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Halo 2 Chpt 1 part 2 and Chp 2 part 1
Posted By: Mark Lieberg<malieberg@msn.com>
Date: 18 November 2004, 8:00 AM

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      The Sergeant Entered after taking 10 minutes. The seven bodies that died just 10 minutes ago added another 12 to the list. Just in ten minutes the doctors were swarming all over the place like ants working for the queen. "Ma'am? What happened?" Johnson asked as he waited for the answer. He never saw more then 3 ODST die at once. They were great men and women fighting. But to lose 19 already, that was absurd.
      "The Men and Women seemed to have died from," Halsey checked her pad and looked back to the Sergeant, " Heart failures, and the increase of blood pressure going threw the body. We have adjusted the chemicals in the reaming Helljumpers, but another dozen could die in about 5 minutes."
      "If they just stayed alive for another 4 hours, then this wouldn't have happened right?" Johnson asked confused of what was happening.
      "No," Halsey said as 8 red lights started flashing threw the row of ODST members. The loud alarms rang in another pair of three's. Hearts failing. Lungs collapsing. "They seemed to have had their lungs collapse during cryo stasis. Interesting? Cortana, start injecting the chemicals I am giving to you now."
      "Yes Doctor. Injecting them. Doctor, my pathways aren't compatible of giving the patients their treatment. You have to do the work." Cortana said thinking fast. She pulled up the records of all the ODST that were still alive. Reading and rereading the files as quickly as possible, she gave the doctor the list of men and women with great records.
      The ones to test first, the Doctor did it quickly after the Sergeant asked. Johnson demanded as he ran over to his brother's friend, Sergeant Major Wallace L George. He waited; Dr. Halsey injected the chemicals for the first 12. The rest just died. With in three hours. It was a lost. Forty men and Women died trying to become a Spartan, but died doing nothing. They will get their revenge. Another time.

      It passed twenty-four hours since the Doctor placed the selected officers in cryo stasis. 12 survived. 40 died. A Waste of time, the Chief though. He sat down on the pilots seat steering the ship. They were at least 3 days away from Earth. Close enough, they could receive signals, but couldn't send them.
      He waited till the Sergeant, and Cortana got back from the Medical Wing. Time passed. He got up from his chair and decided to hell with it. He wanted to see if the Doctors formula worked. He just hope it wasn't a complete failure. He walked to the elevator after instructing the Private to pilot the ship.
      He did so as the Chief asked and continued down to C deck. He exited the elevator and entered the room lying with white covered tables. Inside them were bodies. The Chief counted quickly. 40 dead. A waste. He saw Dr. Halsey and continued to walk towards her.
      She turned around hearing the Chief walk up. "12 are alive and placing their armor on now," she said looking at John then turning towards the 12 ODST now Spartans changing into their armor.
      "You do know that losing 40 good men and women still ain't worth it?" John said behind the glass window. Sergeant Johnson was helping them place their armor on and screwing and testing the shield harmonics.
      Dr. Halsey looked at the glass window again, looking down, thinking of what she had done, just to see if her experiment worked. "I should of never became a doctor, augmentation you John, and the others. Sacrificed a lot of peoples life for just one thing. We need to train these new Spartans. Can you and Cortana help train them? Give them every statistics and analysis for battle?"
      "Sure, Cortana should be happy to give some information to the Spartans, her core is still almost in full capacity. I don't know if she will last 7 years ma'am." John said walking back as Cortana heard everything.
      "Sure doctor, the Chief and I will. However, doctor, I suggest you start creating a new AI to hold half of my information. If John is right, then I will not last my full 7 years." Cortana asked the Doctor as she saw her nod.
      "All right. I will start creating a new AI for you Cortana. And John?" Halsey asked.
      "Yes? Teach them to kill."
      "Yes ma'am."


1002 Hour, September 14, 2552 (Military Calendar)
Aboard UNSC vessel GettysburgFireball,
Location Unknown.

      "Sergeant, can you and the Lieutenant go down to engineering and get that Engine fixed for slipspace?" Private Yack asked as he piloted the ship. He was tired, hoping that someone else could pilot the ship. Without the slipspace they couldn't get to Earth any faster.
      "What in the hell you are asking me to do that for?" Sergeant Johnson said walking towards the Private.
      "Uh? Sorry sir, no disrespect sir!" The Private said standing still after getting up to face the Sergeant.
      "Oh yeah? Well how about you get you skinny ass down to engineering and do that by your self!" Johnson yelled back as he stared at him, a lower ranked officer like Yack never commanded him.
      "Sir, yes sir!" Yack said running towards the elevator happy to get out of that situation. Yack continued down to E Deck to Engineering. He stepped off and was struck by a light plasma energy sword. He felt no pain. He stared at the ceiling wondering what had hit him. He then noticed a mouth opening. 5 sections full of sharp teeth, black coated body armor.
      "NO!" Yack said before the Elite cut off his head."

