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Halo 2: Chp 2 part 2 and Chp 3--The Road to Earth
Posted By: Mark Lieberg<Malieberg@msn.com>
Date: 24 November 2004, 11:24 AM

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Author's Note: Well. Here is my continuation of my story. Please give any comments. I don't really like nasty and bad comments, but anything to help on improving my story it welcome. However I will continue to post till i finished my book. Thank you. :)

Chapter 2 Part 2
      The Gettysburg/Fireball flew in space the past day. All the new Spartans were in cryo stasis after they trained with Cortana and the Chief. Dr. Halsey however made another AI. Same name as Cortana, but with I in front of the a., and an, n after the, a. His name was Intel.
      His life span was for 10 years, memory storage nit twice the size of Cortana's. To The Doctors thoughts, it was her best creation besides Cortana and The Chief. Halsey didn't activate the AI just yet. She wanted it operational on Earth. She then placed the data crystal in the table and headed to the medical wing.

      She needed some rest. Working on the AI for 5 hours straight was fast but hard. She was tired; she continued on and walked to the Medical wing. Entering, she saw the cryo pods. 12 Advance Helljumper/Spartans, after Training with the Chief with drills on the ship. They must have been tired.

      "Chief, it is 0437 Hours. I think you should get some rest. Ever since you came back from the Station. You have been a little too sleepy. Suggest you get rest immediately." Cortana said as she waited for the Chief to reply.
      The Chief was tired, right as Cortana always was, he never slept since the time Dr. Halsey left with Kelly. He hoped that Fred, Will, and Linda were ok. They probably needed a few more days for them to find Kelly. He still had hope. "Ok Cortana," The Chief replied, "I'll get some rest." Then the Chief fell asleep not worried about the next day, hoping it will be ok.
SECTION 1_____________

The Road to Earth


1624 Hours, September 14, 2552 (Military Calendar)
Epsilon Eridani system, unknown location,
Aboard UNSC vessel GettysburgFireball,
In route to Earth.

