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About the Commenting System

When you submit a story to the HBO Fan Fiction section, and when the board is updated, the story is linked to a new discussion thread. This thread is on the HBO Fan Fiction (HBOFF) forum where all commenting is done for the stories on HBO. This forum is where all your readers will be, and as such it is a good idea to register here so that you can respond to their comments on your story. Do note that you must register with the forum to post in the Comment Section and the other Member-Only sections.

Joining is not required for you to post your story on HBO, but it is an excellent idea if you wish to have any interaction with your readers. Also, the forum has areas that can help you in your writing endeavors, as well as discussion topics related to Halo and writing. Registering is the only way to access and post in these areas.

You should also be aware of the comments that you will receive on HBOFF. The readers on HBOFF will expect some basic writing levels from you, as well as properly submitting the story (such as using the Code and making your story readable). We want you to know that you may get criticism for your work (either from a punctuation and spelling standpoint, or from a plot to character perspective—and more), so please take all comments civilly. Also, we expect good conduct out of all our members as well, so their comments and responses should be respectful and well-intended. Should any unruly comments be posted from anyone, our Moderators will act on both parties' behalf and sort out the situation (note: flaming or derogatory remarks are not tolerated).

If you join, you will receive a PM (Private Message) from a Moderator with more details about commenting, as well as some further information about the HBOFF forum as a whole. Should you choose to join our growing member base, we will be happy to give you the opportunity to participate in discussions, comment on other stories on HBO, and further your skills and abilities in writing.

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