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Comments for 'Halo 2: Chapter 5 ; Part 1 of 2'

Dark Spartan
5:56 pm | April 5, 2004
Yeah you couldnt put MAC guns on a pelican they are way to big! If pelicans had MAC guns then cruisers have to have guns that could destroy a planet!
1:39 pm | April 4, 2004
Back to the story, well that story was very interesting but pelicans wouldn't have mac guns. the guns are too big for the pelicans and if pelicans have mac guns cruisers have at least 300 or something like that. I have to read the other parts.
1:37 pm | April 4, 2004
IN response to grease monk2 it does crash the ship and kill all the marine survivors but the guys that escaped in the pelican and longsword. Lt. Mackay killed herself because she wanted to prevent that Major guy from going to earth. The ship had flood so if the ship went to earth then the human civillians would be infected and the flood would spread.
Mark Lieberg
11:33 am | April 3, 2004
Sorry for the Chpater orders. Chapters 2 3 and 4 did not get sent so wait a while k
Thank you.
grease monk2
12:12 am | April 3, 2004
after throwing the grenade it makes the ship flip and crash into Halo's surface thus killing all the survivng marines
grease monk2
12:02 am | April 3, 2004
i know this has nothing to do with the story but, when the marines on Halo capture the ship The Truth and Reconcilliation. when they attemempt to take off. why would the marines throw a grenade to kill jenkins the flood infected human? why wouldnt they just kill him with an MA5B rifle or shotgun blast?

well sorry cause this has nothing to do with the story