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Bungie Research Center Photo Archives
(HBO Prime)
05/25/01 A collection of the pictures gathered by the mysterious Bungie Research Center, depicting enigmatic scenes from Halo production.
Calvin and Halo
(Fan Creations)
03/08/03 A resurrection of one of the best comic strips of all times, by Warbow. Additional strips are added periodically.
Camera Screenshot Speculation
11/16/99 Analysis of a 1999 Incite gameXpress screenshot of Halo, featuring the old Halo Marine, and some blurry text in the corner about cameras. Included here is the community's speculation as to the meaning of those words.
Chiastic Style of Halo
12/26/03 Dispatcher has written up an interesting analysis of the Halo storyline, with an eye to explaining some of the repetition in level design as intentional, rather than practical necessity.
Churchill Halo Speeches
(Fan Creations)
03/22/04 Walshicus created a pair of speeches modeled on ones given by Winston Churchill in 1940.
Cold Plasma Still Sticks
(HBO Prime)
02/18/04 CYBRFRK wrote up a different kind of reminiscence about the Offensive Tetraboxing lanfest. New (gigantic) pictures... but the meat is in the text. Take a look - this is what HBO is all about.
Comprehensive Halo Theme package
(Fan Creations)
08/01/02 St. Joan put together 5 separate Halo themes, complete with wallpaper, icons, cursors, and sounds. The whole kaboodle is 9 megs.
Costly Exfiltration (Sam Says Goodbye)
(Fan Music)
08/04/02 A beautiful piece of music from dogsounds, created as a tribute to Halo. Read the author's comments here.
Covenant Jeep Turret
07/01/00 Small page explaining the controversy over a feature of the red Covenant "Jeep" that was removed from the final game.
CPL Chat Transcript
(Transcripts and Translations)
10/29/03 Transcript of an IRC chat with Gearbox, Bungie and Microsoft hosted by the Cyberathlete Professional League.
CTF strategy guide
(Fan Creations)
04/06/03 Poocho wrote up a strategy guide for playing Capture the Flag, with specific scenarios for Blood Gulch and Sidewinder.
Dancing MC
(Fan Creations)
03/11/04 Ragnarok shows off the Dancin' MC. I gotta say - he's pretty funny! 13 seconds, 672K, in DivX format.
Dialogue Databank
(HBO Prime)
07/07/03 A collection of Halo dialogue snippets in MP3 and WAV format. They are organized by speaker, and the database is fully searchable.
Difficulty Levels in Halo
10/24/01 A small page showing some television-captured screenshots of the "difficult badges" in Halo, plus the excerpted descriptions of the difficulty levels themselves.
Dogsounds' Art Contest
(Fan Creations)
04/07/03 A drawing contest (or rather, a pair of them) with some interesting results.
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