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PERSONAL DATA DIARY 10.10.213909.03
Posted By: Myndreach<myndreach@hotmail.com>
Date: 17 January 2000, 12:51 p.m.

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the massacre was terrible....i came across the burning wreckage of one of our tanks...the corpses of three of my fellow soldiers lay strewn about like the cliched rag dolls...sgt. andran's legs were torn off, laying nearby in a pool of blood mingled with hydraulic-fluids that leaked from his cybernetic legs...obviously they hadn't allowed him to run fast enough. i piled their bodies up and started them aflame, only proper i thought. the one positive thing i thought of at first was that i might salvage some ammunition or other supplies, as my ammunition is low, but alas, the ever-maliscious Covenant dashed those thoughts by taking everything with them. even the removable parts of the soldiers' cyber-armor were taken, the left overs punctured and scorched...things got worse still....as i was saluting my comrades as they burned, my mind was assaulted by another one of those terrible mind speeched, something like "time burns so quickly. burning brings purity. purity is death.", and then i was knocked forward by some force slamming into my back. i rolled over, pistol drawn as on of those hell-bent bugs fell upon me with his laser knife drawn. in my peripheral vision i saw at least three more nearbye....i pulled the trigger, blowing a hole in the bugs neck, rolled out from under him and emptied my gun into another close by. my nerve endings screamed as a nearbye explosion rocked my and sent me flying back some 20 feet....luckily my suits adreno-boosters kicked in and i was able to jump up and put a round into the horrid face of another alien....i looked around to see three of the Covenant hover cycles shoot up over a ridge about 50 yards away...and started to see my life flashing before my eyes, even through my adrenaline clouded haze.....they opened fire and i jumped away, rolling and dodging without really knowing if i was dead yet or not as the ground around me exploded in laser fire. then, it happened...i hear the rumbling of good old human armor on the ground around me and as i took cover behind a rocky outcropping, i peaked over it just in time to see a Covenant ship take a hit from a tank.....it careened into the one next to it, and both exploded in a firey ball....i smiled as the other sped away....as i began blacking out from the shock of injury and sudden subsiding of my enhanced adrenaline levels, i said a thank you to those who had arrived even though they couldn't hear me...