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The Captains Fate, and the UNSC Frozenburg
Posted By: Mark Lieberg<malieberg@msn.com>
Date: 14 December 2004, 9:02 AM

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I just want to say thanks to these people.

1. Dave
2. MC's Cousin
3. ENS
4. 343 Salty Beans.

       You people have given me writing knowledge and experience. I appreciate the great help you have given me, and making me understand how to write. I really thank you guys.

       Well. This story will be the continuation of my original story. Another Halo ring found, a crew left on the ring near the destroyed ruins of the Control Room. And the Index that is now trying to be retrieved from the Covenant. But this chapter will have the endings of the Frozenburg and its fate of the crew.

       Battles will be fought and won. You will just have to read, and post comments. Any thing helpful to upgrade my story to awesome and great in the forums will be nice too. Hope you enjoy the story. Thanks. Mark.

Chapter 4: Space Battles, Human, Covenant, and Enough Dead Heroes

UNSC Frozenburg, Position Above Halo Ring.

       "Status reports Lieutenant!" The Captain ordered as Lieutenant Walker checked threw the innovatory list. So far, Covenant fighters and Dropships have been trying to land their Asses inside the ship. The Captain, however, wasn't going to let that happen.

       "We have...twelve MAC rounds left. Magnetic Accelerators are powering up to," Walker said checking again. "Fifty Percent. We have Archer pods E3 through H9 left. Hull is at Eighty-three percent. Power to the Slipspace generators are still in repairs."

       Walked continued on. He scrambled through the reports and checked again. "What ever that Seraph hit us with. We can afford to face a Cruiser again. Our titanium hull is down to three meters. The Power to the engines is down to fifty-seven percent and increasing. But Captain."

       Williamson nodded the Lieutenant and Walker continued, "Sir, I don't think this ship will make it in the next two hours. Our supplies are low, and...I am afraid that our slipspace generators have lost randomizing jumps that were calculated yesterday. The last three jumps are the only ones we can afford. One of them is Earth."

       Williamson thought. He took out a cigar and lit it. He was tired. Never got any rest since they found this Halo ring. They already destroyed four Covenant vessels, and a few dozen Seraphs. This was going to be a tough decision.

       He walked over to Pathy. He put one hand on her shoulders, "Ensign. Plot a course next to that ring. I'm afraid we don't have any more plans to come up with." The Ensign nodded and plotted the course trajectory by one-seven-nine declination two-three-five.

       The Frozenburg altered its trajectory and flew towards the ring. Gemes looked at his panel and rechecked the sensor probes they left out by a thousand kilometers away from the ring. "Sir."

       "What is it Gemes? Another Seraph?" Williamson asked. He thought this time it was going to be only a few. He was wrong.

       "Sorry sir, but no. There are two...correction five Covenant Frigates on approach. I think they are going to use a slipspace pin point jump sir!" Gemes informed the Captain. It was no joke. The Covenant ships were reading high levels of radiation in the space around the vessels.

       "If that's the case. Lets go fight. But before we go. I want all crew to abandon the ship. Take everything this ship has and head toward the ring. Gemes, scan the ring to find out where that pelican landed. Send everything there. Help our marines down there, and place a cp there." Williamson ordered. He was going to do something that the Admirals would of approved of. It was a big risk also.

       "Aye sir. Patching threw to all decks and informing the crew to abandon ship. Pelicans are ready to leave after we are on board sir." Gemes stated as he looked up. He saw the Captains eyes. Smoke filled the area he was in but disappeared when the Captain took out the flame on the cigar.

       Walker and Pathy looked too. They knew what was going to happen. Quickly all three asked in unison, "Permission to stay on board sir?" They all said looking at the Captain.

       He nodded side ways and walked down to the view screen. "Negative. I need my command crew to head to the ring and create a CP there. Those marines need help. You will go. Walker?"

