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Halo Fan Fic
Posted By: Gen.POWITZ!
Date: 18 January 2000, 12:21 a.m.

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Looking, although without much effort, I tried to not to look up at the pillar rising in the distance. I didn't know what kind of world this was and didn't take the time to think about it. I knew I couldn't see the Pillar of Autumn yet. The drop through the atmosphere had been treacherous although I slipped in and out of consciousness the whole way down. I didn't think I was alive when I eventually came to. This beautiful planet was a drastic change from what I remembered on the ship. Stasis can alter your mind and Cortana's vague ramblings didn't help. In the back of my mind I wondered if AI's can die... I fingered my assault rifle, flicking the safety on and off. I wouldn't say I was nervous...I was just a little shaken up. I lost most of my ammo in the fall and most of my remaining ammo was soaked from the puddle I woke up in. I was dangerously low. I remembered a chase and something about a covenant. The chase was blurry but I remember that whoever was chasing us thought we were some sort of devils. If I had to face them I would need to find ammo, and fast. A fly, or what looked more like a mechanical wasp, buzzed around me. It seemed to observe me and then fly off in a hurry. If I could just find the crash site. I didn't even know what direction it was in. My internal HUD was damaged as well as my neural implants. The beacon from the Pillar of Autumn chimed in faintly every ten minutes or so. The signal had just come in when I saw something glint in the distance. Two floating vehicles were coming over the horizen. I didn't take the time to observe the scenery. I rushed through the hilly landscape to a deep pond. I waded through the mire and crouched low. Trees blocked the entrence to the pond and shaded it from the intensely bright sun. Another one of those annoying little bugs came buzzing over and circled over my head. The speeders turned almost directly toward my position. I opened up full auto on the front speeder. I couldn't beleive they knew where I was. The creature driving the hover-craft was peppered with machine gun rounds. It's head exploded sending chunks of green everywhere. I barely had time to see the speeder wobble out of control into a tree as two bright flashes appeared on the second speeder...