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Halo 2: Chapter 5 ; Part 1 of 2
Posted By: Mark Lieberg<Malieberg@msn.com>
Date: 2 April 2004, 9:18 AM

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I hoped you all liked my other Chpaters to this Existing Series of mine. Hope you all enjoy of this 5th Chpater now.

Chapter Five

1206 Hours, December 5, 2552 (Military Calendar)
Earth's Solar System, Planet Earth,
Longsword Fighter in orbit of Earth

John watched the last time he saw the Pelicans as they entered the doors to enter space. The 3-meter door closed behind the Pelicans as John climbed down to the main deck.
Each of the ten Pelicans flew out of Cargo bay 2 and down to Earth. Many Banshee fliers and ships flew up to invade them. Each of the Pelicans was equipped with MAC guns and the Pelicans with the Scorpion Tank had its 7.62 armor piercing coaxial gun. Petty Officer Quinton fired his tank at the Covenant scum. He missed, and reloaded. As the tank reloaded, the Banshee flier came down for another swoop.
On a Scorpion tank laid there was a marine. He was tall and was always ready for battle. The marine Lieutenant Quinton was sure that his Pelican was going to blow, but then at a certain moment as the Banshee powered up its Plasma cannon. A Pelican drop ship fired its MAC gun into the Covenant Ship. The Banshee blew up with melted purple black metal as the Pelican flew threw the debris.
"What the hell was that Rick?" Gabriel said on the COM line.
"I don't know, but looks like we have some reinforcements coming Gabriel. Hold on tight Marines, this is no joy ride!" Rick said looking into the monitor that displaced the outside view of space. He saw only one Pelican drop ship coming out of the Earth's atmosphere.
"You all right sir?" asked the pilot of the Pelican ship.
"Yes sir. What's your name soldier?" asked Rick as his Pelican went down towards Earth. While he asked he saw many Banshee fliers, about 54 of them came flying towards them. "This is Spartan-098 of the UNSC state your designation soldier!"
"Soldier? I am no Soldier sir. I'm a Helljumper. Names Helljumper Ya`ko Ro of Earth. Hold on son we'll protect you." Said Helljumper Ya`ko Ro flying the Pelican drop ship from Earth.
Lieutenant Quinton and the Pelican marines with the Spartans saw after that COM signal at least 34 Pelicans armed with Archer missiles flew from Earth to target the Covenant Scum. All of the Pelicans fired their Archer missiles. As the purple-fired missile flew away from the Pelican it went straight towards the Banshee's. The pack of Pelican drop ships certainly helped the other Spartans and the marines a lot.
Lieutenant Quinton saw the other tanks fire at the Covenant warships. The huge round flew from the Scorpion Tanks towards the Covenant Cruisers. The warships ignored them as they flew to Earth. One by one, each of the Banshee fliers blew up in space. The Pelicans together fired their Archer missiles at the Covenant Cruiser and together they managed to destroy the Cruiser.
After that, the warship blew up from all the impacts from the Archer missiles fire. The ship started for Earth, and headed down in to orbit. The ship began to burn, and then dissolve cause of the overwhelming heat. The odds of that were countless millions to one. They destroyed a warship with only a few Pelican fighters equipped with huge MAC guns, and many archer missiles.
"Thanks Helljumper." Gabriel said to Ya`ko as she held her gun up looking at the other Spartans.
"No problem sir! We need every man and women to fight this war.," Ya`ko said to the curious Spartan, "land here in these coordinates. All the cities are overrun and one of the major generals and the two teams of marines are located there. Have fun Spartan, and God speed Spartan! Ya`ko out!"
Gabriel saw the coordinates and it was in Ghost town, Nevada. She wondered how many marines are there. She looked at the monitor and saw the rest of the Pelicans descend towards Earth. She saw many of the ships burn and reentered the atmosphere. "Take us to these coordinates marine!" Gabriel yelled to the pilot as he changed course.
Gabriel's Pelican descended just like the rest. She saw flames and ashes in many of the towns and cities. There was Plasma guns and turrets flying all over in the air. Banshees flew everywhere. There, she saw the White House the old political building from the 1800's. That building however was totally destroyed. It was burning with the rest of the things. She then saw marines firing MA5B's at the Covenant Jackals and wished to help. But she was unable to land here cause it was Hot. She watched many fights along the land of Earth. Every thing was burning or blowing up.
To Gabriel, she just wanted to nuke the Covenants home world like they did to Earth. Blow every little city, and fry everyone that speaks something else beside English. When she flew over, which appeared to be Kentucky, she saw marines wearing armor while firing their pistols. There were camouflaged Elites everywhere. The Elites ran towards the marines and sliced them with their swords like slipping a knife in to butter. Gabriel swore she saw them laugh at the dead carcasses. "Pilot! Open the back door and bring up a 10mm machine gun," Gabriel said to the plot as it flew around the Elites over and over again, "I want some target practice!"
