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Five Marines, One Pilot, a Halo Ring, and a Shit load of Covenant Forces.
Posted By: Mark Lieberg<malieberg@msn.com>
Date: 11 December 2004, 1:27 PM

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Authors Note. People have been asking, what the heck kind of story is this and all that. Is it another 'halo ring', or another 'Earth under siege story'? Well to answer that. Read my other post of this series, or continue to read and rind out.
       However this story will now take place on the Halo ring. A group of Marines. Six marines. Are stranded. No communications. The Frozenburg has been busy and much more secrets lie in the Construct it self.
       I hope you post comments, after reading this story. You can read my other works. But this I will say will be a sort of like, mini series. Well hope you enjoy and thanks.

Chapter 3: Stranded, Isolated, and Surrounded by the Enemy

       The crashed Pelican Dropship lay over twenty meters away from their current location. Their supply was low, but their health was in good condition. No one got hurt in the crash, thankfully as the Team walked over the mountain.

       They crashed about five minutes ago and had no communications with their ship, the Frozenburg. "Sarge? When the hell do we get some rest?" Private First Class Maser asked as he continued up the hill.

      "Don't worry marine. You'll rest when you're dead." The Sergeant replied to the marines question wondering when would they get some rest. He checked his Rifle and it read─24. He was tired, and hungry. But getting to that downed Dropship was the priority.

       Brown never got to his next promotion. He would never get promoted till this war ended with the Covenant. His marine uniform was light and filled with clips of ammo, and some grenades. Making it barley twenty pounds.

       The Sergeant continued up as the pilot, Lieutenant Jamie swallowed a little bit of water that she placed in her cantina. She placed the cap back on, and looked to her left. The Corporal was tired and thirsty. "Here," The Lieutenant said handing her cantina to the Corporal, "drink up."

       The Corporal accepted the cantina with a simple thank you, and opened the cap. He swallowed a few gulps, and close it handing it back to the Lieutenant. She nodded. She placed the cantina in her pocket pouch and continued on. The other Private, his name was Wilson, and the Lance Corporal Jenkins walked on.

       The team walked over the hill and saw the huge crater that was left behind by the present they sent in to the control room, a Shiva Missile. Smoke and fire was un finished and the marines saw the downed Phantom.

       "Corporal! Get over here!" Brown yelled to the Lance Corporal as the marine handed his binoculars. "Thanks."

       "Yes sir." The Marine stated and squinted down the plain. The Sergeant looked down at the plain. The Covenant on board the Phantom already was packed and ready to leave.

       "Looks like they have no communications down there either." Brown added as he looked again. The Lieutenant took out her own set of binoculars. She saw the Elites and Jackal working together. But the grunts that were on board the vessel died. Their bodies laid out in a row out on the field. They were stripped of their armor and weapons.

       "Looks like the Elites are moving those huge crates. Any idea whats in them?" The Lieuteant asked the Sergeant as the Private in the back answered it wrong.

       "A pack of cigarettes, a bottle of wine, and some playing cards I bet!" The Private spoke loudly as he smiled.

       "Boy!" The Sergeant yelled to the Private as the Private stood still. "You better shove a cork in your ass and a sock in your mouth before I cut your tongue out! Do I make my self clear!"

       The Private trembled. It was only his first year. He never knew that he was going to die on this ring world. "Sir, yes sir Sergeant!" Maser yelled as he raised his SMG.

       "What you think we should to Sarge?" Wilson asked as he walked by the two officers.

       "We do what we do best marine. Fight and if we die, we take a few of them with us." Brown said hoping that the Lieutenant would have something else to say. She didn't speak after the sergeant. I guess not, Brown thought to him self as they continued to survey the battle area.

Pelican Echo-719

       "We got some stranded marines out there!" Major Casket yelled as he walked down the aisle. He was ready to attack the Covenant. But not now, not yet anyways. "We have one mission, and do you know what that mission is?"

       "RESCUE FELLOW MARINES SIR!" the ODST yelled out loud as they listened to their Major.

       We got reports that they are a few miles away from the control room. We will find them, and take the key. After that we will do what is best! Kick some ass and hope we live! Am I right?" The Major spoke out loud to his combat group.

       They all wore their special armor; it was black and darkly camouflaged. Each of the ODST on board the Pelican had been with the Major since the academy. The Major had selected these students to be with him in combat and to fight to their deaths. They were proud to be with Major Casket.

       "ETA is three minutes Major!" Captain Frank yelled. He controlled his pelican down to the hill. He saw the smoke that the other marines had placed and had lit for the help of the other Pelican to come.

       The Devils army has just landed.