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Comments for 'Of Gods and Heroes'

The NEW Zak
10:21 pm | June 27, 2004
The only good story from 2000 I think.
5:09 am | April 13, 2004
Impressive! I agree with MadJackal. Although the complicated vocabulary makes it a little too Shakespearean for me to read too much. Still, congratulations!

6:17 am | February 28, 2004
Incredible! I'm practically speechless! After reading the crap this far back, this story was like a ray of sunshine that reached out through the dark horror of the early Data Diaries and brought me to a place where I could breath again. Wow. Very good for a story that was written before the game even came out.

I still need to go to bed. I'm starting to droop over the keyboard.
5:46 am | December 17, 2003
i agree, absolutly amazing writing, especially in the perspective it gives...and who would have thought that we would still be fighting the covies after 100 years past the MC?..wouldnt one of us have won by know?...wither way, that question is what makes it so interesting!!id u just could explain it in the same greatness as in this part...:D
SaGe ScOrPiOn
3:27 pm | December 1, 2003
Needs a continuing series to back it up, which would make it amazing. But for one of the first stories, this is amazing.
3:54 am | November 30, 2003
This is like, the only good fanfic way back here.
5:58 am | October 8, 2003
pretty cool perspective
1:21 am | October 3, 2003
That's all the praise this superb, nay, perfect piece receives? 11/10, at least. I am truly amazed... I thought all the writing back here was, in general, crap. This piece proved me sadly mistaken.
Colonel Miltie
7:59 pm | November 26, 2002
And it's a bit too short.
Colonel Miltie
7:59 pm | November 26, 2002
Needs a little work though.
Colonel Miltie
7:59 pm | November 26, 2002