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Position unknown, Out Numbered, and Warm Reception
Posted By: Mark Lieberg<malieberg@msn.com>
Date: 19 December 2004, 5:01 AM

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      I like to thank you people for all the comments you have given me. I had been busy the last two days, and yesterday was my Takwando demonstration. And I was tired. Been watching some Star Wars too. Well anyways. I am starting on the fifth chapter of the third Halo ring.
       I hope you guys like it and enjoy. Please post comments!!!

Chapter 5: Marines, Vehicles, and Covenant

UNSC Frozenburg

       The UNSC Frozenburg flew onwards to the Covenant ship location for their slipspace entry. The Captain had to at least stop them. Or die trying. The destroyer piloted on autopilot to the randomizing vectors of pin point slipspace entry areas.

       The Covenant were going to do a group wide slipspace transition between their position now and the Frozenburg. The Captain knew that because of the help with his Command staff. "Row, row, row your boat. Gently down the stream. Merely, merely, merely, life is but a dream." The Captain sung to himself as he checked the firing solutions that Lieutenant Walker had place in to the ships computers.

       It was perfect. Then alarms started to ring loud inside the ship. The view screen that showed the Covenant frigates had now disappeared. It was time to start the battle. The Frozenburgwas in position, ready and waiting.

       As the ship turned to face the coordinates the ships MAC, and archer missiles warmed up. Then as blue flashing lights appeared, the MAC fired, and the archers were away.

       One Covenant frigate was twenty meters from the Destroyer, nearly point blank range for a stand off. The second, third, and fourth came out behind the first, and the last was in pieces as the MAC tore threw the ship.

       "Ha. Covenant bastards!" The Captain spoke as he pressed the second command button. He saw the Archer missiles fly towards the closest one as the MAC powered up to ninety-eight percent. It reached one hundred and fired as the archers his the shields.

       They flickers, faded, and then the ship burst into flames as the huge MAC round punctured the vessel. Covenant Seraphs were now being deployed, and Dropships inbound.

      "See you later boys." Williamson quenched his teeth, and saw a bright light envelop the ship, as the NOVA was launched. Only the Captain knew about the nuclear bomb on the ship, and his command staff knew too. The UNSC only said they were authorized to use it if necessary.

       Saving his crew was necessary and then the bomb exploded. A huge ball of fire erupted and enveloped the space that had the Frigates, Seraphs, Phantom Dropships, and the UNSC destroyer, the Frozenburg.

Pelican Echo-220

       Technical Sergeant James remembered the Captain until the Pelican Dropship left the Destroyer the Frozenburg. Serving with the Captain for three years, and not getting promoted was bad enough.

       However, he planned to make a difference. The Pelicans pilot, Warrant Officer Alex Steel piloted the ship with twenty marines in the back. It was heavy, but in space, things had changed. The Ship had an automatic air exchange sequence. It reproduced oxygen with carbon dioxide.

       The UNSC had just developed this equipment with the help of Cortana that had stole plans and engineering of Covenant technology. He was happy that he could breath normally, and continued down. He spoke on the intercom, "Five minutes till we hit topside marines!"

       Everyone in the back yelled out, "Hoo Rah." They were worried, and excited. Most of them never saw action in the past two months. Every day in their lives until now and after the Battle for Reach was continuous hit and run campaigns.

       The Pelican Dropship descended and continued on. Its twin turbines roared making it hard to hear anything out side, or inside the ship. The Warrant Officer pushed the throttle and the ship elevated downward. It felt like they were falling off a cliff as everyone held on to their lives.


       "Lieutenant! Pelican Echo-220 is coming in hot! I don't think they have enough room to cool off." The Corporal told the Lieutenant as he turned around and looked into he sky. He was tired from the hard landing on his ship. But he and the Lieutenant had drove off to explore the area.

       "Who's piloting Echo-220?" Casket asked as he took out his binoculars. He zoomed into his x10 and viewed the Pelican. It was burning bright red.

       "Warrant Officer Alex Steel sir." The Corporal informed the Lieutenant as he remembered the name. He heard about the Warrant officers previous performance out running a Seraph Fighter with his Longsword.

       "He'll do fine Corporal. He's an ace." The Lieutenant chuckled walking away and hopping onto his Warthog. The Corporal sat in the passenger seat and monitored the Communications. "Lets head to the CP ok Corporal?"

       The Corporal paused and then answered, "Yes sir."

Pelican Echo-220

       Warrant Officer Steel was sweating. He never sweated before unless it was a life or death situation. He then knew why. His speedometer spun like crazy. He was coming in too hot. And his men were the problem, too much weight.

       He thought, did he had any parachutes left? He checked his inventory lift to the panel to his left. It read five chutes. He smiled. "I need five volunteers!" He yelled out. He pulled the throttle harder and the ship started to slow down at a slow rate.

       Five Marines quickly raised their hands wanting to get off the ship. The Warrant Officer saw them and told them to access the bucket to the right side of the field med kit. The Marines saw the chutes and put them on. "Every one get to your seats and hold on!"

       The others did so and held on. One of the marines started to throw up, and another closed his eyes. They were scared. "Five...four...three...two...one." Alex yelled as he opened up the back hatch.

       The marines jumped out as they flew down. Each of them saw the CP and flew down to land there. The Pelican pulled up quickly, much faster then before, and levitated making it a smooth ride. "Nice piloting!" One marine yelled out. The Warrant officer smiled and landed on an approach vector to the CP.

CP Head Quarters

       Everyone on board the Frozenburg had made it live and well. The command crew survived and landed safely with each of their pilots skills. The HEV pods landed only in a two-mile radius and the Pelican that had landed near the Control room, with their men, and taken the index from the Phantom Dropship.

       Lieutenant Walker, Gemes, and Ensign Pathy had made duties for the crew, and for themselves. Their plan was to create a base that could hold off the Covenant. Until reinforcements could arrive. But that was a slim chance.

       Everyone was counted for, and the supplies were already here. It was a great success, at the cost of one great UNSC marine.
            Captain Williamson.

      Hope you like this story. Well, I thought it was a little...bland. But it served its purpose. Chapter 6 will come out in the next four days. Hope you like it!