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February 2023 Archived News

News February 25 2023


Infinite Season 3 gets a trailer
Today 343 released a trailer for Halo Infinite's third content season. There's new maps, weapons, modes, and some featured community Forge content to check out. It drops March 3rd. (fuchsdh 00:49:46 UTC) (permalink)


News February 22 2023


Remember Reach and Wars with some Canon Fodder
Haruspis dropped a new Cannon Fodder today, focusing on the Halo Reach-themed event recently featured in Infinite, as well as the recent sixth (ed. note: time has no meaning!) anniversary of Halo Wars 2. Feast on some lore tidbits, concept art, and a absolute banger of a trailer song. (fuchsdh 21:25:28 UTC) (permalink)


News February 10 2023


343 details upcoming Halo Infinite changelog
Halo Infinite is getting an update next week that addresses some bugs and makes some game balance tweaks. On Halo Waypoint, they've provided a preview of the update for perusal (if you're a sweaty competitive player, you'll probably want to take note of some changes.) (fuchsdh 20:54:30 UTC) (permalink)


News February 8 2023


Noble Intentions and Forge maps come to Infinite
Yesterday, Halo Infinite got two major updates. First, the game now features a "Community Collection" Forge playlist. Second, the "Noble Intention" event is live in the game, with a free battle pass to unlock some Reach-inspired armor. As a bonus for lore fans, there's a short story in audiobook form to tie into the event. (fuchsdh 19:06:25 UTC) (permalink)

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