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Halo Mini-game
(Fan Creations)
06/16/02 A small, Mario-esque game with a Halo theme. PC only. Created by Paul.
Halo Mission by Randy Glass
(Fan Creations)
04/09/03 Randy Glass designed a Halo level. PDF format, 3 mb. Also available on Randy's site.
Halo Movie Hosting Information
07/26/03 An overview of the movie-hosting situation here at HBO, in an attempt to inform people who want to help.
Halo Movie Script
(Fan Creations)
04/17/02 The beginnings of the script to a feature film based on Halo. (Note: this is entirely fictional. There is no film - the script is only an intellectual exercise.) Penned by Kellen Squire
Halo Movie Spoof Contest Entries
(Fan Creations)
12/25/03 MacGamer held a contest for photoshopped Movie Spoof entries; we're giving a home to those that entered but didn't win.
Halo Movie Spoofs
(Fan Creations)
12/26/03 MacGamer had announced the winners of their 'Put the Master Chief in a Hollywood Movie' Photoshop contest. Some people were surprised by the winners... and after we received some submissions from folks who didn't win, we were, too.
Halo Movie Starter Guide
06/23/03 A how-to movie creation guide written up by c0ld vengeance.
Halo PC Dedicated Server v1.03 Readme
12/09/03 Bungie's newest version of the Dedicated PC server readme.
Halo Rater
(Fan Creations)
12/09/02 Glen Sanford's small (28k, zipped) Windows program that will rate you in slayer games.
Halo SETI Marines
11/02/99 General data and resources from the Halo SETI Marines, the SETI@Home team comprised of Halo fans.
Halo Signs
(Fan Creations)
12/27/02 Roger Wilco's contribution to Halo's road infrastructure.
Halo Starcraft Maps
(Fan Creations)
03/26/02 A collection of several fan-made Starcraft maps, based off single-player and multiplayer Halo levels. Contains links to the downloadable maps as well as in-game screenshots.
Halo Stellar Cartography
(Fan Creations)
02/15/04 Walshicus submitted a star chart of the Halo universe, along with an enormous amount of information about these and other stars.
Halo System Diagram
07/27/99 Back in the heyday of rampant Halo speculation, Tom Pargeter created this lovely visual diagram depicting (as he saw it) the layout of the Halo system - including the position of Halo, its orbited planet, and the moon.
Halo System Model
(Fan Creations)
06/21/02 A small movie created by forum regular Roger Wilco, detailing a possible perspective on the system Halo lives in...
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