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Master Chief 2 x-ray
(Fan Creations)
09/28/02 A amazingly slick little Flash toy showing you EXACTLY how bumpmapping will affect your life. Easy to kill 5 minutes without noticing.
Master Chief Halloween costume
(Fan Creations)
10/31/02 Warbow used a lot of paint and cardboard to help his son trick-or-treat in style.
Master Chief skin for Tribes 2
(Fan Creations)
06/21/02 CENOBITE built this skin in three sizes for use with Tribes 2. The 'Light' size looks most like the Halo Master Chief.
Master Chief vs Darth Vader
(Fan Creations)
02/13/04 Singh Commando takes a humorous look at what might have happened had two universes collided.
Master Chiefs in Jeep
03/18/00 Email from Hamish Sinclair (of the Marathon's Story site) containing semi-new image of two old-style Master Chief in original Jeep, one driving, one gunning.
Matt's Halo Updates
(HBO Prime)
12/06/00 During the latter stages of Halo's production, Bungie PR representative Matt Soell began sending out weekly updates on the progress of the game to a number of Halo fansites. Here they are archived, in an easy-to-read format.
Maw 700 Contests
(HBO Prime)
03/21/02 This is the headquarters of the contest sponsored in March of 2002 by HBO, testing the Warthog-driving abilities of the fans to their utmost. Both pieces, Contest 1 and Contest 2, can be found here.
MC Built Top Down
(Fan Creations)
11/24/03 ASPMaster created a cool little Flash Animation in which the MC is built, top-down.
MC Counter-Strike skin
(Fan Creations)
03/21/03 rd^kosh created a Halo skinpack for Counter-Strike.
MC Wall Mural
(Fan Creations)
04/13/03 Bruce paints a pretty picture. One lucky kid.
Microsoft Halo Information
09/21/01 This is the text that was posted to the Official Microsoft Halo page some time ago, containing info on the game, backstory, and other tidbits. Due to a fear for the longevity of the page, it was copied and archived here. Also, additional information has been added after it was accidentally discovered in the form of hidden data on the site.
Microsoft Halo Timeline (2nd)
11/13/01 This was posted to the Official Microsoft Halo page on November 14, 2001, and then pulled again soon after. It's an updated timeline (compare with the version posted on September 14) containing some changes and additions.
Model of the Keyes Loop
(Fan Creations)
07/15/02 NthDegree256 created a small divX-encoded .avi (also available in .mov format) showing what the Keyes Loop, a spectacular military manouver described in 'The Fall of Reach' might have looked like.
(Fan Music)
09/17/03 Another Silverbrin piece - read the author's comments here.
Morphing Master Chiefs
(Fan Creations)
08/12/02 A pair of animations - Halo 1 MCs morphing into Halo 2 MCs. Locally available in .mov format, links include remote .mpg versions as well.
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