      "Chief. Wake up Chief. Chief?" Cortana said yelling on the intercom while the cryo tube opened, and out came the Master Chief after a long. The Chief stood up, and looked around. They were still ways from Earth. As the Chief straightened up, he coughed up the proteins, and nutrients that you were supposed to swallow. The mineral was all green, and blue like the Covenants blood making the Chief sick. This was his second time being in cryo status and he didn't like it one bit.
      "All right, Cortana. What time is it?" the Spartan said to Cortana whispering. The Chief walked threw the door that was on the other side of the armory. He then took the elevator to the bridge, and accessed the door open. The door lit green saying that the Chief could walk in.
      "We are approximately 1534 hours, and 3 standard light years from Earth. " Cortana said yelling at the Chief while he walked out of the elevator with his helmet off of his MJOLNIR armor suit. He walked up to the clock on the ship, and saw what time it was.
      "Ok, is the ship ok? And," John said to Cortana
      "The two hybrid ships are intact. Damage to the hallway is repaired from the grenade damage. Other words, everything is online, and functional." Cortana replied to John as he sat on the chair.
      "ETA to Earth?" John said lifting his arm over his mouth to yawn. He saw threw the glass window as he saw only black empty space.
      "We enter the Earth's solar system in three hours chief, and we will drop out of slip stream in a few minutes." Cortana said shifting her hands to hold her waist. " You know you slept over five hours, and forty-nine minutes, and your shield strength needs some repair. Dr. Halsey should be able to repair it before we arrive to Earth." Cortana said reassuring the Chief that if the ship got under attack by Covenant forces, ONI or UNSC ships might not be in the vicinity.
      "I will go check it out later. Did you Contact the UNSC HQ?" John asked as he sat still on the metallic seat. Spartan-117 asked while he sat down on the command chair waiting till the other Spartans wake up from cryo stasis again looking at the monitor. He stood up again, and stretched, and walked over to the obstacle course that was integrated to the ship after he gone back down in the elevator.
      "I have for the last hour, but all I get is static. I think the Covenant beat us to Earth. I am still unsure, but I can repair your shields for only minimal standards. You should go to Doctor Halsey to get it fully repaired." Cortana said walking up to the woken chief sitting at least two to three centimeters above the desk console watching the Spartan-117 get up and check the stations, and flip threw the personal list to see who's shift it was.
      The systems were checked and the next duty shift was not going to be on for another hour. His eyes turned on to the computer with the report file of everything the Chief experienced and the life of the past 2 weeks.
      "Did you complete the report for Admiral Stanforth yet?" The Spartan asked the computer because Cortana had all the surveillance of every activity that happened the past 2 weeks. He also didn't want to do it. He then walked over, and sat in the chair putting on his equipment. It took him a while to put the suit on, but finally managed to put it on, and activate the shielding that was used for the MJOLNIR project in the Epsilon Eridani System.
      "Yes I have, and should I wake the other Spartans? They could have some drills onboard the two ships. Their might be enough space." Cortana said wondering. As she stood up looking at the shiny armor as the Chief walked passed her.
      "Wait another hour Cortana, and prepare to enter normal space in a minute." The Chief said tapping a few buttons on the elevator. The elevator moved down to the armory. He got off, and walked to the locker room. He grabbed a Magnum, and a BR55, and strapped it to his back with extra clips of ammo. He left the locker room, and headed towards the bridge after he made a quick stop with Dr. Halsey to repair his shields. He sat down and the clock on the top said ten seconds left.
      Hmm? Got that done is 50 seconds, fast, the Chief thought to himself as the AI started the countdown. "NINE...EIGHT...SEVEN...SIX...FIVE...FOUR...THREE...TWO...ONE. Entering normal space now." The computer Cortana said to the Chief after he strapped him self to the chair cause it gave a big jolt if not strapped on to the UNSC belt.
      The Gettysburg/Fireball dropped out of slipstream space, and entered normal space. The Gettysburg/Fireball plotted a course, but not accurate cause of the design the UNSC made, for Earth. The ship shot it's afterburners to give the ship shove to start proceeding. The Master Chief stood up, and walked away from the console to the other console on the left side of the ship. "Cortana. Can you scan for any UNSC vessel's, or transport ships." Chief said to the AI.
      "I will Chief. Scanning. No transmission intercepted on any band frequency system, and no ships are within long scan range, it's just us. Perhaps we should wake the Spartans up and begin exercises early?" Cortana replied to the Chief as he stepped away from the console, and headed back to the elevator. The elevator moved down to the cryo level, and the Chief walked out of the elevator going to the door. Cortana said to the Chief.
      "Wake them." The Chief said to the computer. After Cortana asked the chief to wake up the squad, she opened the door so the Chief can get in while all the tubes opened in the room. The chief looked at Cortana then turned around, and saw the squad in rest, and comfort.
      The Chief watched the new Spartans wake from their harsh sleep. They stood up, and started coughing. They coughed the fungus out cause it still tasted awful.(The chemicals of proteins, and vitamins could not be swallowed, and whoever created this stuff must have been drunk, or his IQ was way below genius.)
