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Stikfas Master Chief
(Fan Creations)
02/05/04 DeWayne Muse sent in a few shots of a customized Stikfas Master Chief - he's pretty slick!
Spartan Training Camp
(Fan Creations)
04/10/03 Another cool Flash animation by BOLL.
Space Invaders-type Halo mini-game
(Fan Creations)
08/12/02 Yet ANOTHER mini-game, this one just under 2 megs, and quite similar to Space Invaders (albeit with Halo graphics).
Snapshot of Blam! from E3
05/25/99 A small page with a picture showing a quick peek at the beginning stages of Halo, codenamed Blam!. A very quick peek; it's nothing but a snapshot of a blank screen with the word "BLAM" in the corner, taken from E3 1999.
Skavenger_s7 Stories
(Fan Creations)
12/02/03 Here's a way to read stories written by forum jester Skavenger, without having to search through the archives.
Shikai Wang Gallery
08/05/99 A gallery of largely hand-drawn artwork from Bungie artist Shikai Wang. Non-Halo related, but fairly interesting.
(Fan Creations)
07/28/03 Some animated gifs created from EXTREMELY high-quality screenshots show opening and closing sentinels at multiple angles - you could almost believe these came from Bungie.
Second Covenant Rifle
01/01/01 Brief rundown on the saga of the "second Covenant rifle", seen briefly in only a few released videos and screenshots, and eventually removed from the game.
Screen Captures from December 2001 OXM DVD
10/26/01 Some random scren captures taken from the Halo clip in the December 2001 Official Xbox Magazine issue DVD, where it was listed as a featured movie. Captured by Chanan.
Safari Fix
01/15/03 When Apple released Safari, HBO cookies stopped working for many mac users. A kind reader sent in a fix for this problem. It shouldn't be necessary any more (a separate solution has been installed, server-side, that SHOULD allow ALL HBO visitors to receive cookies from us), but is included for historical purposes.
Ruined Desert
(Fan Music)
05/26/03 A haunting piece of fan-created music (inspired by Marty O'Donnell's Halo theme). Read the author's thoughts here.
Roger Wilco's Weapons Suggestions
(Fan Creations)
05/27/02 Some interesting vehicle and weapons concepts put forth by forum regular Roger Wilco.
(Fan Music)
02/23/04 Mothergoat has written another Halo inspired song. This one is intended for background music in Fan Videos (3:20 long, 3 mb mp3).
Reference Guide for Halo MP
04/27/03 Reference Guide for Halo Multi-player Gametype Creation
Red/Blue Hunter Model
(Fan Creations)
07/31/03 Another Chris Bryan creation, this time made of super sculpy (the same pink clay used to create models for creatures in Star Wars movies). He's 5.5" tall, from base to tip of longest spike... and he's not for sale.
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