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Suicidal Plans
Posted By: Mark Lieberg<malieberg@msn.com>
Date: 24 December 2004, 7:30 AM

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       The Last Chapter I posted I got 27 readers. But sadly, no comments from any of them. I was a little disappointed. There were a few. But then they started talking about cookies? Crazy people. LOL
       Then after three days I got 109 reviews. Allthough i knew that some people reread and posted coments. I like to say thanks.

       I just wanted to ask if I am slipping or am I doing something wrong? You all might think I am slipping. I also think of that too. I don't know. Maybe I will end these lives in a heroic way. I just need time. I hope you enjoy this one. I have thought this one even before I wrote this authors note. Well Here it goes.
      Hope you like it. PLEASE POST COMMENTS. Mark.

            Chapter 6: Outcomes

       Plans are Made not created

       Lieutenant Walker, Gemes, and Ensign Pathy walked to the now called, CP HQ. Marines called it Faith Hill.

       Lieutenant Walker walked over to his desk. It was metallic, the only one that was perfect. Lieutenant Gemes and Ensign Pathy were at their desks trying to create and move their supplies with other camps they posted along the ring.

       Walker, however tried to make plans to get off the ring. Lieutenant Gemes didn't like it and Ensign Pathy knew she couldn't conflict with higher non-coms.

       They all kept together in a one-mile radius. They all knew they were going to be here for a while. But they now had to find a way to get off the ring. They all had ideas. And then they all said they were crazy suicidal ideas.

       It was early morning as Ensign Pathy came up with her idea. It was crazy, but the UNSC had done it before. Capture a Covenant ship when it was in orbit, and board it. It was a daring plan. But as she put it up with Lieutenant Walker, and Gemes. They approved.

       Having the index wasn't easy. Covenant patrols kept on locating and attacking their CP. So far nothing more then three man scouts were encountered. Most of the Marines started to gather their supplies and find the nearest Covenant ship. Five hours past as one came in. Finally giving them hope.

       The Covenant Battle Cruiser, The Immersing Light.. Marines were satisfied with the outcome that they would find, or encounter one. But they never knew it was going to be tough.


       "Get the hell out of here! Now!" Sergeant Gerald yelled as he pulled the trigger. Both of his BR55's were heavy. UNSC Personnel weren't supposed to carry two, but the Sergeant made an exception. His enhanced vision, made it possible to fire both of the weapons. Covenant fell and blood flew covering the ground.

       He was trying to save his men. His marines ran to the Scorpion MBT, which came from a crashed Pelican, and hopped on. Its huge body made it capable to hold all five of his men. The Sergeant however told them to leave him behind.

      "Get the hell out of here now marines!" He yelled again as he took out a pair of Jackals. The new, sharper, Armor Piercing bullets now penetrated their shields. A new effect with the UNSC. Blood flew out as the Jackals rifle had activated its fail-safe.

       The Weapon exploded burning a hole in the ground. The Sergeant stared at it as the MBT behind him fired its Coaxial Chain gun. It drove to the door, and the Private driving it pulled the trigger again. Dozens, after dozens of 7.62mm AP-T killed over twenty Covenants. They poured through the door like ants. It wasn't even funny.

       The Covenant seemed like they would do anything to get the index back. However, Lieutenant Walker wasn't going to let them. Over ten marines died the past two days. One was too much. Ten was a burial mound.

       Smoke filled the air, as the Sergeant breathed. He looked up as wind rushed towards him. He thought it was just cool air, but then noticed the black ships flying in the sky.

       "This is Longsword pilot Charles inbound. Hang on Sergeant!" The Pilot said as he flew over dropping bombs everywhere. Flames appeared everywhere. Metal, and debris here, and there. It was certainly hell.

       The Sergeant took a deep breath and ran to the Main battle tank. The Private turned the tank around, leaving his Tracer to continue firing anything that came through that door. Dust was in the air everywhere.

       "You should of left Private!" Gerald yelled as he reloaded his BR55, and handed the other one to the Lance Corporal to his side. "But thanks." He smiled. He rarely smiled in battles. He was fifty-three. Being that old with the rank of Sergeant wasn't a proud thing in the UNSC. But he did have his rights.