      " Sir, the Spartans are awake." Cortana said to the Chief as he walked inside. He looked at some of them. They were tired. But they had to get oriented quickly to start the mini daily exercises.
      "Single File! Get in line ASAP." Chief said standing up in front of the door looking at the soldiers.
      "Sir, yes sir!" answered the squad as they filed in a single file on the double. As they moved quickly Cortana had to slow her time index by -5% in order to see the troops single file. Dr. Halsey's chemicals really improved the ODST, Cortana thought looking to see to find the first two in the line. It was perfect. They both had excellent records. Spartan number-098 stood at first, Spartan number-078 in second.
      "Sir! Ready, and waiting orders sir!" said the first Spartan number-098.
      "Very well." Chief yelled to the first Spartan as he walked down the line looking at each Spartan's face examining them. The Spartan's stood still like a piece of metal on a ship in a single line. As he walked back, and forth he told Spartan number-098 that he is second squad leader, and Spartan number-078 as third squad leader.
      The Spartan looked up at the Chief, and yelled his name was Rick Y. Callel, and the next Spartan's name was Gabriel R. Grownster. They appeared to be in there thirty's as the Chief, and the rest looked like hell. He saw one Spartan with a loose arm, and another had an ear missing. He looked like he used to be a strong fighter, but he remembered him at his first time running in the obstacle course on Reach. He then remembered that he had also lost that race. He lost the very first time that morning on the day. He then looked up folding his arm behind his back.
      "Morning everyone? Have a nice sleep?" John asked to the team. A few of them still were spitting out the fungus. "I know. I don't like being in a cryo pod either."
      All of them heard what the Master Chief said, and yelled, "Yes sir." John walked back to the first, and second Spartan in the line. He wondered how many systems fell to the Covenants. He wished that his team would find Kelly, but nothing could replace his best friend Sam.
      "Chief, are you alright?"
      "Yeah, I am fine Cortana. Can you plot the ship to Earth on autopilot for thirty? Give the crew on the bridge some time off. They have to be tired." Chief said replying to the computer. He then turned, and saw all the Spartans in groups talking about Earth, and that they only have been there once. He saw some of them going to the armory, and loading up BR55's, and Magnum pistols as a side arm. Most of them checked if the shielding of the MJONLIR worked, so they used their pistols to test, but Cortana said stop firing on the Deck. Most of them laughed at the AI.
      The Spartan's finished loading up, and headed to the short, and worthless obstacle course that was on both Cruisers. Cortana had constructed a number of paths for the Spartans to train it. He saw some of them say that the ship was worthless, and they should improve the training grounds on the ship. They were right thought John as he turned around, and headed to the elevator.
      "Sure chief." The AI responded to the chief's command, and the Gettysburg/Fireball was set on autopilot. "The autopilot is set Master Chief. The marine posted there is off duty." Cortana said smiling to the Chief as he walked with Rick, and Gabriel to the bridge using the elevator. They walked in the elevator, and pressed the activation panel. The elevator moved up to the bridge, and walked to three separate consoles. Gabriel walked to Weapons, and Rick to Engines on the bridge consoles.
      The Chief walked towards the command chair, and sat down looking at the console trying to contact Earth. He tried everything to get it online, but it was worthless trying. He sighed, and looked at the bridge. The only people that were on the bridge were Rick, Gabriel, Cortana, and himself. He tried to again to contact Earth, but then the console on the bridges command chair started beeping.
      "Sir we are receiving a distress signal. It's coming from Pluto's Orbit Chief!" Cortana said to the three Spartans as they looked at each other.
      "Patch it to all decks. They should hear this too." Chief said quickly as he heard Admiral Stanforth's voice on the distress signal.
      " This is Admiral Stanforth of the UNSC HQ. We have engaged the Covenant patrol units by Pluto. Their patrol central command has destroyed half of our MAC guns. Power to the rest of the surviving MAC guns is 56% and decreasing. We expect a late attack from the Covenant in the next day. We need all UNSC vessels to head towards Earth now. Any help from renegade soldiers will be gladly rewarded. Thank you." Then the transmission ended abruptly as it had started, but there were strange weapons fire. It sounded like Plasma guns, and grenades.
      The Chief stood up, and looked at Rick, and Gabriel. "Did you hear that guys? That sounded like Grunts entering the ship." Gabriel said making a fist.
      "That's all the transmission sir. I am powering engines to 157%, and increasing." Cortana said to the Chief, " and sir. Should I activate a distress signal to all UNSC band frequencies to any vessels about the invasion?" Cortana said wondering if they should send the transmission back to HQ.
      "Yes do it. Right now we need everything fighting to survive mankind." The Chief said back to Cortana. The Chief walked up from the command chair going down the aisle way.
      "Sir?" Rick said to the Chief thinking that the AI is right, and we should send a reply. He then walked over to the Chief looking at him. "How long till we get there?"
      "Not soon enough. Cortana tell the Spartans that we are getting home quicker than expected, even faster." The Chief replied to the Spartans question, and to the AI.