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UNSC Frozen Catch---Alert Discovery of Third Halo
Posted By: Mark Lieberg<malieberg@msn.com>
Date: 30 November 2004, 11:52 AM

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      Hi, well I just got bored and wanted to write something with out the Chief in it. Well here it is. A UNSC Destroyer, a Platoon full of Marines, At least a couple hundred Fighters, and some other surprises.
      Hope you enjoy the story. I might not continue but depends how i fell on the Commenting side of the story. Thanks...

       Chapter One: Initiating Cole Protocol

      "What the hell is that thing?" The Captain said confused as they had jumped in slipspace with unknown destination coordinates. The Planet was a huge gas Giant. Red and Black covered the surface. However the Captain didn't look at that.

      Controls were tapped and pressed. "Sir, you are not going to believe this." Lieutenant James Walker informed the Captain. He looked threw the database and found the object classified under ONI Brass authorities. They had no ship AI. Ever since they left the docks on Reach, they had been searching for UNSC ships that had been lost near the Eridani System.

      But that came to a halt, since the Frozen Catch had contact with a Covenant Assault Carrier near Theta Two. They had lost a group of Fighter, Three, as a distraction to escape the system.

      The Ring shaped structure, rotated around space near an uncharted system. Ten Thousand Kilometers in Diameter, and Thirty-Two Point Three Kilometers Thick. "Sir, I believe the AI Cortana has seen this Ring before. They call it Halo." Walker told the Captain as he took out a cigar, lit it and puffed it once.

      "My god. It's a weapon right? We need to destroy it." Captain Williams said. His Gray Navy uniform covered his body. The Brass symbol on his Left shoulder was bright and scratched. He had been in the Service for 5 years.

      "Yes sir. It is most defiantly a Weapon. And sir, Covenant Fighters and Dropships are inbound." Gemes informed the Captain as they felt the ship shook.
      "Tell the Fighters to get ready and leave the docking port. Ready one Shiva Missile, and warm up the Archer pods," The Captain looked at the Lieutenant and the rest of the bridge crew, "If there are fighters. There are Destroyers, and Carriers. Warm the MAC."

      "Aye sir." Walker yelled as he did so. Ensign Pathy powered the engines to 50% and headed towards the Ring.

      "Sir! I am reading some Thermal Activity on that ring. I think it might be powering up to fire. They possible could of found the index." Gemes yelled as he scanned the surface to fine the same heat signature again.

      " Launch all of the Shiva missiles down to that thing and take it out. We'll investigate later. We need to Focus on his threat here and now." Williams told his crew. They were ready to fight, the only thing were, were they ready to attack two Covenant Ships. It was a risky plan. But he was going to try to do what Keyes had done at Sigma Octanus IV. It was a brilliant move in military history.

      "Ensign. Perform the Keyes maneuver One. Blow that Covenant Son of a Bitch out of Space, and straight into hell!" Williams yelled as he sat back down. The Ensign did so and the ship accelerated towards the enemy. Plasma flew passed and over the ship.

      "Fire Archer Pods A1 threw A6. Give them a few rounds off of our MAC's while your at it Lieutenant." Williams commanded Walker as he did so. Three rounds from the MAC and 64 missiles streamed towards the Enemy Destroyer. The MAC punched threw the Covenant shielding on the Carrier. The Shields, flared, dimmed, and flickered off. The Rest of the Archer missiles however, hit the Starboard side, and blasted the Covenant hull into pieces. The Chief start to fall backwards and it tilted.
      "Sir. Covenant Carrier has been destroyed. However the Destroyer is powering its plasma torpedoes, and...brace for impact!" Walker yelled as he scanned the space for any more plasma torpedoes.

      "Damage report?!" The Captain yelled as they spun out of control, "and Pathy. Get this ship closer to that ship, and Walker, when I say fire. Give 'em Hell." Williams yelled to his crew.
      They said, "Aye, sir." In unison. The Ship turned One hundred and eighty degree's to the port side. The ship had sections of the ship decompressed and sealed for the fire.

       Williamson, the Captain ordered his attack by simply calling one word. The Ship was 2 kilometers from the enemy Carrier. "Fire." The Captain said emotionlessly. The Frozenburg then fired its MAC round into the Covenant Carrier. The Shields flickered and then flared to a dim lit shadow and failed. The Archer missiles reached the target just as the shields failed.

      "Target neutralized sir. Escape pods and landing craft are however heading towards the ring. Great strategy sir." Walker exhaled quickly. He straightened his uniform.
      Williamson swept the sweet off of his head as he rubbed it on his sleeves. "That was a great hit Walker. Great hit everyone." He said looking. He sat back down and told the Communications officer to send a priority alpha transmission to FLEETCOM.

      The Screen showing what used to be clean space was now the face of Fleet Admiral Hood. He whore his brass insignia. His hair tightly trimmed, and his white Navy Hat on his head, with a strong expression. "Sir."

      "This better be important Captain. The Covenant is just sighted near Io." Hood said as the Captain say the board behind the Admiral. The Board showed Fleet Admiral Harper ready to Engage the Covenant 15 Capital ships.

      "Sir. I don't know what is more important, but. I think we have discovered another Halo Ring that was found by Cortana." Williamson said as the bridge crew looked at the Admiral.

      "You said what?! Another one of those rings. Captain. You have permission to take that ring out. That thing is a major threat to the whole galaxy. I will send you the data needed to find the requirements to configure the ring so it cant fire." Hood said as data streams passed threw space and into Gemes station.

      "Sir. Data has been gathered. The Index is now located near a Covenant Dropship. It's heading towards the Control room." Gemes looked at the Captain then back to the Admiral.


      "Permission to engage target has been approved. Take those bastards down before they activate it. Admiral Hood out." The screen flared off and showed the debris lay in space. Ahead, was the Halo ring.

      "Pathy. Get to the Ring and enter the atmosphere. Put engines to full power, and power down the MAC. When we get that index. We will launch all the Shiva Nuclear Warheads we have to that place and blow that thing out." Williamson stated.

      "Aye, sir." The whole crew said all together as Pathy piloted the vessel down to the atmosphere. Its engines reached 87%. Full power.

      "Time to reach destination sir. Is three minutes and continuing." Pathy said as Gemes continued after her.

      " Covenant Dropship bearing One-Two-Five-Point-Zero-Zero-Two sir. It is ahead on screen now." Then Gemes placed the Covenant Phantom on display and saw then the fifty Banshees flying to the Destroyer.

      "Ready the Marines. Send out the Pilots."

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