       The MBT continued to roll on as it ran over a trio of Grunts scared. Blue liquid blood flooded the hallways, as a salvo from the tank shot five Elites, two Jackals, and ten Grunts. It was disgusting. The marine stood up, across from the Sergeant, as the blood touched his pant leg.

       The Marine on the other side saw a Grunt. It twitched and the Corporal fired. More blood oozed out. "Die you Covies!" He said with his Australian accent.

       The Sergeant liked his men. He knew they would never leave him behind. He knew he wouldn't either. He fired his battle rifle at the next pair of Grunts out of the entrance to the tunnel. The Tank rolled down and turned.

Flight Plans

       Sergeant Major Wells walked down the ramp. The Pelican he was riding in had to replenish its supplies. The Archer Pods were connected and the fuel tanks refueled. He puffed on his cigar, and checked his pistol. He reloaded, cocked, and checked it again.

       The pistol, was weaker, but penetrated armor the same. The M6C they called it, was a fast pee-shooter. Shooting only twelve shots was a bad number. He switched to his BR55 to clean it as Lieutenant Gemes appeared on the holo tank inside the cockpit.

       "Sir." The Warrant Officer asked as he punched in the command codes to activate the message. They had to use coded bands to breath normally near Covenant patrols. Their ships had been landing everywhere.

       The Sergeant walked towards the holo tank and placed his arm on the chair resting a little. The Lieutenant gazed and then started. "Fifteen flights of Pelican and thirty Longsword are heading to the Covenant ship. We suggest we head to the grave lift, located at the underbelly center of the ship.

       "If this mission fails. I am giving you authority to the rest of the survivors, if the whole entire command staff fails, or dies. Your mission, if this one fails, is to get the men back home." The Lieutenant said, as there was no mistake in his voice.

       "Yes sir."

      Back to more Fighting

       The MBT continued on. Firing at any enemy it encountered, a Pelican arrived. Its twin turbine engines roared, as its own coaxial chain gun fired. Its' rounds flew through the air rapidly. Killing all the Grunts, Elites, and Jackals.

       A pair of Hunters then came out. Behind them were two more pairs. Seems like the Covenant are desperate, Gerald thought as a marine on the Pelican Dropship fired two of its M19 SSM Jackhammer Rocket Launcher.

       The First one hundred and two millimeters punctured the first pair. The other Hunters yelled, in its deep dark voice. They powered up their Fuel Rods, and fired.

       The Pelicans pilot acted quickly. He powered the engines and quickly, it was momentarily pushed, like a bump. The Marines held on and threw something the Sergeant couldn't see.

       The marine yelled out, "Stand back!" He held up a small device. It was three packs of C-7 Explosives, the marines on the Pelican threw down. The Sergeant covered his eyes, and in unison, the marine pulled the trigger, and the private driving the Scorpion fired. Combined explosions rippled and killed the other pairs.

       The Hunter packs fell on the ground and blood poured out like running water. It was all sticky as the Pelican hovered above it. A marine, with the rank of Sergeant Major jumped off. He smiled. "Hello Sergeant."

       The old Sergeant Gerald smiled back and ran up shaking the Majors hand. "Hey sir. Glad to see you." He was glad back up arrived. He thought they were getting left behind.

       "Lieutenant Walker says we're going to try and capture one of those Covenant ships. I'll be damned if I get to that ship in one piece."

       The Marines on the main battle tank jumped off and hopped on. The Pelicans back magnetized the Scorpion Tank and it attached itself to the main hull. The two Sergeants hopped on last and the Pelican lifted.

       Warrant Officer Alex Steel pushed the throttle and it leapt forward. "ETA to ground teams five minutes sir!" He said as he piloted through the clouds.

       The Sergeant Major nodded and looked at Gerald. "I don't think this plan will work."

       "Don't worry Major. If Spartans can do it. So can we." Gerald finished off as he smiled again. He reloaded his Battle Rifle and got his canteen.

       Wells thought, I hope this plan does work. The Pelican arrived to the huge attack forces placed only one mile away from the grave lift.

       Ground teams were on standby, and soldier blood thirsty for revenge. Hell has been born.