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Halo 3 Mythic Walkthrough v2.0 by Daniel Morris

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Tsavo Highway 2.0

Full run, Bungie.net Fileshare
'Kamikaze' run, Bungie.net Fileshare

    Depending on how you play it, this mission can either be one of the easiest ones in campaign, or one of the most difficult. I vote for avoiding the latter as best we can. Breaking the mission into segments, we have:

  1. The Warthog Rush
  2. The Dam
  3. The Drone Barrier
  4. Underpass
  5. Brute Blockade

    Everything has received a tweak from 1.0 with the exception of Part-5.


    "Set your boots on the line!"
    You know what to do here. Grab the chain-gun Warthog, load up with Marines, and make a mad dash out of the cave system. Go ahead and smash through both the enemies groups just before you reach the exit as well as the ones fleeing for cover outside. No sense in stopping at this point. Dart left and jet up that hill into the next area where two Jackal Snipers await your arrival. Run them over. Hop out and pass along one of those Beam Rifles to your passenger and snag the other for yourself. Drive forward until you reach the first sniper tower and let your gunner deal with the Sniper stationed up top. Feel free to hop out and join in on the fun if you're feeling brave. We do this so the gunner will concentrate on the enemies ahead rather than the sniper.
    Alright, now back in the Hog and take a right at the fork . Drive quickly. Your gunner should be hammering the Plasma Cannon up ahead. This should help to deter enemy fire. When you approach the corner on the right, take it slow. A pair of grunts will be just on the other side, waiting to prime their grenades. If you slide too far, you'll run into them just as they light up. We don't want that, so hug the right wall as much as possible. From there, drive over to the ledge leading into the next area, but don't cross over quite yet. Below is a better video demonstrating what to do.

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    Hop out and use your Beam Rifle to take out the sniper on the far end of the dam. Back up just a bit, because a Brute Captain and his squad of Grunts are about to enter your line of sight. When they finally show up, DO NOT kill more than three Grunts before taking out the Captain. Otherwise he'll retreat to the space behind the dam and become a problem for you later. Kill three Grunts and the Captain. Your Warthog should be providing you with plenty of backup here.
    For the rest of the area, we'll only be focusing on the key enemies here, unlike 1.0 where I instruct you to kill everything that moves. Our first focus is going to be the remaining snipers. There should be one on the sniper turret to the far right, and two perched up on the dam wall. Usually killing one of the ones on the wall will trigger the retreat of the other two. It's no big deal if this happens, but try to get them all if you can. You should have just enough shots left in your Beam Rifle to pull it off with a couple of rounds to spare.
    Swap out the Beam Rifle for a Plasma Pistol once the snipers are out of the picture, jump back into the Hog, drive it into the area, and jump back out. The gunner should engage the Shade turret on the right. After it's destroyed, jump back in the Hog, and rush to the other side of the dam wall. Keep going. Check out the video below for a visual.

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    When you reach the Convoy zone, you'll run into a fork. Go right to avoid the War Chieftain's Fuel Rod Cannon plus the two Brute Choppers. Pull up next to the series of shelters, hop out, and grab the Gravity Lift inside. Fill up on BR ammo while you're at it. Then jump back in the Hog and speed off towards the hill guarded by the Shade turret. Watch out for the two Choppers spinning around the paved area. They are the two most unpredictable factors in this segment and will have no trouble mowing you down with super-spikes if they manage to corner your ride.
    Pull up near the Shade and stick it. Quickly glance down at the barrier below. Either let your Warthog gunner destroy the Shade guarding the barrier, or shoot him out yourself. Once you're done, toss a Frag Grenade (they seem to be the most effective ones here) at the barrier's "core" and watch it fall. Hop back into the Hog, speed down the hill, and bank right, directly into the tunnel. Drive as fast as you can across the bridge and marvel at the gargantuan Covenant Cruiser that roars past you from over head.
    Note, if you need to stop for a quick shield recharge, there's a Regenerator straight up the second ladder on the large pipe just to the left of the road itself.
    You'll reach a chasm in the highway just up the road. Drop your Gravity Lift between the street barriers, jump back into your Hog, and "lift" over the gap. Below demonstrates the 2.0 method for tackling this area.

