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Pelican Echo-472 <-> Inbound-Stranded Marines
Posted By: Mark Lieberg<malieberg@msn.com>
Date: 4 December 2004, 2:17 PM

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Authors Note. This is a continuation of a pack of Marines stranded on a deselect ring world with no communications and back up. Hope you enjoy. I also do enjoy comments. Well thanks bye.

Chapter 2: The Flight into Hell

      The Pelican Dropship descended into the huge ring. The ship began to shake as First Lieutenant Jamie Hound piloted the rough vehicle. She had been in the service for One and a Half years, and saw her friends die in many battles. He throttled the engines to turn slightly to make the descend more quiet, and she would put it.

      Jamie had flight experience with an old Apache that was preserved in the Military to show how Americans fought with them during wars in the Early Twenty First century. She looked to her left and saw the ship turn bright red, and then cool off as they entered the atmosphere of the artificial ring.

      "Sergeant?" Jamie spoke to her commanding officer as both him and her saw the Covenant Phantom flying ahead not aware of what was behind it. She readied her Archer pods that were attached to the side wings just before leaving the Frozenburg.

      "Wait. Let's see where they are headed." Sergeant First Class George Brown said as they followed the enemy ship. The ship was new by the looks of it. Its plasma cannons were facing the wrong way. And were not aware of what is now their fault line.

      The Pelican Dropship followed on as a huge triangle/pyramid showed up on the cockpit. It had lights on each of the tips of the ledges that were circling around the installation. "Inform the Captain of the location of the Control Room. And tell him that we are engaging the target." Brown ordered the Lieutenant as Jamie did so. She contacted the Frozenburg, and on the mini screen appeared Captain Williamson.

      "What is it Lieutenant. We have multiple ship exiting out of slipstream, and we are getting a little busy at the moment."Williamson told the pilot as he told Gemes to scan the area of the incoming ships. They weren't close enough to attack; now all they had to do was run and attack to give the team some time.

      "We are going to engage the target, and request you send down the Shiva missiles to this coordinates─"
      "Sorry Lieutenant, but we need the Shiva's here in space so we can have a clear way out. I can send down one missile. And a fully loaded Pelican for backup. But I can't spare all the missiles. You will have to take that structure out manually."

      "Yes sir," she said as the screen turned black and she turned to look at the Sergeant. In her entire service record she never took on a target as big as the control room. She had to do it. "Sir, the Captain can only afford to send down one Shiva Missile. Request to back away and keep our distance. The EMP might affect our systems if we are close."

      "Ok. Get us back. Send the Captain the coordinates. I want that thing lit for Santa as he comes by." The Sergeant said as he turned around. The Pelican turned around and the Sergeant turned also. "Corporal."

      "Yes sir?" The Corporal. Wearing his Black suit looked at the Sergeant. He was a little tall then him. But he knew he was a soldier, and walked up to the 70mm Chain-gun that was mounted in the back of the hatch.

      "I want you to give that," the Sergeant pointed to the purple vessel flying towards the EMP radius, "a pinch of our gun here. Make sure it follows us. I don't want that ship destroyed."

      "Aye sir." The ODST nodded as he pulled the nozzle for the first bullet to enter the hole. He pulled for 3 seconds as he saw lights fly across the sky. The bullets pinged the Covenant Dropship as it budged a little.

      "Shiva missile inbound. Is that ship following us?" Jamie asked the Sergeant as she looked at the aft camera she had mounted near the hatch so she could video all her battles. The Shiva missile was appearing from the sky, and the ship was still going away from the Pelican.

      "Oh boy." Jamie said as the missile struck the complex. She punched everything the Pelican had so it got away from the radius blast. The EMP was bright blue and purple. The Covenant Dropship had flown away just in time. The EMP then as it reached its limit, lowered, powered down, and gave a secondary explosion.

       The Pelican Dropship shook and then flew downward to the grassy plain, "Brace for emergency impact!" Jamie said, as she never lost a ship in her control for her. She was both excited and scared. She boosted the left Turbine to 150% and the right to 50% as it started to level up. However, that wasn't enough as the Dropship hit the ground.


UNSC Frozenburg

      "Fire the MAC! Tell those pilots to destroy those fighters! We wont be here for long if they don't get those Covenant bitches out!" Williamson said as he held on to his chair. He had never attacked 3 Covenant Destroyers at once. Only dead heroes did that.

      "Aye sir. Firing MAC. Recharging. 80% Archer Pods ready for next firing solution! MAC Ready sir." Walker yelled as he was bleeding from his nose. He needed to go to the medical bay to check him out, but refused to leave the bridge. The Captain liked that in a Marine.

      "By all means Lieutenant. Fire!" He looked at he screen that showed the huge Covenant ships. The ships he were attacking were One-third the size of the Frozenburg. The MAC fired, and the archer missiles left. One Covenant Destroyer powered up and shifted before getting hit.

      The Covenant ship that had passed, gave its other ship the disappointment of seeing the flaming cells of hell. The MAC punched threw the shields. It flickered on and lit once and twice, then failed as the archer missiles hit the ships bow. It started to disfigure as the fire and energy stored up on one of its plasma weapons charged up and fired. It shot, but didn't hit the Frozenburg. It stayed inside the ship and melted the metal. All the decks on the vessel flickered on and off. The Third time they stayed off, and the inside of the ship exploded.

      "Great Lieutenant. Remind me to buy you a drink later on!" The Captain said faintly smiling at the screen. The Enemy ship burst into flames, and then disappeared.
There was a short cheer as the Ensign maneuvered the ship downward. A Plasma torpedo missed by a couple of meters.

      "Thank you Ensign. Gemes. How's the things on the ring?" He looked at the screen and then continued, "Walker. Give those bastards a taste from our MAC."

      "Sir. The Dropship made it to the ring. They have crash-landed about 5 miles from the control room. They probably got hit by the EMP blast." Gemes yelled quietly as Walked typed in a few firing solutions.
      "Sir. Permission to launch a Shiva missile with the next firing solution." Walker asked the Captain. Williamson nodded once and looked. "Pathy."

      "Already on it." She said as the ship backed up a few clicks away from the enemy vessel. The MAC and Shiva fired at the same time. The Archers were following after a few seconds. The MAC hit both ships, and the four rounds split into two sections and took both shields down on the enemy vessel. The Shiva missile however detonated between the two and exploded.

      "Impact on the Shiva sir. The Ships are still in contact. The archers are arriving at the target at Three...two...one" Walker said as both vessels blew up. They hull buckled and blew apart.
      "That drink Lieutenant. I think I should give you a promotion." The Captain said as he knew that his weapons officer was good. But he didn't know he could take out three Covenant Destroyers using all means necessary.

      "Thank you sir. I will buy the drink when we get near a space dock."

Thirty Minutes later

      Missile, fire, emergency crash landing, the Sergeant thought as he stood up. He shook his head a few times and saw that he was several feet away from the ship. His SMG was just a few inches away from his feet. He looked around and saw that it was just green as far as he could see.

      No Communications, no food, no water, and very low supplies. They were going to be here for a while.