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Halo Movie Starter Guide
06/23/03 A how-to movie creation guide written up by c0ld vengeance.
Multiplayer Color Image
06/22/03 High resolution TIFF file with all 18 multiplayer colors, 689K.
Pillar of Art Contest
(HBO Prime)
06/19/03 A traditional media art contest for Halo-related art. There were actual cash prizes, which brought out actual artwork. Killer artwork, even.
Map of E32K3 Halo Demo
(Fan Creations)
06/17/03 Gholsbane created a map of the level shown in the E3 2003 Halo 2 demo movie. 102K. Described in this forum thread.
Pelican Flash Game
(Fan Creations)
06/15/03 An astoundingly addictive Flash game where you attempt to fly the Pelican through caves of increasing complexity. 5 levels (with the fifth being nearly impossible). For a very short time, there was a high-score list online for this - but the server couldn't keep up with the thousands of people playing and submitting scores, and we pulled the list. The game's still up, though.
Halo Clock
(Fan Creations)
06/15/03 BOLL turned out ANOTHER addictive Flash creation - a clock that keeps time with Halo vehicles. Check it out! Both online and downloadable versions available.
'The X-Factor' Press Release
06/15/03 Press release for the Discovery Channel special on the X-box, which heavily features Bungie and Halo/Halo2.
HBO Early Archives
(HBO Prime)
06/10/03 Archive of the front pages of blam.bungie.org, the forerunner to HBO.
Grunty Thirst
(Fan Creations)
06/03/03 BOLL's Halo-inspired creation for a school animation project. 2 mb, QuickTime format
Team HBO Halo 50k
06/03/03 Halo 50k pictures and writeup from Team HBO
Limited-Edition E3 Master Chief figures
05/29/03 Photos by Warbow of the mini-Master Chief action figure distributed to Fanfest-goers at the E3 2003 Fanfest. Very cool little guy...
Bungie Acquisition FAQ
05/29/03 When Bungie was bought by Microsoft, they released a Frequently-Asked Questions document covering some of the basics of the transaction. It's long gone off of Bungie's site, but we've dredged a copy up and archived it here for the sake of history.
Ruined Desert
(Fan Music)
05/26/03 A haunting piece of fan-created music (inspired by Marty O'Donnell's Halo theme). Read the author's thoughts here.
Bungie Fanfest 2003 T-shirts
05/26/03 Some pictures of the myriad of Bungie-related T-shirts available at E3 2003 (not all were PUBLICLY available, but all were obtained at E3).
E3 2003 Fanfest Q&A Transcript
(Transcripts and Translations)
05/26/03 A transcript of the Q&A Bungie held at the E3 2003 Fanfest - boatloads of good info on Bungie games, past, present, and future.
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