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Warbow's Halo Cursors
(Fan Creations)
08/14/02 Windows (any flavor) cursors - spinning warthogs, etc. Can be previewed here.
(Fan Creations)
08/13/02 A cool 1 mb Flash 'music video', done by Vinny Mac.
Morphing Master Chiefs
(Fan Creations)
08/12/02 A pair of animations - Halo 1 MCs morphing into Halo 2 MCs. Locally available in .mov format, links include remote .mpg versions as well.
Space Invaders-type Halo mini-game
(Fan Creations)
08/12/02 Yet ANOTHER mini-game, this one just under 2 megs, and quite similar to Space Invaders (albeit with Halo graphics).
(Fan Music)
08/11/02 SilverBrin's first offering to the Fan Music scene, a reworking of Marty O'Donnell's 'Siege of Madrigal'. Read the author's comments here.
Yet another Halo mini-game
(Fan Creations)
08/09/02 This one was built by tino - and it's got multiple levels, and a multiplayer mode. 9 mb - considerably heftier than previous offerings.
Another Halo mini-game
(Fan Creations)
08/06/02 Lion and Drew built this mini-game - PC-only, 733k. Click on grunts and elites for points - stay away from the Master Chiefs.
Costly Exfiltration (Sam Says Goodbye)
(Fan Music)
08/04/02 A beautiful piece of music from dogsounds, created as a tribute to Halo. Read the author's comments here.
Comprehensive Halo Theme package
(Fan Creations)
08/01/02 St. Joan put together 5 separate Halo themes, complete with wallpaper, icons, cursors, and sounds. The whole kaboodle is 9 megs.
(Fan Creations)
07/30/02 A half-meg audio file that... no, I refuse to explain it. Listen to it, or don't. Team Overkill is responsible.
Grunt Grape Drink
(Fan Creations)
07/25/02 Cap'n Keyes created a little image showing a thirst-quencher we'd all like to see.
Halo, Reproduced (a little)
(Fan Creations)
07/16/02 strykerwolf modeled the beginning of 'Halo' with Animation Master 8.5. There's a small divX-encoded .avi (also available in .mov format) showing it off...
Model of the Keyes Loop
(Fan Creations)
07/15/02 NthDegree256 created a small divX-encoded .avi (also available in .mov format) showing what the Keyes Loop, a spectacular military manouver described in 'The Fall of Reach' might have looked like.
GameReactor interview alternate translation
(Transcripts and Translations)
07/10/02 A second translation, this time by Christian Hølberg, of the GameReactor (Denmark) interview with Jaime Griesemer, Halo 2 Lead Designer.
GameReactor interview translation
(Transcripts and Translations)
07/09/02 A translation, by Johannes Petersson, of the GameReactor (Denmark) interview with Jaime Griesemer, Halo 2 Lead Designer.
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