      "All hands to battle stations! Alert Combat Alpha! We have an intruder aboard! I repeat we have an intruder aboard!" Cortana yelled into the COM as she saw what had happen. Good thing about being an AI is that they can watch everything.
      "Cortana? What in the hell is happening?" John said loading his Battle Assault Rifle and running to the elevator.
      "There was a camouflaged Elite, elderly kind. Struck PFC Yack in the waist and then finishing him by..." Cortana said, she never saw an Elite do that kind of work before.
      "Never mind. I am coming. Cortana can you enhance my HUD by 50% to see any movement threw the naked eye?" John asked as she did what he said. He saw the ship better. Seeing every scratch that the naked eye couldn't or could see. He ran down the hallway to E Deck.
      Careful not to use the elevator if the Elite probably was watching the door. "Cortana? Is there any other crewmen dead or missing?" John asked as he passed a corridor 12 meters away from the door to E Deck. He waited.
      Cortana finished her scans and replied, "negative, the Elite only killed PFC Yack. I wonder how is got on board the Gettysburg?" Cortana said thinking. Her cybernetic brain worked on and on, never taking any rest.
      "How about the Fireball?" John asked as he entered the Deck running to the Elevator. Two marines joined the Chief running down the hallway. Carrying SMG's.
      "It is possible, however," Cortana paused and yelled quickly "Stop!" Cortana said looking threw the corridors. The Chief and the two Marines paused waiting for Cortana's signal. The marines were sweating from trying to keep up with the Master Chief.
      "Where's the Elite?" John asked Cortana as he waited. He peeked around the corner and saw nothing, not even his advance HUD couldn't see the camouflage.
      "The Elite has some kind of new technology. Interesting. Its shields keep on going on and off. As if it were a beacon of some sort?" Cortana said waiting. "Its 5 meters to your left Chief. I suggest a Grenade. The Hull structure around should hold."
      "Should?" one of the Marines asked as he started to worry.
      "Yeah, Should? Cortana do you think that a grenade will hold the ship intact if we blow it?" The other marine asked as he waited. The Marines was right, the Chief thought.
      "Well, by my calculations it suggest we have a 28% chance of killing our self's." Cortana said waiting.
      "Hell with this!" the one marine said running into the corridor. He shot his SMG a dozen times. The Elite yelled in laughter running towards the Marines. The Chief spun and shot his Assault Rifle. A trio of bullets penetrated the shields and went straight threw the Elite.
      The Elite fell, shifting its arm down also taking the marine with it. The Marine yelled in pain after his arm was gone. The SMG lay still in the arm that got cut off. The Energy sealed the wound, burning the skin a little. He spat at the dead elite, and kicked it.
      Then something rolled out of its pouch. "Shit!" The Marine said running the opposite direction the Chief was going. The Chief wondered what, and then looked at the Elite. A Plasma grenade rolled on the ground.
      "Yeah Shit!" The other marines yelled running to the partner. The Chief followed as the grenade exploded. Metal flew, fires started.
      "Cortana! Get the water running!" the Chief yelled to Cortana as she did so already. The Fires that started ended quickly. The Grenade blew a chunk of the Elite, and the wall with it.

      Lieutenant Hawk, and Corporal Red finished the repairs to the Shaw-Fujikawa Translight Engines. Powers from both the Gettysburg, and the Fireball were completed. "Cortana! The engines are repaired. Ready for transition to slipspace!" Hawk yelled as he waited.
      "Roger that Lieutenant, standby." Cortana said turning the engines on. The ship entered into slipspace like stealing candy from a baby.

* * *

      ETA to Earth was 2 days. By the looks of it, Earth would probably be informed of the invasion in 1 day. They were late. The Covenant, laid in slipspace behind of the Gettysburg/Fireball. The Admiral knew. And He knew that the Chief would succeed.
      The Door opened as a huge monster entered. The Chief called it the Brute. Its huge hairy face and body made it scary even fro the Admiral. "I am not going to tell you anything!" The Admiral spat at the Brutes face. It was taller, about two feet taller.
      "You are not to tell me anything. You will only obey the Holy one." The Brute said yelling at the Admiral.
Talk about bad breath, the Admiral added as the Brute breathed on him. "I don't want to talk anyways. You Covenant have destroyed our outer colonies and inner. All we wanted was to explore and create. You bastard's want is nothing but to destroy mankind. You losers never even thought if we could help you in anyway expand both empire!"
      "We do not like you humans. We only obey the Holy one. And our gods, the Forerunners!" The Brute yelled back as it gave the human some food they had stole from an outer human colony. "We never usually keep prisoners. You should consider yourself lucky!"
      The Brute then turned around and left, leaving the Admiral to eat his dirty food, and to find a way to escape.