out his Battle Assault Rifle and fired at the Flood. Everyone in the room stopped firing. They all looked at John. "This is bad!" John told Cortana as he stood there.
"Get us out Chief! KNOW!" Cortana said to the Chief as the Flood and Covenant Grunts fired at the Spartans in the room. Plasma and grenades flew at the Chief but quickly dodged them. He made it out the door and saw his time. He had 3:12 left on his clock before the bomb blew up.
The Chief ran away from the reactor chamber and ran for the docking bay on the vessel.
"Chief take a left...now!" Cortana yelled to the Chief as he turned. The conduit exploded behind the Chief.
"No problem. Run another 10 meters and take a right for 4." Cortana told the Chief as he kept on running. The Chief was cool in his suit but if he hadn't have it on, he would be sweating like heck.
"Just a little further Chief, about 20 meters on the next left. There you will see two Elites. Use your fragmentation grenade." Cortana instructed the Chief as he ran.
The Master Chief ran 10 meters and saw a trio of Grunts running away like cowards as usual and ignoring him. He wondered what had scared them. Then he realized. There were two Flood behind them shooting Covenant Pistols at the four of them. The Three Grunts and the Spartan fired at the Flood. The two Floods were dead and the Chief with the three Grunts was left. They both looked at each other and nodded. The Chief nodded back and the Grunts ran away from the Chief. He couldn't believe those Grunts let him go, right when they had him.
The Chief ran another 5 meters and looked around the corner to make sure. Then a Flood popped out of the door and to the Chief. Then when the Flood was in the air he saw the three grunts that fired their plasma pistols. The Chief ducked and the plasma pistol flew over him at the Flood. The Grunts nodded to the Chief and walked away from the scene. The Chief wondered why the Grunts helped him. Was it either that they thanked him for saving their lives or was it because the Flood were more dangerous then the Humans.