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Microsoft Halo Timeline (2nd)
11/13/01 This was posted to the Official Microsoft Halo page on November 14, 2001, and then pulled again soon after. It's an updated timeline (compare with the version posted on September 14) containing some changes and additions.
Halo Launch Party Coverage
(HBO Prime)
11/10/01 The repository for the collected reports and pictures from the attendees of the Halo Launch Party in 2001, in Chicago.
Halo AR Counter-Strike model
(Fan Creations)
10/31/01 A model of the Halo assault rifle, created for use as a weapon mod for Counter-Strike. Modeled by strykerwolf.
ASCII Halo Marine, redux
10/30/01 An extremely detailed, very large, colored ASCII depiction of the Halo Marine, done again by [SE]X-Com.
ASCII Halo Marine
10/29/01 A large-scale Halo Marine, done entirely in ASCII art. Created by [SE]X-Com.
Screen Captures from December 2001 OXM DVD
10/26/01 Some random scren captures taken from the Halo clip in the December 2001 Official Xbox Magazine issue DVD, where it was listed as a featured movie. Captured by Chanan.
Difficulty Levels in Halo
10/24/01 A small page showing some television-captured screenshots of the "difficult badges" in Halo, plus the excerpted descriptions of the difficulty levels themselves.
M60 .wav Recording
10/22/01 A small high-quality .wav file of an M60 firing, gleaned from Microsoft's Halo Windows Theme.
Halo Box Image Change
10/18/01 A page showing something odd - a side-by-side comparison between the ordinary Halo DVD box, and the thumbnail of the box that was displayed at the online store Futureshop.ca. For whatever reason, Futureshop used a different, completely unknown image.
Translation - Swedish Halo Preview
(Transcripts and Translations)
10/01/01 Translation of a Swedish Halo preview, by Sippan.
Microsoft Halo Information
09/21/01 This is the text that was posted to the Official Microsoft Halo page some time ago, containing info on the game, backstory, and other tidbits. Due to a fear for the longevity of the page, it was copied and archived here. Also, additional information has been added after it was accidentally discovered in the form of hidden data on the site.
Bungie Research Center Photo Archives
(HBO Prime)
05/25/01 A collection of the pictures gathered by the mysterious Bungie Research Center, depicting enigmatic scenes from Halo production.
Halo-themed SETI@home client
(Fan Creations)
05/05/01 arcarsenal's modification to the SETI@home client, with a Halo-esque theme to it.
Old Halo Marine Icon
05/05/01 A charming little .gif image for use as a system icon, in the shape of the head of the old Halo marine. Downloadable as a miniscule Mac folder. Created by arcarsenal.
Warthog Influences
03/22/01 Images of some real-life military vehicles that may have inspired the Warthog in Halo. All bear a resemblance to it in design and apppearance.
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