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The Cortana
Posted By: Someguy
Date: 19 January 2000, 1:22 a.m.

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A blinding flash of white light, streaked through the sky, as my platoon stared up, an alien plasma cannon struck private Johnson, his arm along with half of his right torso was missing, and we knew he wouldn't survive. We ran ahead dodging the enemy gunfire as best we could, I could hear the shouts and screams of my fellow allies as they attacked an enemy guard outpost. My platoon and I were assigned to take out an enemy radar station that was calling outer-orbital plasma bombings on our men.

The enemy aliens who called themselves the Cortana were about 7 feet tall, with broad shoulders and purple armor along with various types of bracelets and headbands, all which had a strange symbol on them. Their skin was neon green with red patches that looked like muscles, only outside of their skin.

The war between the allied humans and the green Cortana was a bloody and gruesome one, which took place mainly on a planet much like Earth, only it was very cold, and the days and nights seemed to last months or even years, due to the massive size of the planet, the planet was directly in between a path much used early in the war to get between Cortana and Earth, if this planet could be captured, it would be a major turning point in the war.

We were about 300 meters away from our target, when we saw them ahead, just over a hill, a huge army of Cortanian light-infantry, they had spotted us!