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    Alternatively, you can actually kamikaze all the way through Parts 1-3 via the method below...

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    Why not do it this way all the time? Your biggest killer here is going to be the dam. Upon entering, you'll be glassed by the Phantom's main cannon, secondary cannons, the two Shade turrets, and of course those nasty Snipers. Whether or not you'll make it out alive can be a real coin toss, but it certainly is doable if you're willing to try. No matter which method you take, however, it will lead you straight into Part-4.


    In this version, you'll be using the Warthog rather than the Chopper, but since we'll be rushing this area as well, there really is no need to pick and choose vehicles. The first skirmish you'll encounter will be between two Marines, a Brute Captain, and his Grunt henchmen. Take them out (the Covenant, I mean), and head up the hill to the overpass. Snatch a 100% Plasma Pistol, and while you're up there, go ahead and blast away any Grunts you happen to see on the ground nearby.
    Jump back in the Hog and drive straight through the pipes into the next little section. This will allow you to avoid the constant waves of Brute-toting Phantoms that wish to get the drop on your location. Pull up behind the boulder as shown in the video, ready your Plasma Pistol, and use it to stop the Choppers in their tracks. If you're lucky enough to knock off the armor of the driver, go ahead and follow up with a clean BR head-shot. The Wraith shouldn't be bothering you at this point, so go ahead and take one of the Choppers, drive it through the cave, and enter the next mini-skirmish between two Brute Minors and your Marine comrades. Kill the Brutes, allowing the Marines to take command over the Warthog, and enter into Part-5. Below is a short film recapping the events listed above.

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    The last thing standing between you and an almost guaranteed victory is a confrontation with not one, not two, but three Wraiths. Argh!
    Rush the Chopper into the safe haven directly under the broken bridge like so:

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    Grab the Fuel Rod Cannon from one of the dead Grunts nearby and use it to destroy the closest Shade turret. This will keep it from shooting at you while you assault the Wraiths. With the Shade out of commission, arm yourself with a Plasma Pistol/BR combo. Take shelter on the left side of the bridge, and poke your head out just barely enough to see that secondary gunner. Combo-kill him. Doing this should also temporarily disable the Wraith at the same time. Take the opportunity to charge over and bash it to death.

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    The other Wraith will have taken notice at this point and will start heading up the hill towards the bridge, so jump back into your hiding spot. Additionally, a Phantom will drop off another one. Wait for both Wraiths to make an appearance on the bridge, take out both secondary gunners, and board them both. Keep the last one alive and use it to drive to the opposite end of the bridge towards the Brute blockade.

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    Since all three Wraiths are down, you won't have to worry about getting mortared from behind while you take your time wiping out the Brute blockade with your blue balls of death! (hold the "that's what she said" comments please...).
    There are two sections to the Brute blockade. My advice would be since you've already made it this far and you have infinite ammo, why not just go ahead and destroy everything in your path? The first wave will consist of mainly Brute Minors armed with Spikers, Carbines, and Brute Shots along with a few Jump-Jet Brutes and a very lazy but rare Brute Sniper. The second wave will be a group of Minors, a Shade Turret, and a Plasma Cannon-wielding War Chieftain. You shouldn't need a walkthrough for this bit, but I will throw some general tips your way:

  1. Be wary of Brute-Shot Brutes. They can still kill you with their explosive rounds.
  2. Keep an eye on both berserking Brutes and Jump-Jet Brutes. They can board your vehicle and end your near-perfect run in a heartbeat. Keep in mind that once you've been boarded, you can't escape.
  3. The point in taking out the Wraiths beforehand was to allow you to keep a safe distance from the blockade while delivering all that blue-energy hate. Use it to your advantage and DON'T rush in unless you KNOW all nearby Brutes are dead.

    Keeping those things in mind, the rest of the mission should be a breeze for you, and victory will be yours.

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