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Halo 2 ---- Forerunners Palace----Chp 2: Engagements and Conquerors
Posted By: Mark Lieberg<Malieberg@msn.com>
Date: 10 November 2004, 4:30 AM

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Halo 2 ---- Forerunners Palace----Chp 2: Engagements and Conquerors

Hi, this is the continuation of Halo 2 ---- Forerunners Palace
I hope you continue reading and enjoy the story. I don't know what the CODE is but if you do please tell me...any comments are welcome, but I don't like bad comments...tell me about grammar and all that but nothing that my story sucks trash or that kind of stuff. Thanks and Enjoy.

Chapter 2

0231 Hours, January 31, 2553 (Military Calendar)
Outside of Covenant HQ, Planet Enhamma` Zakumamee,
The Shakarra` Enhamma Enessa Mountain.

The Pelican Dropship continued to drop. "Covenant Forces have found the UNSC Wallace a Threat. They are going to send 3 carriers down there to destroy the humans. I have already contacted the Ship and 5 Frigates are coming ASAP." Cortana informed the Chief as he turned the ship to its 2 o clock angle.
The engines roared as it raced down the skyline. Seeing no patrol, the Chief quickly settled the ship near a old mining station on the Planet. "This looks like a good spot to park?" the Chief told the crew. He powered down the Engines as the rest of the team ran out of the back.
"Cortana?" the Chief asked.
"200 meters to your northeast. Then there should be an access hatch, but careful. The probe we send down here yesterday registered over 50 covenant soldiers patrolling this area. Supposed to be some sort of holy temple underground." Cortana informed the Chief.
"Yeah. Great more Holy crap on this world." Joe laughed as he held his Rifle close up. He looked around inside his helmet seeing his surrounding area. Looks like a good spot to place some camouflaged Elites on patrol? Considering that is will snow maybe."
"Yes. The Temperature is dropping slowly hypothesizing that it might snow." Cortana guessed as she also took a look around. The Chief walked over the cliff to see many patrol units scattered across the playing field.
"Well, the Covenant looks like they are spending a lot of time guarding that facility." Chief told his team. Joe, Andrew, Rick, and Calvin ran towards the Chief.
Rick turned around thinking that he heard a sound that shouldn't be there where they were. "Sir. I think we are not alone." Rick told his squad as he held up his twin SMG's. The nozzle hole was cold, and becoming even colder. He looked to his southwest and stared at the snow. He saw footprints running to his right.
"Targets up!" Rick yelled firing his SMG. The team turned around. Over 20 Plasma swords ignited. "Crap. Grenade!" Rick yelled out as one rolled past him 3 meters away. He jumped to his left throwing his own grenade. It exploded taking 2 Elites with it.
It started to snow as the Elites powered down their swords making it more difficult to see them. "Where are they?" Andrew asked as he continued to hold up his Rifle. He slammed a new clip into it and zoomed in.
"The new Rifle has a Thermal Detector attached to it. Use is to find them." Cortana instructed the team. They all rose their Rifles and pressed the Thermal button. The radar screen gone passed a few times, the Chief looked down one more time and saw a blimp in the radar. He squeezed the trigger and un-zoomed killing the row of Elites. 5 down.
The rest of the team spotted their own targets. They all fell to the mighty armor piercing bullets. They all slammed on another clip of ammo as the rest of the Elites ran for their lives. Ever since the war on Earth. The Chain of Command of the Covenant Armada was struck down by a pack of nukes that were sent by a team of ODST.
They had killed over 5 Prophets and 100 Brutes. Destroying over 75% of the Armada the Covenant ran.
* * *

The Chief and the team walked up to a huge panel that was placed near the entrance. The Covenant sent everything at them. Grunts all the way up to the Brutes. They took them down one by one. The Chief looked around. He saw no Covenant patrols; they are probably inside the target.
The Chief signaled Calvin to move in quietly. Gesturing his hand as a slither, and then pointing down to the target. Calvin nodded and crept up slowly down to the doorway. The Chief waited for the specific sound. BAM, BAM, and...BAM. "Targets clear." Calvin whispered as he placed his S2 AM Sniper rifle on his back. He threw a flash bang grenade down the hall.
The Grunts down there ran wild hitting everything. One of them ran into Joe. The Grunt slowly looked up and then said something quickly. Joe grabbed its head and twisted it. Blood poured out of its mouth as Joe threw it.
They continued to walk down the Stairs. "Stop Chief." Cortana whispered as the Chief signaled the team to stop holding his hand up curved into a fist. He lowered it as Cortana explained why they had to stop. "There are blimp-ping signals all over the next hallway. The same ones we encountered on Earth 6 months ago."
"Correct." Cortana said remembering what they looked like. The Drones were hard to kill. Stronger then the Elites, weaker then a hunter, but they had over protective armor around their entire body. It takes two full clips to take one down.
Rick picked up a Covenant Carbine. It acted like a S2 AM Sniper Rifle but with no zooming button. He looked at the Chief. He nodded. Rick then crept in front of the Chief and threw a flash bang down the hall again. He swept around and fired over 15 times. Three Drones fell to the ground. Plasma Rifles fell after them since the Drones weighed more then the weapons.
Calvin, Joe, Andrew, and the Chief walked after Rick. They continued down another 20 meters. "Prophets are in that room Chief." Cortana informed the Chief as he looked at the tall 4-meter door. That was the mission.

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