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Halo 2 Chapter 4 Part 1---Temporary Transfer to the Enchanter
Posted By: Mark Lieberg<malieberg@msn.com>
Date: 25 November 2004, 9:04 AM

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1645 Hours, September 14, 2552 (Military Calendar)
Earth's Solar System, Planet Pluto,
UNSC Cruiser Gettysburg/Fireball,
In route to Earth.

      "Ok Spartans. We have just entered the Earth's solar system. Here is the plan," Chief said to the group as Cortana enlarged the photograph they have of Earth right now, " The have been planning to engage Earth. All the data about Earth and its land is on your data crystal. You can view them by inserting them in to you helmet on the right side. The Mark VI battle armor is new, and advanced, careful with it. " John said giving the statement."
      The Chief continued on after taking a short breath. Sergeant Johnson walked in as followed by Lieutenant Eversman from the Fireball. They took a seat by the first row watching the Chief make his plan. "Gabriel and Rick will command two separate teams. Since you ODST worked together for over 10 or 15 years together. I will have Cortana and the Marines as my team. We expect that the Covenant will attack Earth's major cities. That is all the information that Dr. Halsey, Cortana, and I can conclude now. So, one day till we get there. Gabriel, and Rick. You two will head to Ghost Town, Nevada. I will try to find the Admiral and head for the Weapons facility. Expect to be under heavy fire. Dismissed."
      Everyone got up and gone where they wanted to go. Some stayed and talked to each other. Lieutenant Eversman and Sergeant Johnson walked towards the Chief giving him their thanks for helping the ODST becomes the first Spartan-III prototypes. They were strong and tough. But happy, and had strong courage. "Chief. I understand we found another UNSC vessel fully intact?" Eversman asked as he took a sip of his shame Paine. He got it from the cafeteria.
      "Yes. Cortana has been sent there to see if the Cole Protocol had affected every system on the ship, if the ship has been operational by 2 hours. Half of the Crew can board that vessel. I was also meaning to ask you sir?" The Chief asked as he took off his helmet. His face had a strong impression on the crew.
      "What is it Chief? Anything I can do for you?" Lieutenant Eversman asked as he took another sip. The Strawberry flavor of the drink was very limited. At least Earth still makes the best of the best.
      "I would like permission to go on the Enchanter with you sir." The Chief replied as he looked at the Lieutenant. The Chief grabbed a glass of water and also took a drink from it.
      "Sure Chief. I still have room for a few more?" the Lieutenant said in front of Sergeant Johnson. He raised an eyebrow and looked at the Sergeant a few seconds. The Sergeant thought.
      "Permission to join the crew sir?" Sergeant Johnson finally asked as he waited for the answer. He took his sip of his beer.
      "Permission granted. But you should lay off that beer Sergeant. That's an order." Eversman requested to the Sergeant as the Sergeant took one last sip.
      "Yes sir." The Sergeant said finishing the conversation.

      The Spartans finished their drinks and headed towards their quarters to get some rest. Tomorrow they would be entering the Earth's Solar System. It had been a great party. The Chief however walked to the Bridge. He wouldn't be getting any sleep for the next 4 days max. He wanted to stay awake till he got contact from his other team, or when they would reach Earth.
      Sergeant Johnson replaced his white Marine Uniform and placed on his sleeping shirt and pants. He went to his bed and thought about the next day.
      Cortana however, was still on the Enchanter making the necessary modifications to make the Chief carry a few Tanks, Pelicans, and Warthogs. The Chief had 75% power.       Lieutenant Eversman and Hawk entered the Bridge. They waked to the stations to check the logs. Everything was gone. "Everything on the Enchanter has either been erased by the Cole Protocol, or they tried to delete every file on the ship," Cortana informed the Lieutenant as he walked over to the command station that had a huge glass board that was transparent and had marking patterns everywhere.
      The ship was from the battle of Reach. "I believe the ship was equipped with gravity boosters, and is able to support life." Cortana also told the Lieutenant as she had called the crews that requested to stay on the Enchanter.
      The Access tunnel that attaches the Gettysburg/Fireball to the Enchanter was enabled for the crew to move in a 3-hour period. The Master Chief took one last look around the Bridge and informed the Team that he was going aboard the other ship. He packed his weapons, and supplies, and walked out of the Gettysburg/Fireball.
      The Chief entered his new quarters inside the Enchanter. It was smaller then the other ship, but suitable. He placed his Weapons and ammo inside his storage unit inside his draws in his room. "Chief. Can you come to the Bridge please." The Lieutenant Asked as the Chief walked out of his room. He gone threw several dark hallways entering the elevator.
      He pressed the Bridge button as it started to go down. It reached the bridge, which was located at the very bottom of the ship. Not a very good spot to place the key bridge, the Chief thought to himself as he saw the Lieutenant and Sergeant Johnson talking on the bridge. The Chief saluted the Lieutenant as Eversman said, " At Ease Chief."
      "Why did you call me sir?" The Lieutenant asked as he entered the bridge walking towards the Lieutenant and the Sergeant. The Sergeant stepped back and walked to the nearest console to check if all the systems were online.
      "We will be departing the other ship in ten minutes. I suggest you get al the personal you want onboard this ship before we leave." Eversman informed the Chief as the Chief responded by asking one question.
      "Is Dr. Halsey coming with us? Or is she going to stay onboard the other ship?" The Chief asked as he waited for an answer. The Lieutenant sighed and walked over to his left.
      "She is going to stay aboard the other ship. If you want her to come aboard this ship you can call her and ask." The Lieutenant asked as he waited.
      "No sir. It is all right. I will head towards the cargo bay." The Chief explained as he turned around and entered the Elevator once more.

