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Halo 2-=--=-=-=-=-=--=-=Chapter 1 Work pt1
Posted By: Mark Lieberg<malieberg@msn.com>
Date: 11 November 2004, 4:36 AM

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1002 Hour, September 13, 2552 (Military Calendar)
Aboard UNSC vessel GettysburgFireball,
Location Unknown.

----------The Pelican Dropship prepped for takeoff from the Gettysburg/Fireball. Refueling the ship for an 18 light-year mission to find Kelly. Fred, Will, and Linda entered the ship. Ready, and loaded for battle, they strapped them selves on. Will walked to the pilot chair and sat down.
----------"This is Pelican Echo-591. Ready for take off. Over?" Will said as he strapped himself in too. Keeping his SMG by his side, he started the engines. 50% accuracy and it started to levitate. He looked back at Fred, and Linda. Waiting for the response─
----------─ " This is Sergeant Gozer. Permission granted. Hold off for 5 second lift off. Over?" Sergeant Gozer joined the crew of the Gettysburg. He liked it here. Quite.
"Roger that. Taking off in 3...2...1...catch you later Sergeant!" Will said as he pushed the throttle to full speed.
----------"God Speed." Gozer said walking away from the comm. And saluting the ship as it disappeared in the blackness of space.

----------Dr. Halsey walked up across the line of Men and Women. 52 ODST were ready for their so-called "treatment". Most of them were barley under 30. "Ok! This process will take at least 24 hours. You men and women gathered here, I mean, accepted the responsibility of becoming the next of the Spartan-III's and will open a new generation of Men and Women to fight for Earth."
----------She walked back and forth giving a short and careful speech of not changing the minds of the ODST members. She ordered her nurses the formula to inject into the people. The process would be painful, and possible deadly. She had been working it with Cortana for 3 months, to improve the rate of success. After 30 minutes, every ODST member was injected and put to sleep for a period of 24 hours.
----------"I hope this process works. It took me and Cortana at least 3 to 4 months to find the formula," Halsey walked to the data table and monitored all of the soldiers. "Cortana? Is the MarkVI armor done being built?"
----------"Yes doctor. The engineers from the Fireball were quick and worthy. I will send them to you immediately." Cortana said also monitoring the bridge with the Chief. She was worried about the other three Spartans that were sent of to find Kelly. It had been 2 hours and 12 minutes from her clock that they had left.
----------"Good. Monitor the condition of the Helljumpers. Contact me in 24 hours. I am going to have some rest." Halsey replied as she walked out the door. She took a right and entered the elevator. She pressed the button on C deck, and the elevator moved. She excited the elevator and entered her room. Filled with posters and pictures of her students she had kidnapped and cloned for her little project. She lay down and rested, thinking about Reach.

----------The Chief stood up and observed the bridge. Cortana was on another duty to monitor the ODST members. He didn't think they would make it, although, the doctor always brought hope to the Spartans on Reach.
Sergeant Johnson, and PFC Yack to the two stations at the bridge, Johnson at the helm, and Yack at the Sensor readouts, "Sir? Chief?"
----------"Yeah, what is it Sergeant?" The Chief asked as he looked at the screen. The engines on the Gettysburg were still online. But the Slipspace drive was off. He tried to power up the engines to 87%, but at that rate the Covenant might of attacked Earth in the instant.
---------- "How long till those Helljumpers get awake?" Johnson asked. He was now at his forties, becoming old wasn't his idea of good. He still never made it to his Sergeant First Class. He was happy of what rank he was though. Listening to Earth's old music called "Rock and Roll".
---------- "The Doctor and Cortana say about another 13 Hours, probably more. But I don't expect them to survive." John said as he engaged the engines to power up to his estimated 87%.
----------"Sure, right Chief. I am going to find some more men who could take the bridges' station." Johnson said as he left. The Sergeant was right they needed more men. Sergeant Johnson exited the elevator leaving the Chief with PFC Yack. He walked down to the medical wing to see Dr. Halsey and the ongoing project.

----------Dr. Halsey studied her pad as the alarm for Cryo Pod B-17 threw 23 died. Just completely died. Every single soldier who severed the UNSC died in 18 hours and 24 minutes. "Nurse! Come here, check what the readings were before they died. Cortana, examine the bodies as well. See what happened when they died, and what had caused it. "
"Sure Doctor." Both replied after one another. They were getting ready to observe the bodies. Seven people died, and only 45 remained alive, for now.