"Acknowledged. Happy Hunting!" the pilot said back to Gabriel as the doors opened up with a 10mm machine gun coming out of the tail wing. Gabriel laid her hands on the machine gun. She took a deep and slow, angry breathe before pulling the trigger. As she pulled the trigger the 10mm machine gun shot at least 2-inch bullets per second. She counted at least 57 bullets came out of the gun. The 2-inch bullets fired into the Elites shields. The shields flickered then faded as many of the swarming bullets went straight threw the Elites like nothing.
The Pelican flew for around 30 to 40 minutes. They now entered Arizona. The vast waste land that filled with burning Scorpion Tanks, Pelicans, and even Warthogs. There seemed to have been a great battle here. Although Gabriel did not see any Covenant bodies, she thought to her self that the sand must have buried them, but the wind never kicked up. Nothing moved in the dry desert. The Pelican flew for another 10 minutes and entered Nevada. They were near a UNSC camp, but then saw it burning all so with ashes and flames. Everything, down to the last pet was either dead, or still burning. Gabriel looked to the other Pelicans as they fired their guns.
Rick's Pelican flew firing ammo the size of his fist. Each armor-piercing bullet flew from the 10mm machine gun at their stern and forward side. They were firing at rows and rows of Grunts. They all screamed enough that the Pelicans engines vibration couldn't wear it off. The sound of the Grunts made the marines mad and absurd that they kept on throwing frag-grenades down the aft hatch. The team didn't care what happened unless it was them who get shot at. They wore strong faces and were ready to do anything. Each of the Spartans threw grenades down then they saw the worst. There were hunters. They wore big armor shields, blue skin, and had tentacles sticking out of their heads. It was gross enough that they saw the blue blood that the Grunts had all over the desert.
The Scorpion Tanks that was attached to the Pelican drop ships opened fired. Each of the 7.62 armor-piercing bullets left the cannon; they headed straight for the Covenant ground forces. Big explosions blew in the air, fire everywhere, and when the Pelican continued to fire more bombs exploded on the ground. Little Grunts and Jackals blew up with pieces flying everywhere. It was a disaster, all the UNSC personal dead on the spot.
"Target that Wraith tank son. Blow that Covenant to the sky, and make sure it was never there!" Rick said to the marine in the Scorpion tank on the back. The marine pulled the trigger and fired. As the cannon shot, the big bullet round hit the Wraith tank and it exploded. Wraith tanks weren't supposed to explode on one shot, but maybe it exploded cause of the altitude they were in. Most of the Wraith tanks would explode after 2 to 3 hits, but this was really unusually. Either the UNSC Scorpion tanks had stronger ammunition, or the Wraith tank had been damaged before from a fight not to long ago.
Indeed it had passed at least 20 more minutes before the reached Ghost town, Nevada. Rick thought of Earth as a fireball and could not accept it. "Fire everything you got marine! Wipe the stench of Covenant forces on the Earth!" Rick yelled aiming out of the Pelican drop ship as the Scorpion tank, the 10mm machine gun, and the Pelicans 20mm machine gun in the front fired. Heavy rounds fell out of the machine guns dropping bullets softly in the sky. Smoke filled the air as Rick breathed it. Rick pulled his trigger to his BAR, and fired. Each of the rounds flew from the new gun and into Covenant soldiers. Grunts bleed blue-blackish blood while the Jackals green, bluish. Thousands of Thousands of Covenant soldiers died.
"Sir! Banshee flier at two o'clock!" The pilot said shifting the control to steer at nine o'clock. The Pelican drop ship turned and flew faster. The marines and Spartans fired at the incoming Banshee fliers. It was certainly Hell out there. Rick looked out of the aft hatch and saw an undamaged building. There he saw people carrying Jackhammer rocket launchers on their shoulders. Rick say one of them fire the rocket. As the rocket flew it almost hit his Pelican. Rick zoomed on his display and saw it was a Sergeant. The rocket flew past his Pelican by meters and hit the Banshee fliers. The ships blew up in the air heading down to the ground. Black smoke flew from the destroyed Banshee as the Pelican landed near the LZ.
"Welcome to the secret UNSC base in Ghost town, Nevada! I am Sergeant Lieberg from the outer province of Washington." Lieberg said to the Spartans and marines as the Pelican landed and dropped off Tanks, Warthogs, and ammunition. The Pelican drop ships sat where they landed while the Scorpion Tanks and Warthogs formed 3 lines. Marines jumped off of the drop ships and checked the vehicles.
"Thank you Lieutenant. What happened? We received a distress signal from Earth and was told that the Covenant's evaded Earth. I thought they were supposed to be here attacking in 3 months?" Gabriel said as she walked towards Rick and Lieutenant Lieberg.
"You know the Covenant better then us Spartan. You know they have advance technology then us, but their slipspace drive is way advance from our own. We couldn't calculate the time when they start attacking Earth. They attacked just yesterday. Luckily Admiral Stanforth managed to send a distress signal early today." Lieberg said to the Spartan as Gabriel moved towards the Lieutenant.