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Chp 1: Covenant Engagments. There and Here.
Posted By: Mark Lieberg<malieberg@packor.net>
Date: 19 November 2004, 1:28 PM

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Hi This is me again Mark Lieberg. I just want you to know that this has nothing to do with my other storyies. This is just another FanFic as usuall. Hope you like it. If i get good comments i might continue for another two chapters and end it there...or i can just leave this as an incomplete story line. WEll enjoy. But please....not so much rude negative comments. Thx!

Chp 1: Covenant Engagements. There and Here.

       "Get out of there marine!" Sergeant Ivory yelled to one of his men as he got stuck fighting a pack of Jackals with his single SMG on his right, and his 5-inch dagger in the left.
       The Jackal held both hands up grabbing each of the Privates wrists. They struggled for a few seconds, and the Private thought to him self.
       The Private kicked the Jackal in the leg, and sprayed his SMG all over it. He turned around and saw the Camouflage. The Sword ignited and was cut through the body, straight into his Ribcage.
       "Diaz!" The Sergeant yelled as something fell out of the roof. The Huge MJOLNIR armor clashed on the ground as it lifted its arms quickly.
       The Spartan with the MJOLNIR armor twisted the Camouflage Elites neck in a quick trust. The Sword powered down as the Private spat out blood. It was coming out heavily.
       The Sergeant, Sergeant Ivory, came running. He took off his helmet as the other part of the 5-man team gave them protection if any Covenant Alien came by running.
       "Thanks Chief. And Marine?"
       "Yes sir." Diaz said as he spat out more blood onto his vest.
       "It was a pleasure to have you in my company. You were a great marine." Ivory stated as one of the Privates nearby gave off a short 3 round burst from his BR55.
       The Marine in the Chief's hands died. His eyes wide open looking out in the bright white and blue sky. "Damn it." Ivory said as he told the Chief to leave him where he was. The Chief stood up, and reloaded his twin SMG's. The 60 ammo clip of armor piercing bullets were sharp, and pointy.
       "Saddle up Marines. Pelican Echo 187 is coming to pick us up, and drop us off at a Covenant CP placed in the middle of New Mombassa. We have orders to killed any Covenant in sight!" Ivory stated as he reloaded his Rifle.
       The Team moved on. Ivory, Patterson, Jenkins, Westle, and the Chief crept up around a corner near a nearby grocery shop. "Chief. Covenant signals coming from inside the shop." Cortana said as the Chief held up his hands into a fist, and then pointed to his left and made a wavy gesture.
       The Sergeant, and the team nodded. They lowered down on their knees, and walked slowly so nothing could hear them. "20 Covenant Grunts, and Jackals. I am also scanning that there might be some Drones. Hiding in the roof tops waiting for any signal."
       "Ok. Covenant buggers and Grunts mixed with Jackals inside the structure." The Chief stated as the team nodded. The Chief then stood up. Grabbed two Frag grenades. And jumped into he store threw the window. The Glass broke out as the Chief threw the two grenades. They exploded making the enemy blind for a few seconds.
       The Chief lifted his weapons and killed a 5 pack of Grunts. The Jackals held up their shields close and tight as the Chief just meleed them and ended the struggle.
       The Rest of the team jumped into the broken glass window. They all gave suppression fire for the Chief as he cleaned the rest. The Grunts started to run away and the Jackals stayed and fought.
       "Sir! Buggers!" Westle stated as he turned around and fired at the first three flying objects that sprayed a few plasma blobs at the team. The shots missed giving the marines another chance to kill the rest.
       The Marines fired their weapons in short controlled burst. The Covenants were losing. They died by three's and two's. Jumping, flipping, and smacking on the ground as their own blood laid on the ground. The mixed blood made one of the marines sick to his stomach.
       "Pull it together marine!" Ivory exclaimed as he fired his BR55 again at another pack of Drones. They flittered like, as he put it in his own terms, like fucking Cockroaches.
       "Yes sir Sergeant!" The Marines exclaimed back as he breathed quickly and fired at the closest Covenant Inhuman Son of a Bitch that got in range of his SMG.
       Patterson lifted up his Shotgun and shot his round into an Elite that came running up close. To close. He reloaded as the Grunt from up top jumped on the marines back.
       "GET THIS FREACKING PEICE OF COVENANT SHIT OFF OF ME!" Patterson yelled as one of his partners pulled out his M6C out and fired three rounds into the Grunt. The Grunt flipped off of the Marines back and laid on the ground dead.
       "Thank you sir. I mean Sergeant." Patterson said looking into the Marines eyes. He took out the cigar in his mouth as he reloaded his pistol.
       "No problem marine. Just doing my job. Hello Master Chief." The Sergeant Major said as the Chief turned around and saw an old friend. Sergeant Major A.J. Johnson.