       "Yes sir?" Walker asked, as he knew it would be something he had to do before he left on the bridge. He thought about the battles he had on this Destroyer. All the times he had fun on and off duty. He was going to say good-bye, to both, the ship, and the Captain.

       "Put in a targeting solution for the probability of slipspace pin point jumps randomizing here. I want six targeting solutions, and then I order you to head down the ring with the rest of the crew." Williamson said almost about to shed a tear. He was going to miss this crew. They had become family to him. But now to say good-bye.

       Walker was disappointed, but obeyed the orders that were given to him. "Aye sir." Was the last words he spoke as he punched in the commands. The three officers walked to the elevator entrance, and turned around.

       They all saluted their Captain and Williamson saluted back with courage. They all nodded to the captain and left. The Elevator now headed down to the Fighter Bay.

Fighter bay Alpha-One

      "All personal are ordered to head to the nearest HEV pods and Pelicans for evacuation. Repeat, all personal are ordered to head to the nearest HEV pods and Pelicans for evacuation. This is not a drill, repeat this is not a drill." Technical Sergeant James ordered as he checked his list.

       There were five HEV pods left, and ten Pelicans prepped for dust off. He had to make it to one of them quickly. He pressed the intercom again and called out, "All UNSC personal report to HEV pods Seven-Beta-Charlie, Gamma-Six-Ray, Theta-Eight-Zulu, Alpha-Four-Nine, and Omega-three-Foxtrot!"

       The Sergeant paused a few moments and then added, " Pelicans echo-One-Thirty-Four, Five-Nine-One, Six-Eight-One, Three-Six-Zero, Eight-two-four, Seven-Seven-Nine, One-Eight-Seven, Two-Two-Zero, Five-One-Seven, and Zero-One-Five are left in Fighter bay Alpha-One." He was sad he had to leave this ship. It was a great Destroyer.

       He had been serving on this ship for over five years. He had become friends with the Captain in his academy days. But he saw that all personal were accounted for on his list, he checked again, and found only one name. Captain Pearl Williamson.

       He quickly pressed the COM button once and called for the bridge. The Captain responded and the Sergeant quickly spoke, "Sir. You are the last person on board this ship. I request you get here immediately."

       "Is that you James? I didn't speak to you since yesterday before we found this ring. That's a negative old friend. I have to do something." Williamson said as he heard his friend's voice. He knew that the Sergeant would never leave him. In a fight or a space battle. They always helped each other.

       "Captain. Pearl. Please. Come with us. We can set this ship for auto?" James continued as he was cut off.
       "No. Sorry, but this time, you are not going to stay and fight besides me. This is my time now. Take the next Pelican and head to the rings surface. That's an order son." Williamson said ordering his best friend to leave him here on the Frozenburg.

       "Aye sir. It was good having you as a Captain," James continued on. He decided to say the next thing, "and a friend."

       "Now leave this ship before you are left behind quickly!"The Captain ordered loudly as the ship started to rumble. It started to change course again as the Captain pressed in the course corrections.

       The Captain looked at the screen to his left and checked it. The last Pelican was on its way. He silently spoke out on the bridge, "Good bye friend." As the Frozenburg flew to its death.

Pelican Dropship Two-Two-Zero

       The Sergeant made it to the last Dropship leaving the ship. He quickly yelled out to the pilot, "Go! The Captain told us to get to the ring before the Covenant finds us! Now!" The Pilot nodded and looked forward. He quickly spoke as the hatch closed and the ship slingshot out of the bay.

       The Pilot chuckled and started to speak, "Well, today's in-flight movie will be 'Marry had a Little Lamb'. Drinks will be served as soon as we hit top side!" The Pilot chuckled as the rest in the marine bay laughed to the joke. All except for the Technical Sergeant James.

       The Sergeant turned around and saw the Frozenburg leaving orbit from the ring. He saw into the stars, and hoped that everything was going to do well on the ground.

       Quick Authors note.

Well hope you liked the story. Please post comments. And thank you everyone who helped me write a whole lot better.