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Comments for 'Halo 2: Chapter 6 ; Part 1'

CoLd BlooDed
3:50 pm | April 10, 2004
Main...event? Who the hell are you? ;)
12:18 am | April 10, 2004
Like I've died or something... ;)
CoLd BlooDed
3:50 am | April 9, 2004
I always seem to be the first suggestion, don't I, JJiggssaw? ;)

Not that I'm complaining, I'm glad you like my stuff.

As for the story, I'm not readin', you flood the FF, you pay.
7:01 pm | April 6, 2004
Well, your vocabulary is good (I think), your spelling is horrible, your sentences are too short (thus making everything kind of choppy), and you need to learn about pseudocode. Don't ask me, I'm a n00b myself, but you need to find out. Otherwise, the writing isn't stellar, but I certainly couldn't call it the opposite either. Read fan fiction by CoLd BlooDed, Walker, Stirfrye, teemus, Hunter_Killer, Silent Hunter, Sage Scorpion (although dont expect to get a nice comment from him; the guy's a little, well, mean sometimes. No offence, Sage). Good luck!