* * *
      Warthogs were magnetized to the Pelicans, and Tanks were equipped with power thrusters, and cannons to fly, and maneuver in space. That should help the fighting a little bit, although that it had never been tested, and they might move very slow, and can be hard to maneuver.
      " Chief! The orbital guns on Pluto were destroyed, but Earth's MAC guns are still online and on duty. There are MAC's at Marsit they wont be ready till tomorrow. There are the last groups at Venus, which are not complete yet. Those will be ready in the next 5 hours." Cortana informed the Chief as he entered the Cargo Bay. Cortana looked at all the vehicles they found on the ship. Some were in top working order and some were not.
      "Ok. Cortana can you tell the marines to test out the plasma weapons that were left inside the storage bay. See if they all work, and also, see if they can handle Covenant Plasma Grenades, and Covenant Weapons." Chief said to the AI hoping that the marines can handle it.
      The doors opened automatically, and John walked inside the control room for the main doors. John walked threw the aisle, and saw the passing marines, and sealed doors as he moved to the lower level.
      He walked over to the empty console. It had a panel missing, and the CPU was gone. The marines must have integrated it on the tank. He then turned his head, and looked at the Scorpion Tank. He saw technicians in gray uniform integrate the system to the tanks. The Chief wasn't sure this might work, but Cortana said it might be possible.
      He saw many of the marines with pistols at their sides, and a welder in their hand. He walked over to the Warthog that was getting re-painted, and reloaded with the 12.7x99mm chain gun in the back. Some of the marines painted an Eagle carrying an Elite dead with a BR55 assault rifle in the other. The Warthog looked great with that on, but the windshield needed replacement. The Chief saw another Warthog with a missing chain gun, and wheels. He walked over to the hog, and checked all sides. One marine walked up to the Chief, and stopped at the Warthog checking it.
      "Marine, what is wrong with the LRV?" the Chief said to the marine as he detached the Warthog's armor. The marine looked at the Spartan, and trembled, cause he only say a Spartan once or twice in his life.
      "Well sir. The Warthog needs a new transmission, extra wheels, and a chain gun with extra clips of ammo. We are limited supply, and that stuff is all out. Until we get to Earth we can probably run the LRV." The marine said to the Chief after saluting him. The marine walked away from the Warthog as the Chief examined it once more.
      " Carry on soldier." The Chief said reassuring him that he did a fine job. He walked to the console next to the deserted hog, and tapped a few buttons. He examined the blue prints of the Warthog that was torn to pieces.       The Warthog wasn't just missing its wheels, gun, and transmission. It was missing everything; down to the last pieces of scrape metal armor on the back taillight. This Warthog probably will weight less than 3.25 tons thought the Chief as he stared at it again.
      The Chief finished looking at the Warthog, and saw the Pelican. Some of the marines were adding Archer Missiles to the side wings of the ship. That would certainly slow it down more, but it will also do a great amount of damage to any Covenant Ground, and Air Forces.       The marines were remodeling the pelican with landing gear, and extra storage for weapons, nukes, and grenades. There were still two medical kits to the interior of the ship. The Chief jumped in side, and looked at the specifications. It looked like the Pelican drop ship specification they used on the station by the planet Reach's moon. He remembered that James died killing many of the Grunts, and Jackals. The Chief was surprised also; cause the name of the ship was named Pelican-Delta 666.       The Chief immediately knew what 666 were. It was the devils number, and it will certainly give the Covenants hell. If the Covenant's knew what 666 meant on Earth it might scare them a bit. Grunts might run over yelling crazy things.
      Grunts weren't the worst of the Covenant forces. The Spartans needed to worry about the larger Covenant. They call them selves the Hunters and there were also the Brutes. The Hunters had big, bulky armor, with an overcharging plasma gun. They were always 12 feet tall and carried Fuel rods. They had blue tight skin, and one huge mouth. John then remembered the time he saw the Hunter step on a Jackal. He saw the picture in the briefing room on Reach.
      Most Sergeants would just shoot like heck at the Covenant, cause they were fearless. The Chief liked that, and remembered what Captain Keyes would of done. Drop a nuke, and get out. His last mission was almost impossible to complete. It was to capture a so-called Prophet and bring it live to the UNSC HQ. That mission was, by Admiral Whitcomb, however canceled that mission.
      John blocked out the memories of those days, and focused on Earth, a way to protect Earth, and the rest of Humanity. Cortana came online in the console, and her image appeared.