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The NEW Zak
10:24 pm | June 27, 2004
4 years baby!
white grunts
3:36 am | June 22, 2004
woppeeeeee.......4 years
2:38 am | June 14, 2004
That was really good, I can understand where Cortana is coming from in this. Thats the way I would feel if I were an AI.
Solidus Snake
11:17 am | April 22, 2004
Hey pooman, my net got cut off, but I'm back, yay, I love lesbos
5:53 pm | March 30, 2004
I'm not grounded! "Take not from the mouth of labor the bread it has earned."
--Thomas Jefferson
11:01 pm | March 23, 2004
i might get grounded again, do i wont be writing for a while. But i still want you to write your pomes!
2:21 pm | March 21, 2004
Yay! fan fict is back online!
5:15 pm | March 6, 2004
Ha, Lauren is a lesbo. I payed her $3 to watch her make out with a really hot blonde. Hey Alpha do you know what evere happened to all of those great authors like Hunter_Killer and Agent Shade? and i havent seen a story from you in a while. Damn this is like our own personal chatroom! Lol I will check back next saturday to see if you will respond. Muhahahahaha
Solidus Snake aka Alpha Lance
5:46 pm | February 29, 2004
YAY! Write soon!

I love Marissa, she's my wife, I live in her bed =D
1:09 pm | January 31, 2004
i hate lauren now... she is a whore
5:01 am | January 11, 2004
ive been grounded alpha lance i will write soon tho...... its good to hear i have a fan
3:42 am | November 30, 2003
Wow, the history of fanfic was really sad wasn't it?
Alpha Lance
1:53 am | October 25, 2003
Pooman, when you going to write again????
12:03 am | October 25, 2003
i love lauren so much

she is so hot

:-D:-D:-D:-D:-D:-D:-D:-D:-D:-D bullshit fuka
Alpha Lance
8:04 pm | October 11, 2003
Once upon a time, there was a man name Alpha Lance. He had read this story so horrible that he was force to say, "this sucks!" So he went on a jurney and wrote his own series called 'Halo Trilogy.' His story was like a Hunter compare to a kid.

Now, he is writing stories that make the Jagermister or what ever his name is jelous. But, Alpha Lance became king, and live happly ever after.

THe End...
Alpha Lance
8:02 pm | October 11, 2003
What a great story Jinkaiden, see, he wrote that in two min.
Alpha Lance
7:55 pm | October 11, 2003
Backfire can write better.
7:55 pm | October 11, 2003
Once upon a time there was a lovely princess. She was so lovely that she...uh...din't need plastic surgery like other village hags did. One day she got married and ran off with the Prince of Egypt, who was mummified on their honeymoon for absolutely no reason at all. The End.

Oh yeah, and she lived happily ever after, blah blah blah...
7:53 pm | October 11, 2003
Heh...definitely could have used some work. Where was your stride to making it great and all?
Alpha Lance
7:50 pm | October 11, 2003
If this story sucks, give me a O HELL YEAH!
Alpha Lance
7:46 pm | October 11, 2003
That's the truth.
7:46 pm | October 11, 2003
They should have put the limitations in effect much sooner...
7:59 pm | August 28, 2003
veg7a is lying.. i hope
4:28 pm | August 20, 2003
I liked it
1:48 pm | August 6, 2003
Alpha Lance
9:59 pm | July 27, 2003
This story sucks balls,your balls,
5:35 pm | June 27, 2003
um wow
10:35 pm | June 16, 2003
this story suxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
7:35 pm | June 15, 2003
12:16 am | June 15, 2003
i hate grunts. but their fun to kill :)
10:51 am | June 6, 2003
4:32 am | January 3, 2003
What is this? I am almost confused. A near impossible thing to do.